Thank You to Our Sponsors, Our Float Builders, Our Walkers, Our Music and The Parade Organizers- GMG- Winner Most Creative Float


Sista Felicia writes up the thank yous-

Barry, best husband and kindest man in the whole world, he has supported my crazy creative projects for many years and always does it with a smile, never complains , never looks for thanks or credit, very much likes to stay under the raider………if it were not for him this year this float would have never happened…I really mean that…. he worked hard hauling lumber in and out of his truck, for days, splitting used pallets of wood up, removing bolts and nails with the sawzall for hours cutting measuring nailing painting & the list goes on and on…. absolutely crazy what he did for us this year to make this happened… their was no possibly way we could have afforded to buy all that wood & would have never been able to pull my giant plan for this huge pot off with out MY BARRY ….

Ed……..The man that does  what ever is asked of him & always with a smile, for his assistance with the construction and guidance too many things to list  and for putting up with me…

Craig…..helped with construction & painted the logo…Outstanding job! Wow he has talent….& just a really great guy

Deanna Ouderkerken… always the best neighbor ever….painting, building,sewing crafting assembling driving to NH to get the confetti launchers and being our lead dancing Hommie! Best Hommie 2nd year in a row

Joe Santisi……… helped painting wood and splitting up pallets along with removing nails

Ma……..cutting letters,crafting,sorting candy, shopping for supplies with me ,packing up the tailgate supplies ,ironed for hours…was my second set of hands

BJ……… helped with construction, removing bolts splitting pallets,shopping for candy, hauling supplies in and out of the house for days, filled all water supplies loaded car withs with tools supplies, candy, food, squirt gun patrol, in charge of confetti launching

Amanda……… crafted shopped for supplies, helped with construction, cleaned Uncle Joes Truck for hours, prepared last minute food for tailgate sorted and organized candy with grandma, was my assistant with what ever I needed at the moment( Basically my kids need a break from hearing me yell their name…knowing another task i needed help with

Frank Ciolino……. picking up the trailer with Ed, packed all the coolers with drinks & ice, loaded all the tailgate food into his truck and helped the guys with the last minute construction, did pretty much what ever was need to help us leave the house, followed the float to make sure it made it through the streets ok ( also thank you to Joes Wife for stopping by to help load the cars and coolers)

Steve Noble……. from Noble Electricians , rewired giant lobster eyes

Joey Marcantonio………. Squirt gun patrol, to keep the pretty girls along the Rt cool, fog machine assistant, and confetti launcher

Caylee DeSilver…….. helping load the trucks with candy and supplies,costumes, walked the parade handing out candy, helped me with last minute cooking

Donna Ardizzoni painting………helping with assembly and crazy Dancing Homie!

Ron Gilson…….painting the back side of the giant lobster, and helped at my house for 2 days assisting anyone who needed something…really sweet man

Paul Frontiero…….T-Shirt Printing

Kim Smith…… getting last minute things at the grocery store for me… helping Ma cut out last minute letters, helping pack up the food for the tailgate party

Jeremy Frost …….Barrys" Wing Man" last minute construction at the high school, he was the man in charge of "everyone stuff in the truck".. From cameras, to lipstick to keys, extra shoes, pocketbook’s, and He was my sticker man, My Candy Man, and my confetti launcher man, helped get the float back to the house,and unload the aftermath of the float, parade and tailgate party in my truck all back into my house

Rick Ardizzoni….. Donna husband helping with last minute assembly at the high school

Vicki……. for sound, and last minute decorating on float at the high school

Marlie Melvin……. candy girl, helped with last minute decorating

Micayla Ciolino…… help load supplies and food onto trucks, packed coolers with drinks, walked in parade on candy partol

Niko……. Frank Ciolino nephew … great kid so helpful …super sweet assisting at high school to do what ever was need to finish the float and pack up the taigate stuff, also was on candy duty dressed up in a lobster costume!

Kyle Frost….. squirt gun patrol, to keep the crowd cool ! fog machine assisant, confetti launcher

Tanya Frost……. Keeping me Hydrated along the parade Rt.. and completed last minute decorating, helped set up and break down the food for the tailgate party, was my spotter for kids safty along the parade RT

Talor Frost …..Candy girl

Jolie Frontiero…… The dancing Candy girl

Joanne Frontiero……. spotter for kids safety along the parade Rt..

Eloise  Mad Pie & The Mrs……… Candy girls

****Huge THANK YOU….to our Sponsors for their very generous donations

Please patronize these GMG Approved Community Minded Businesses

gimmesound_final — local live music listings.  Find every live music show in Gloucester and Cape Ann — listen to music on-line & download — all for free.


The Lone Gull is a family owned coffeehouse located on Main Street in historic downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts. Our ideal location makes us a great place to stop for a drink or a bite to eat, to chat with friends, or to have a business meeting. We offer free wi-fi to our customers, extremely comfortable couches and chairs, and a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.


Stones Pub

Stones is a small comfortable neighborhood pub in Gloucester, MA, America’s oldest seaport! We offer homemade soups, sandwiches and desserts all made on premises before your eyes in the open kitchen. The delicious smells welcome when you come in the door to a warm greeting.

Ed Collard House Doctors Handyman Services

Passports Restaurant


Noble Electricians


Steve Noble who does so much community work donating his time toward many great causes.

Robert Heidt

The new executive director of the Chamber of Commerce says that Good Morning Gloucester does so much for the community that he wanted to personally be a sponsor of the 2012 GMG horribles parade float

Circle Consulting

Donna Ardizzoni and Rick Moore

With Circle Consulting, small and mid-size companies can cost-effectively leverage world-class technology experience. We keep up with the latest developments in the rapidly changing technology sector, so you can focus on your core business. Let us do what we do best so that you can do what you do best.


Gloucester Bytes

Tim Blakeley From Gloucester Bytes the man who made the Gloucester Webcam project possible!


Greg Harris Brierwood Landscaping (978) 281-7564

for letting us use his trailer

The Notte Family Represents! in Hawaii

loha from Hapuna Beach on the Big Island! What you won’t get back home: sea turtles cruising by while you’re boogie boarding, monthly tsunami siren tests at 11:45 am, and WARM ocean water! And how’s this for a small world? The house we rented in Volcano was owned by Dorothy Y. who has roots in Gloucester.  In her cozy home tastefully decorated with Hawaiian decor sits a jar of sea glass from Pavilion Beach! Gotta love Glosta!!


GOD PARTICLE DISCOVERED “I’m rather surprised that it happened in my lifetime” ~ Peter Higgs

Yesterday, Peter Higgs, now known as the Rock Star of particle physics, gave an interview after scientists at CERN discovered the particle he predicted 50 years ago and now declare on their Web site: Our understand of the universe is about to change

Behind the Scenes Look at What it Takes to Create the “Most Creative” Horribles Float

GMG was awarded the Horribles Parade “Most Creative” float. Sister Felicia’s design brilliantly combined her passion for cooking, her brother Joey’s GMG community-inspired blog, and the family’s lobster business.

The nine foot tall black enamelwear lobster pot was set upon a cooktop, replete with pot handles and temperature dials. Giant lobsters and lots of baby lobsters were seen in and around the pot and dry ice was used to simulate a steaming lobster pot. Teenage boys were also seen in the pot, supplied with all the Super Soaker ammo needed to squirt the entire parade route of attendees.

Joey’s Captain Joe and Sons truck pulled the float, and it housed the sound system, provided by Gimme Sound, featuring deejays Vickie Van Ness and ZipLine Kid.

What, or who, does it take to create the “Most Creative” Horribles Float? Here’s a behind the scenes look ~

Super-Star Sister Felicia ~ Creative, Talented, Passionate, Devoted to Her Family and Her Community, Unbelievably Amazing Organizer, and Divine Cook are just some of the attributes that best describe Sister Felicia.

Barry Mohan, Sister Felicia’s right-hand man ~ Always there to help in every way, and then some!

Neighbor Deanna and Mammaw working on a Homie costume ~ Always there to lend a hand, too. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…  -and, to add to the fun, Mammaw is especially gifted at telling a good joke.

Ed Collard of House Doctor’s Fame and Craig Kimberly–Ed is Sister Felcia’s “other” right-hand man, especially at float-building time of year.

Craig Kimberly, Videographer-Extraordinaire-Turned-Painter-for-the Event. Craig’s first painting, ever, done entirely free hand!

Amanda and B.J. ~  Always-There-to-Help-Mom, along with Amanda and B.J.’s Friends

The Neighborhood Gang

Testing out the lobster; almost ready to depart for the high school.

Lots of Young Friends and Nieces Eloise and Madeline  ~  for the all important job of distributing candy along the parade route.

Friends of the Blog Ron, David, and Manny

Last Minute Finishing Touches

Not Only Did Felicia Design and Organize the Entire Float Project, she also prepared a fabulous tailgate dinner for all!!! In case you are wondering what Felicia prepared: Warm vats of pulled pork for sandwich making, a variety of cold salads, desserts, and an abundance of refreshments, including Felicia’s very popular Sangria.


Click photos to view full size

Photos From Along the Parade Route Tomorrow

What to do on the 5th of July

The 4th is yesterday, but Summer has just begun and the Gloucester music scene is in full swing.  Start out at Nights on the Neck at 5pm with Mamadou Diop.  Just in case you’ve never seen him, check out the video below:

Then there’s great music all night long with Special Guest Evan Goodrow joining Dave Sag’s Blues Party at the Rhumb Line at 9:30.  See sample of Dave Sag below:

Make a night of it!  See the full live music lineup here.

Coyote Kolb @ MinglewoodAtLat43 9:00-12:00……Sweet!

I kind of feel like a kid let loose in a candy store knowing Coyote Kolb is coming to town tomorrow night. Also, that feeling as a child on Christmas eve, even. I get like that when I get to see what I consider a great band. So looking forward to seeing these guys. Don’t know if they will ever be back in town again. Come on out to see them 9:00 @ MinglewoodTavern AtLat. Check out the links and see what others have to say.

Coyote Kolb

We are really exited about our coming weekend adventures! Friday, we play the New England coastal town of Gloucester, MA. We’ll be at the Minglewood Tavern from 9pm-12am! No Cover – Then Saturday morning, we head out to the Earthland Reservation in northwestern MA to play and be at the Sacred World Inter-Dependance Festival- an ‘off the grid’ gathering of artists/ shamans, teachers, healers, musicians, children, animals, and adults= .. Its a trip! see you out there-

Photo take at O’Briens in Alliston MA


If you think the thing to do is point your finger, well point that thing at you.
Coyote Kolb
Friday night Coyote Kolb is coming to town. They will be MinglewoodTavern AtLat I can hardly believe it. The first and only time I got to see these guys was with three other bands one of whom I am hooked on big time. The Ten Foot Polecats….well thanks to them I met this band…went totally crazy and bought their CD right on the spot. I have listened to it over and over. I like their style, the way they look and most of all their sound. It’s all so different….rockin, Americana, country fried, sorrowful harmonic, and a wicked rockin blues effect.

I dedicate Royal Bug to my eldest grandson. When he hears it he will know why.
Check em out. I like what these guys have to say about Coyote Kolb.

“There’s a deep-country vibe to Coyote Kolb’s sound, but they also rock fuzzed-out dirges like Neil Young has excelled at over the years. ” -CheapThrillsBoston

“an awesome blend of sound that oscillates between blues, folk, and what I would describe as roadhouse rock n’ roll.” -Prairie Shack Music

“Pure Rock n Roll Bluesy goodness.” – The Noise -Boston

The News From Rocky Neck via Judy Robinsopn Cox

Exhibition to benefit The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck

Large Work by RNAC Artists
June 10 – July 15 ~ Open Weekends, 12 – 4pm

Grate Expectations
Between Painting and Sculpture, oil and collage, 54" X 36", Ruth Mordecai

Thursday, July 5 : Nights on the Neck

See wonderful article by our mayor about Nights on the Neck

Nights on the Neck

TUE, July 10 : RNAC General Meeting, 6:30 pm

There will be a general meeting of the Rocky Neck Art Colony this Tuesday, July 10, 6:30pm at the Cultural Center, 4 Wonson Street, in Rocky Neck. An agenda and minutes from the last meeting will be emailed to members prior to the meeting.

WED, July 11 : Lisa K. Rosenstein, Introductory Slide Presentation, 7pm

Cut Me Loose

Lisa Rosenstein, a graduate of the Corcoran College of Art and Design and from Washington, D.C., is a multi-media artist whose recent work has focused on a unique approach to using a limited means toward achieving a great variety of evocative imagery. Using the reductive capability of white paint and found objects, she has created intimate yet powerfully meditative and reflective works,which she has described as "altars".

"For the past three years, I’ve been working exclusively in White with a focus on shadow, texture, pattern and dimension. This work evolved into 3-d and recently has left the canvas and gone to the floor in the shape of handmade, unstructured "nets" which I can hang on the wall as free-form sculptures."

Group Shows at the Cultural Center: JULY 18-AUGUST 6 and AUGUST 9-27

See the updated show entry form that you can fill in on line and email to by July 10th

Artist members of RNAC are encouraged to submit proposals of art in 2 D / flat media (painting, photography, mixed media, printmaking, etc.) to hang on two sections of wall at The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck. Each exhibition will feature six or seven artists.

Please complete the entry form with contact information, a brief description of the art to be exhibited with the theme, if there is one, framed sizes, media and jpegs for at least three of the proposed artworks for curating and promotional use. With the goal of raising money to acquire the Center building, the RNAC will take a 50% commission on the sale price of each piece of which 30% will go to overhead and 20% towards the building fund. Throughout this initial fundraising period, rental or hanging fees will be waived. To assure visibility for the artists and their work, we will require gallery sitting. S

Selection process: Proposed art will be chosen to complete both shows with a balance in style, media, and size. It will be curated for overall content and visual impact but these are not juried shows. Those not chosen will be placed on a list for future shows.

ART SUBMISSION FORM Please complete the revised entry form and return with jpegs of at least 3 pieces of the proposed art by email to no later than July 10. Multiple pages of this form can be submitted. Selections and notifications – July 13.

Art and inventory sheet must be delivered on Monday, July 16, between 12 and 4 pm. Art from the current must be picked up same day. Please note the date change.

It is recommended that those interested see the newly installing hanging system at the Center (open this Saturday and Sunday 12-4 pm). At the same time, take a look at the current show – on exhibition until July 16th. Hope you plan on participating in this Call for Art.

The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck Exhibition Committee:
Judith Monteferrante, Martha Swanson, Rokhaya Waring, David Piemonte

Art Throb

Rocky Neck in the News : Featured in this month’s Art Throb

Aquarto Gallery

See article about Nights on the Neck and Aquarto Gallery

Instagramming the Fiesta

I didn’t get to all the events, but I got some good shots of several events with my iPhone, which I published on Instagram (@mehjg).  Here are a few:

Knights of Columbus
Three generations
The best hats in the Fiesta!
Blessing of the Fleet

For more, click here (a slideshow) or here (my Instagram photos on Webstagram)

Essex Coastal Scenic Byway

Travelers along the 85-mile Essex Coastal Scenic Byway will experience the best of coastal New England: historic seaports, colonial era farms, village and city centers, and a wealth of period architecture. Set against a rocky shoreline and The Great Marsh, New England’s largest salt marsh, the byway traverses thirteen historic communities on Boston’s North Shore.

Things to do (Gloucester):

If you’re something to do and you’re not listed, you should be.

E.J. Lefavour

Community Stuff July 5th, 2012


Scenic Sunset Cruise Out of Gloucester Harbor

DJ Music and Dancing, Cash Bar, Light Food, Calm Ride

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Board at 6:00 p.m. sharp at 7 Seas Wharf, Rogers Street (Rte. 127), Gloucester;

  boat returns at 9:30 p.m.

Rain date: Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tickets: $35 ($100 max per family, parents and kids)

Reservations recommended: Debbie Frontiero, 508-423-7725

Sponsored by the First Universalist Church of Essex

People needed to hammer and saw – Lanes Cove Fish Shack Saturday

This Saturday we will be putting down rough sawn 1 by whatever flooring and replacing the worst spots of sheathing. This is where we need more volunteers than the core group of professionals that have been doing heavy framing and masonry work. Bring a hammer, Saturday morning around 8 or 9.

    My name is Claire and I was wondering if there is a way to ask the people of Gloucester for photos of the Fisherman’s Institute and anything before URBAN RENEWAL I grew up on Main Street and have a few that my Dad took and would love to have more. I really appreciate the work you do .Your Photos are great!
                                                                        Thanks for listening,

Hi, Joey.  I’ve met you several times at the GMG parties.  For a couple of years, I had artwork on display at Fred Bodin’s gallery on Main St.  I have since opened my own gallery, and I was hoping you would put it on the blog.  It’s in Rockport, but I’m from Gloucester, so I’m hoping it will still qualify for GMG!  It’s called The Art Nook, and it’s at 6R Dock Square.  We just opened yesterday, and we’re planning an Opening Reception on Saturday July 14th at 6pm.  We have work by local artists including myself (Kathleen Miller), Stefan Mierz and Jean Byrd, among others.  It’s definitely going to be an eclectic gallery with original, unique fine art!  Here’s the sign template and the basic info if you can put it on the blog, maybe next week before the opening?  Please let me know :). Thanks so much!!  – Kathleen Miller

Rockport’s New and Eclectic Fine Art Gallery

Grand Opening Event

Saturday, July 14th 6pm

6R Dock Square Store 1  Rockport, MA

Refreshments will be served!

Featuring work by local

artists Kathleen Miller,

Stefan Mierz and Jean Byrd