So Proud Of Our Team Once Again GMG Absolutely Shines In Our Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage

I couldn’t have asked for a better more dedicated effort than the one put forth by our team.  35 quality posts in the First three days alone including the winning greasy pole walks, novena, procession, seine boats, Fiesta 5 K, faces in the crowd.  Hell we had something like six different quality posts on Fiesta 5k alone. 

Now I understand certain media outlets take heat for trying to stuff as much Fiesta content as they can into their pages but that’s the beauty of GMG.  We don’t have no stinkin rules. 

We don’t have to cover the puss. 

We cover the good and we cover it to death.



Great Job Team!

Video- 2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Opening Ceremony

Filmed at Friday night’s formal opening ceremony. After shooting the greasy pole contest  I raced back to my car, which was parked all the back to I4-C2, to lessen the load of tripod and video camera. I grabbed my still camera thinking I would only take snapshots. I wish I had kept the video camera with me, but attempted to shoot video with the Fujifilm x100. The x100 unfortunately does not have IS, or image stabilization, nonetheless the colors are good.

David Cox and Friends

The Orlando Family

Amanda and Felicia after the seine boat race.

Adam Bolonsky Requests Recipes For fresh Calamari

Lots of anglers are catching 6" to 8" squid off the inside edge of the Eastern Point Breakwater with Sabiki rigs. 

Anyone have a good spicy recipe for what to do with the fresh catch?

By the way, now that the Audubon Society runs the lot at the breakwater, don’t forget that it costs $5.00 to park there for the day!

As for access, tell the guard at the gate by Niles Beach that you’re headed for the breakwater. There’s a public right of way along the AEPR (Association of Eastern Point Residents) private speed-bumped roads. 

As for Niles Pond, it’s a Great Pond open to public use.

Far Out in The Harbor

Far Out in the Harbor


Far out in the harbor in the pink dusk

of a late June day, lies a schooner fast

to her anchor beneath the first quarter moon.


The softness of the scene mesmerizes me

and I imagine I can hear the rigging softly

click and ring against the swaying masts.


I quietly breathe in time to the gently

breaking surf. The nearby sounds of the Fiesta

are dampened by my meditation;

I am drawn into the temple of the harbor.


©Marty Luster 2012

Nights on the Neck and Closing Reception for Horses and Other Abstract Notions

Mark your calendar:  Thursday, July 5 at Rocky Neck Art Colony for Nights on the Neck and the closing reception for Horses and Other Abstract Notions, paintings by Judy Wilburn and Miss Lyn Cardinal at Khan Studio at the GMG Gallery.  Make a night of it.  The first performance – African Drumming with Mamadou – starts at 5:00 at Keith Trefry Memorial Park.  My all time favorite, Bird Mancini will be at Imagine from 6:45-7:30.  Judy’s and Lyn’s closing reception is from 7:00-9:00 and we have the awesome Tony Gallo Band at Madfish Wharf from 7:45-8:45.  Our own Karen Ristuben winds up the night at The Center.  The complete schedule follows.  Don’t miss it.  And don’t forget to stop by The Center at 6 Wonson Street when you arrive to pick up your Scavenger Hunt card.  Also, think about having dinner at Madfish Grille or The Rudder, two of the sponsors of this year’s NOTN.

E.J. Lefavour

Ruby and Luke McElhenny Represent! In Kansas City

Representin’ for GMG in the Heartland
Ruby and Luke McElhenny may be visiting Kansas City but their heart remains in Gloucester.
Photo by Sally Goldenbaum, an author whose mysteries are set on Cape Ann and GoodMorningGloucester’s biggest fan in Kansas. (She also happens to be Ruby and Luke’s grandmother).

GMG represents in the Heartland

Horrible’s Parade Disney Themed Marching Opportunity

Horrible’s Parade Disney Themed

Marching Opportunity

From Judy Mckinnon Cape Ann Travel Service;

What I’m looking for with regards to the parade is two things:
At least 6 kids between 10-14:   Two to hold banner and wave with a Mickey hand, 4 more to walk and hand out brochures, throw candy (to people/not at). 🙂
And at least 6 little ones between 4-10 that have Disney character costumes (i.e., Buzz Lightyear, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland) to dress as Disney characters and walk.
I have a couple of costumes (Princess Aurora, Cinderella, Pocahontas, tourist) for little ones – size 4 and size 6) that they could use if need be.
My e-mail address is .  We’d treat all to a pizza party after July 15th for all volunteers.

Contact info;

Judy McKinnon

Specializing in Disney Destinations

       Disney Theme Parks, Disney Cruise Lines, Adventures by Disney, Hawaii, Vero Beach, Hilton Head

Cape Ann Travel Service

85 Eastern Avenue

Gloucester, MA  01930

978-282-8216 (agency) / 508-572-1275 (cell)

Origami class in Gloucester (change of date), plus photos from the convention in NYC

About a week ago I posted from the annual Origami USA convention in New York City.  At the end of this post, I’ll include some photos of the amazing work that was on display there.  To help bring some of that origami goodness to Gloucester, I’ll be teaching a class at The Annie as part of the “Beyond Imagine” series of art workshops, on July 17 at 7PM ($5 donation The Annie per participant).  The date was originally going to be on July 3, and that date was informally announced, but then we realized it would be overlapping with The Horribles Parade, and that would be a bad idea…

I’ll start off with some simple models, and will work up to more complex designs as time and the ability of the participants allows.  The Annie is located on Washington Street, just north of the intersection with Main Street, in the Blackburn Tavern building (on the floor above Giuseppe’s).

To inspire you to learn origami, here are some photos of truly impressive origami from the exhibit at year’s convention, folded by artists from around the world:

Me, getting bitten by an origami dragon… an image of the passion for origami?

Sunday 2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Complete Coverage, Greasy Pole, Videos, Pictures, Webcam More

SAINT PETER’S FIESTA WEBCAM- Click photo for live view


Webcam courtesy Discover Gloucester and

St. Peter’s Fiesta 2012

Sunday, July 1

10:00 a.m…… Celebration of MASS OF ST. PETER….. at St. Peter’s Park
12:00 noon….. Procession following the Celebration of Outdoor Mass
3:00 p.m…… Blessing of the Fleet… Stacy Boulevard.
3:00 p.m… … Concert….United States Navy Band Northeast…St. Peter’s Park
4:45 p.m…… Sports Events…at Pavilion Beach
Seine Boat Races..&…Greasy Pole Contest
6:00 p.m…… Concert…..St. Alfio’s Band (One Hour) St. Peter’s Park
6:30 p.m…… Children’s Pinata Contest – Pascucci Court
7:15 p.m……. Awards Ceremony – Trophies awarded to winners of the Sports Events
8:30 p.m……  Musical Entertainment –  St. Peter’s Park
featuring Gianni Faraone w/ Ray Cavichio &
his mini Big Band & Natalie Pinto

11:00 p.m…… Raffle Drawings and Closing Procession

GMG Straight Up Crushing The Fiesta Coverage

Video Saturday 2012 Greasy Pole Champion – Nick Avelis Video from Craig Kimberley


Greasy Pole and Seine Boat Races Webcam Live Now!

When We Were Kings…

Friday Greasy Pole & Seine Boats!

The best Fiesta T-shirts (especially for geeks)

Video 2012 Friday Greasy Pole From Kim Smith

2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage, Saint Peter’s Fiesta Schedule of Events, Webcam and Fiesta Community Photos

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