Here’s Your Move Regarding Teeth Whitening

I drink coffee.  Lots of coffee.

How to keep the pearly whites staying pearly white after drinking all that coffee?  No need to get expensive dentistry teeth whitening treatments.  That’s for suckas. 

Floss, use Arm and Hammer Advanced White toothpaste with peroxide and follow up by swishing some hydrogen peroxide around in your mouth for thirty seconds after you floss and brush in the morning and before you go to bed.

The big jug of Hydrogen Peroxide at CVS was $1.49 and will last you a long while.



5 thoughts on “Here’s Your Move Regarding Teeth Whitening

  1. No wonder you have that smile that lights up a room what with two flosses and two peroxide rinses a day!

    Can I throw in some caveats?
    1) Hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, just one extra oxygen. It’s in a brown container because it degrades back to water easily. (It oxidizes). Joey likely has no problem with an old bottle but that bottle back in the medicine cabinet is probably turned to water after many months. Even if it foams up in your mouth it’s just the hunks of lobster stuck in your teeth.
    2) Hydrogen Peroxide is a mild acid. So is Pepsi (don’t rinse with that!) As an acid some people will have two reactions to H2O2. Sore gums and sensitive teeth. Dilute it down with some mouthwash to make it more pleasant or cut to once a week to make sure your teeth don’t turn to chalk.

    Hydrogen Peroxide is good for everything. Scraped knee? H2O2 then Bag Balm. That works for everything except your eyes. Rinse your tooth brush in it too. Kills bacteria the right way. Much better than that antibiotic junk which costs a ton and only makes super germs. (The germs that survive the antibiotic come back to haunt you.)

    Rubber Duck Quick Tip: When you buy Hydrogen Peroxide and you don’t use as much as Joey, write the date on the side. Toss it and spring for another buck fifty in six months. Once you open it it starts turning to water.


  2. I have tried apples and celery to help whitening teeth, as they act like natural stain removers by increasing saliva production. I used this method a bunch of times and it helped a bit. I have also tried Power Swabs, It’s a teeth whitening system that uses naturally derived ingredients. It works pretty well.


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