Joey C Props and Flops June 2012 Edition


Trader Joe’s Edamame Hummus

Surfside Subs Lobster Roll Made With The Mrs’ Recipe

McDonalds Tasteful Reconstruction

Cape Ann Insurance Stellar Service

Burnham’s Field Community Garden New Mural

City Hall Restoration

Volunteers Who Make Fiesta Happen

DPW College Work Crew



DJ’s that only play songs from the eighties

Road Hog Bike Riders

Orange Mulch

Don’t look Now But McDonalds In Gloucester May Be The Classiest Designed McDonalds of All Time

They went from clown yellow and harsh red to a tasteful textured rock front.

God bless the owners of McDonalds in Gloucester for putting in a fantastic re-do on whatr was formerly a monster eyesore.

2012-07-02 08.38.40

Do you Support or Oppose Tolerance and Freedom from Discrimination?

In the time I’ve lived here, I would say that most people I’ve met would support tolerance, freedom from discrimination, and the teaching of tolerance and acceptance of others to youth. 

Tales of Bong Tree Island is a book about tolerance and acceptance of others, and the freedom to choose who to love without fear of discrimination, as told from the perspective of the owlpusses, the descendants of the owl and the pussycat, a trailblazing interspecies couple from England who Edward Lear made famous in the 1870’s.

If published, Tales of Bong Tree Island has the potential to be a great tool for encouraging tolerance, compassion and acceptance of each other by people of all ages, but especially for the youth – the ones who are the future of our species.

If you support tolerance, compassion and acceptance of others, please support Tales of Bong Tree Island at whatever level you can.  There are only 9 days left in the campaign to raise the funds needed to print the initial run of the book and pay Kickstarter and Amazon fees.   There are great rewards for backers.

Thanks, EJ

The Winning Float will have Winning Local Music

That’s right folks.  You all know which will be the winning float and just like last year, we’re creating a special playlist of the best local music available (plus one not-so-local-but-oh-so-party-song).  If you have a request from a local artist (music needs to be on — see local gimmesound artists here), comment on this post by midnight tonight and we’ll add it.

Be sure to go to the Boulevard after the parade for some of Gloucester’s best high energy music from with The Runaround Sound headlining.  See schedule here.

2012 Good Morning Gloucester Float Construction In Full Swing

Craig Kimberley, Ed Collard, BIL Barry,Mammaw, Deanna, BJ, Joey and Frank Ciolino and Sista Felicia have been all out busting hump to make it happen. 

Props to our awesome sponsors!!!!

Please patronize these GMG Approved Community Minded Businesses

gimmesound_final — local live music listings.  Find every live music show in Gloucester and Cape Ann — listen to music on-line & download — all for free.


The Lone Gull is a family owned coffeehouse located on Main Street in historic downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts. Our ideal location makes us a great place to stop for a drink or a bite to eat, to chat with friends, or to have a business meeting. We offer free wi-fi to our customers, extremely comfortable couches and chairs, and a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.


Stones Pub

Stones is a small comfortable neighborhood pub in Gloucester, MA, America’s oldest seaport! We offer homemade soups, sandwiches and desserts all made on premises before your eyes in the open kitchen. The delicious smells welcome when you come in the door to a warm greeting.

Ed Collard House Doctors Handyman Services

Passports Restaurant


Noble Electricians


Steve Noble who does so much community work donating his time toward many great causes.

Robert Heidt

The new executive director of the Chamber of Commerce says that Good Morning Gloucester does so much for the community that he wanted to personally be a sponsor of the 2012 GMG horribles parade float

Circle Consulting

Donna Ardizzoni and Rick Moore

With Circle Consulting, small and mid-size companies can cost-effectively leverage world-class technology experience. We keep up with the latest developments in the rapidly changing technology sector, so you can focus on your core business. Let us do what we do best so that you can do what you do best.


Gloucester Bytes

Tim Blakeley From Gloucester Bytes the man who made the Gloucester Webcam project possible!


Greg Harris Brierwood Landscaping (978) 281-7564

for letting us use his trailer

Mamie’s Kitchen Featuring Mudiga Steaks and The Worlds Greatest Coffee Rolls

Alicia Cox writes-

Hey guys
its not time to go back on diets tomorrow! Its chris and i all week and i betta see you guys! Mudiga steaks continue for lunch monday and ofcourse coffee rolls! Dont make me hunt you down! Ggrrrrr (arent i scary lol 🙂 )

2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage From Our Peeps To Date

Of course we aren’t done but here is the updated list in case you missed anything.

Stew McGillivray Winner 2012 Sunday Greasy Pole Photo From Bill Kirk

So Proud Of Our Team Once Again GMG Absolutely Shines In Our Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage

Video- 2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Opening Ceremony

Lego Greasy Pole Submitted By Heidi Wakeman

2012 Sunday Greasy Pole Champ- Stewie Wins Again!

Saint Peter’s Fiesta Procession Video 07/01/2012

Blessing of the Fleet 2012

Why Ambie is the Sausage King

A look back to 2011

Saint Peter’s Procession 2012

2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Children’s Games Photos From Alice Gardner

Sunday 2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Complete Coverage, Greasy Pole, Videos, Pictures, Webcam More

Video Saturday 2012 Greasy Pole Champion – Nick Avelis Video from Craig Kimberley
Greasy Pole and Seine Boat Races Webcam Live Now!
When We Were Kings…
Friday Greasy Pole & Seine Boats!
The best Fiesta T-shirts (especially for geeks)
Video 2012 Friday Greasy Pole From Kim Smith
2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage, Saint Peter’s Fiesta Schedule of Events, Webcam and Fiesta Community Photos
Friday Night Saint Peter’s Fiesta 2012 Photos From Alice Gardner
Video 2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Friday Greasy Pole Winning Walk Ross Carlson
Ross Carlson Your Friday Greasy Pole Champ Live posting from The Beach
St. Peter’s Fiesta and Blessing of The Fleet in the ’40s Pic From Ron Gilson
Greasy Pole Fall Classic Fundraiser 2011
Fiesta 2012 – Thursday and 5KRace – Cox Photos
Fiesta 5K
Fiesta 5K Race |(Start Photos) – 2012 St Peter’s Fiesta
2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage, Saint Peter’s Fiesta Schedule of Events, Webcam and The Infamous Fred Buck Submits Fiesta 5K Photos
FIESTA: Thursday Evening
Almost Live Blogging from the Fiesta 5K 6/28/2012 9:33PM
Video and Pics 2012 Saint Peter’s Fiesta 5K Start Filmed At Half Speed- See Anyone You Know?
2012 Jr Girls Seine Boat Practice 6/28/12 Pics From Sista Felicia
Faces of Fiesta
Mamie’s Kitchen To Feature Arancini,Trupiano’s Sausage Subs, Homemade Linguica Rolls and Mudiga Steak Sandwiches
Fiesta Can Begin! Ambie Is Serving Sazzitza Sandwiches On Commercial Street!
Good Morning Gloucester Will Be Your Source For Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage–Fiesta Webcams and More
Wednesday Seine Boat Races
2012 St Peter’s Novena, Mass and Procession to the Club Video
The Greasy Pole. A Look Back 09/30/2012
Where is the Fiesta Ferris Wheel?
2012 Saint Peter’s Mass At The American Legion Photos From Alice Gardner
St. Peter Fiesta Preparations Well Underway!
Props To The Men and Women That Keep Saint Peter’s Fiesta Traditions Alive
2012 Jr Seine Boat Practice 4:50AM 6/25/12 Pics and Video
Need I remind you? Tick Tock Baby- 2012 Greasy Pole Approaches!
Girls Jr. Seine Boat Races 2012 Crew X’tra Oardinary! Racing Friday Night of Fiesta

Mayor Kirk Submits-

We love Father Matthew’s photos so much.  Thought you might like the view from the other side of the camera.