Mary Bowles Has Some Nice Things To Say

Hi Joey,

My husband and I have been Gloucester residents now for almost 2.5 years and I can’t say enough not only how much we love it here for all the obvious reasons but also how thoughtful, unselfish and helpful people are.  Just this past Tuesday I had yet another great experience of generosity.  I’m a mosaic artist and I realized the mirror part of a mosaic mirror I needed to bring to the cape that very night for a customer was scratched.  So I ran up to Banner Glass on Pond Road and the woman there said unfortunately there was no one there to cut a piece of mirror for me.  But she’s thoughtful enough to recommended another glass merchant in town, Al’s Glass on Main Street.   I run down there and meet Al who couldn’t have been nicer.  So I got to meet someone who’s had a Gloucester business for 47 years and chat with him which was the best thing.  Then he takes time to find just the right mirror which he cuts and in the end won’t take any money for it! 

And I had a similar experience at The Building Center a couple of months ago when I needed a piece of plywood and they cut it right away and said "no charge".    And of course many many other wonderful people like EJ for example who has taken the time to give me much encouragement and guidance as a new artist in town.   

All these people are role models and I will do my best to "pay it forward".

Mary Bowles

Wood Meets Waves Course at Maritime Gloucester

Tom Balf writes-

Sign up now for Maritime Gloucester’s July 26th one-day "hand plane" workshop. Designed for woodworkers and active bodysurfers ages 12 and up, participants in the "hand plane" workshop will cut and shape their own handplane with traditional wordworking tools and techniques. Registration closes July 19th.
Here’s what the locals are saying. Award winning boat builder Harold Burnham says "If I was 18 and somebody dropped a tree off at my yard, I’d hold off on building a schooner. I’d make a hand plane first. I love body surfing." And famed Gloucester dorymaker Geno Mondello says: "I love the way GrainSurfboard combines traditional wood working tools and techniques with the sports of today. If my back could stand it, I’d be body surfing at Good Harbor after making my own hand plane!"
The attached poster includes a picture of a handplane in action. For more information go to


The Summer Glare

The Summer Glare


Aboard the Pequod, Ishmael describes the

Japanese Sea as illumined by “freshets of effulgences”

or overflowing streams of brilliant light.

Did he, while in Nantucket, not experience

what we, in Gloucester, find daily in our summer sky?


Here, where the ocean cleanses the air and

allows the sun to reach us without filter;

where most summer days produce an explosion

of light that washes out the brilliant colors

around us and makes us squint to get around town;


Where shadows are not soft and moody, but

are stark and sharp, and walking down a flight

of outside stairs requires most careful placement

of our feet, and where we learn to recognize

people and places by their silhouettes,


and where sun and sand and sea glare so that we

sense the beach, rather than see it, like actors

looking past the footlights to an unseen audience,

and where  patterns in the sand go unnoticed

as we walk the shore into the cauldron’s fearsome light.


It’s as if we cannot be trusted with

the airs of summer; that we must be

protected from the magnificence around us

lest we succumb to this abundance of beauty

if we should see all that is within the glare.


© Marty Luster 2012

A Great New Thing to Do

If you’re visiting Cape Ann, plan to visit, have recently moved here, or have lived here all your life but aren’t big into exploring on your own, you need to check out this great new venture.  Sweet Shots & Secret Spots Intimate Island Tours is operated by Corey Newman and Violet Gray, neighbors on Madfish Wharf, parents of the irresistable Dahlia, and all around great and very knowledgeable people.  Let them do the driving in their ultra cool Jeep Wrangler while you sit back, relax, see and get some sweet shots of secret spots you probably never knew existed.  Like an African safari, but on Cape Ann.  They also will customize tours to suit your interests.  Their rates are very reasonable.  Call Corey or Violet at 978-559-6649 or email them at  Tell them you heard about them on Good Morning Gloucester (where else).

E.J. Lefavour

Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly

This striking Baltimore Checkerspot was photographed last week in a field of Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca). The field is located in Ipswich’s town center.

Notice the Baltimore Checkerspot’s vivid orange antennal clubs and white and orange dotted abdomen. The caterpillar’s food plant, or host plant, is mainly turtlehead (Chelone glabra) in low lands and gerardias upland, e.g., Smooth False Foxglove (Aureolaria flava).

Baltimore Checkerspot (Euphydryas phaeton) Ventral

I find absolutely the most interesting creatures in fields where grows Common Milkweed, which tells us that the plant provides a wealth of nourishment for a diverse range of organisms.

Note: The underside of butterfly wings are referred to as ventral; the upper surface as dorsal. An easy way to remember the difference between the terms dorsal and ventral is to think of the dorsal fin of a dolphin.

Community Stuff 7/15/12


Apple Street Farm Hosts a Magical Evening for Summer Dinner Series

WHAT:                 Each month throughout the summer, Chef Frank McClelland hosts a themed dinner at his home on Apple Street Farm to showcase the farm’s seasonal and organic produce, protein and eggs – and the month of July is no exception. The Midsummers Night’s Dream themed dinner will transport guests to the magical fields of Shakespeare’s most beloved play, while enjoying the fare straight from the fields around under the moonlight. 

Upon arrival, guests are encouraged to explore the beautiful grounds while enjoying wine and hors d’oeuvres prepared by the chefs of L’Espalier and Sel de  la Terre restaurants. Seated in the open air (or under a tent in the case of inclement weather), guests will enjoy a four-course meal with a trio of wine pairings.

The Midsummer Night’s Dream menu will feature dishes such as; ASF Salad: fresh dug potatoes, smoked wild salmon and caviar, local warm corn mousse and wild sweet orange, dill and buttermilk dressing; Grilled Black Bass and Fried Essex Clams: bean, roasted onions and pickled cucumber salad, melon and anise hyssop broth; Spit-roasted Young Lamb: summer squash gratin and grilled cepes, black olive and rosemary jus.

WHEN:                 July 20 and 21

                                5:30 p.m. arrival 

6:30 p.m. dinner begins

WHERE:               Apple Street Farm

                                35 Apple Street

                                Essex, MA 01929

Other:                   Tickets to this event are $175.00 per person inclusive of tax and gratuity. 

Space is limited so call L’Espalier at 617-262-3023 to make a reservation.

Dinners will be held rain or shine.



Blood Pressure Clinic
Addison Gilbert Hospital
Monday, July 16
1-3 p.m.
Addison Gilbert Hospital
298 Washington Street, Gloucester.
Conducted by Eileen Matz, RN, MSN.

Women’s Health Conference Room.  Please use Washington Street entrance.   Appointments are not necessary and all are welcome to attend!