Thank you all for the Blackburn Challenge Coverage

Rubber Duck felt like a movie star. The ultimate was paddling like crazy and I hear my name called but I am going under the A. Priatt bridge how could … then I see Donna at the rail way the hell up there (that was a long lens she shot of me with my mouth open stopped in the water agog.)

The whole race Rubber Duck got a shout out from so many points. The race was so much fun I wanted to go around again. Improved my time a bit. Having Rubber Duck face me was much better aerodynammically and we were able to chat so much more.

Time for pizza, thanks all, Rubber Duck and Paul M.

ps. I can’t thank all the photographers because there were so many and special thanks to Ed Collard who not only was at the start along with Donna and Rick, (and all were at the finish along with Kathy Chapman) but he held my kayak as I exited and I did not fall in or over. So, improved time, nice exit, the weather and tides could not have been more perfect,   and this Joey coverage I am just now reading with all the maps is just a hoot.

Paddling around the circumference of Cape Ann, looking into every nook and cranny, cove and craggy point, underlines to me how lucky we are to live in such a place. But it would just be a rocky island without the amazing people who inhabit it.

pps. my internet and mail are down and out and even my iPhone mail is plugged up (you all might get a bunch of mail on a Monday morning reset) so I am back to finishing Joe Garland’s Lone Voyager. I thought I knew the Howard Blackburn story but this dude was amazing.

ppps. And I would be completely remiss if I did not mention what an amazing production that the Cape Ann Rowing Club pulls off for this race. Over 300 racers swarm into Gloucester High School but the behind the scenes work is done as smooth as silk. The pulled pork and cold beer are delish and throughout the race there was a red flagged boat out there making sure we did not paddle off to Nova Scotia. Donna Lind et al., you do an amazing job and I hope it is so much fun you do it again and again because I’ll be back.

Quarry Swimming From Kathy Slifer

Hi Joey , This has been swimming weather for sure ! Nothing like a dip in the quarry , its an aesthetic moment ,  as is so much  here on Cape Ann .

Also wanted you to know the Ardelle Sail for City Hall Reconstruction is a sell out  ! Thanks for your help .

Kathy Slifer


Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce’s Auction

Please click on link below

Here is an example of some of the items.  Also, please check out the for more information

This quilt was made by one of the Chamber’s volunteers, Linda Hogan, made from tee shirts that the Chamber has used in the past

July 13, 2012 quilt

More fun items to bid on

July 13, 2012 more fun items

July 13, 2012 Fun gifts

2012 Community Blackburn Challenge Live Blog and Paul Morrison GPS Live Tracking Map


Most Importantly before we get into the meat of the Live blog I’ll provide a link to Paul Morrison’s Live GPS Location Tracker Here  (The GPS Tracker will be turned on at 8AM to save battery but you can still check it out now. This is a real time tracker so if you see him coming up to where you are on Cape Ann run out to the water’s edge and give him a holler.  I’ll randomly draw a name from people that submit photos of Paul on the Race Course before the end of the day for a Real Deal GMG T Shirt $20 value.  His GPS Tracker even works on smartphones so there’s no excuses.  Bookmark that cool ass link and track his freaky Rubber Duck Toting Around Ass down on your smartphone.

Send in your pictures from the start middle or finish and I’ll add them to this post which I’ll keep stickied at the top of the blog and regular scheduled posts will update below this one.  I’ll also give regular updates from our Paul Morrison’s GPS Tracking Map as to his whereabouts around the Cape.

A note to all Blackburn Challenger Competitors and their families-
Swing down the dock after the race to get a free Good Morning Gloucester Sticker and have your picture taken for these pages Representing!

The Blackburn Challenge – July 14th, 2012

Click to View Current BBC 2012 Registration by Group

New – Click to View Current BBC 2012 Registration by Class

From The Blackburn Challenge Website:

Time Limit Update – 6 Hour limit to complete course. Chase Boats and Timing will finish after 6 hours. Racers are paddling at their own risk after 6 hours on the course. Please plan appropriately if you believe you can not complete in 6 hours.

The Blackburn Challenge is a 20+ mile open water circumnavigation of Cape Ann. Participants row or paddle small boats in the open ocean waters around Cape Ann, and conditions can vary dramatically throughout the day. Occasionally the water can be very rough, with strong winds and high waves.

Paul Morrison writes this pre-race entry-

Saturday: Give a Hoot and a Holler to the Blackburners

Good Luck Paul and All the Other Brave Contestants in this year’s 2012 Blackburn Challenge from the team here at GMG!

Google Map of path around Cape Ann different than Paul Morrison’s GPS Live Race Position Tracking Map Found Here

Here’s Paul Morrison from last year (you can see the Rubber Duck Tracker mounted to the bow of his Kayak)-

Paul Frontiero Photo

Here is our 2011 Blackburn Challenge Coverage

Below this line begins our Live Race Day Coverage-

Last Update from the Live Tracker Was A Test At The High School Launching Area at 6:38AM- Looks Good For The GPS Tracker Paul! –


Update 7:39AM: Paul Morrison Rubber Ducky GPS Live Tracker Is Live

Click here for live ,tracking map so you can stalk him like the stalker freak that you are

Donna Ardizzoni posts live shot of Paul Morrison’s 2012 Blackburn Challenge Rubber Duck GPS Tracker-


Paul Morrison and Rubber Duck Tracker Pre Race From Ed Collard-


Update 8:11AM:

He is In The Water Just Past The Train Bridge-

Click here for the live map


Update 8:24 Rubber Ducky and Paul are off- averaging between 4 and 5 mph


Our Paul going under the A. Piatt Bridge photo from Donna Ardizzoni-July 14, 2012 Paul going under the A Piatt 

8:37AM Update:

Well past the A Piatt Andrew Bridge and approaching the first entrance to Jones Creek.  Speed 5mph Uploading video from the starting area now


8:52AM Update:

At The Mouth Of The Annisquam River 4mph


9:25 Update:

Coming Up On Lane’s Cove


Mary Page submits-

Blackburn challenge from Rust Island

Pictures I took this morning of the challenge looking across the Annisquam at the frog rocks

10:16 Update:

Just off Pigeon Cove and maintaining that 4mph pace.


11:23 Update:

Passing Good Harbor Beach

Click here for live GPS Rubber Duck Tracking


Update 12:21:

Approaching Eastern Point Lighthouse and Dog Bar Breakwater


12:43 Update: 3mph

Heading For Home Stretch and Pavillion Beach! C’mon Paul Finish Strong!!!!

Click here for live GPS Rubber Duck Tracking


Blackburn triumph!

from Crescent52

Blackburn Challenge 011Blackburn Challenge 012

Love and Other Anxieties Gloucester Premier

Save The Date 

Filmmaker Event:  On Monday July 23, at 7:30 one of my dearest friends, Lyda Kuth, is showing her beautiful and touching film  Love and Other Anxieties at the Cape Ann Community Cinema. Lyda will be there to talk with the audience and answer questions. Many artists in our community know Lyda from her other role as an arts funder. She is the founding board member and executive director of the LEF Foundation.

Come say hello to Lyda and see her moving film. I’ll be there introducing Lyda and look forward to seeing you there! Click here for Advance Ticket Sales

Faced with the reality that her only child will flee the nest for college, film-funder turned filmmaker Lyda Kuth gets anxious not only about how her daughter will fare in today’s world of love and romance, but also about her relationship with her husband of 20 years.  What will life be like after her daughter leaves?  What is the real meaning of love, marriage, and long-term commitment?

“He who does not eat cheese, will go mad.”

This French proverb is printed on T Shirts and hangs over the door at The Cave — 44 Main St.  For some reason, it took Vickie and me 3 weeks to get there, but we finally made it yesterday and boy are we glad we did.  Then we took our bounty to a friend’s house.  The best way to  enjoy good food is with good friends, each being enhanced by the other.  Check out the video to see what we got and how it tasted.

Laura, who owns The Cave, tells me she’s got a 3 year lease and they will be open year round.  Sounds like a plan to me.  Vickie and I will be in again soon.

Just as The Cave has something for every palate, tonight there’s music for every possible taste on Cape Ann from string quartet to bluegrass to rock, soul, reggae, pop, New Orleans jazz, blues, metal, singer/songwriters — you name it.  Don’t stay home.  Check the live music lineup and get out on the town!

Harbor Loop Concert Series 2012 ~ Groove Therapy and The Inge Berge Band.

Groove Therapy

Click the here for a slideshow >

Inge Berge Band

Morgan Brady in Blue and the one in yellow, orange and pink is Lizzie Sly

What a fantastic start to The Harbor Loop Concert Series 2012. Opening with Inge Berge,Vincent Briguglio, Leo Ciaramitaro and James Buhrendorf. Groove was off the wall as always, with Mark Pelosi, Vincent Briguglio, Jeff Arnold, Brian O’Connor, Dennis Monagle and James Buhrendorf sitting in. So much fun, people smiling, dancing, children and aldults hoola hooping, blowing bubbles, sun shining and a sweet breeze….What a great job Frank Hawks and John Silvera did with that sound!

Thank you Bradley Royds for heading this up.

Here’s a line up copy, paste save…….

Harbor Loop Concert Series 2012

Each week there will be acoustic shows to open the evening, when


Please note this schedule is subject to change.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Opening – Ric Saint Germain and Ken Steiner

Jake Pardee Band

Gary Backstrom Band

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Marina Evans Band
Charlee Bianchini

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dented School Bus

 Simply Said

Thursday, August 9, 2012

 Mile 21

 The Runaround Sound

Thursday, August 16, 2012



Thursday, August 23, 2012

 John Rockwell with The Human Jukebox

Miss Judy’s Farm