Joey – our child is all grown up!

Downtown Gloucester Block Party

With apologies to all the good people who run the block parties now, I finally finished the new Block Party website with 9 days to spare before the first block party NEXT SATURDAY, JULY 21!

This block party crew has really taken it to a whole new level (more music, more dancing, more dining, more entertainment, magic, etc,) and next Saturday, you’ll see what I mean — our child is all grown up!

They call themselves Blockheads (see a whole page about them here) and they asked that I keep the page about the founders and guess what?  I found a picture of an original Block Party committee meeting taken by our boy Joey using a timer (If you want to know why we’re all smiling so much click here and find out).

So what ever your plans are for the rest of this month, be sure to go downtown next Saturday at 6pm — stores are open ’till 11!

See you there . . .

Gloucester Gig Rowers get a new Gig! From Rick Isaacs

Hi Joey,

Gloucester Gig Rowers held our christening and launching party on Sunday evening, 8 Jul for our new 32′ Cornish Pilot Gig, custom-built for us by the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum’s Champlain Longboats School .  Here are a few pictures of our party party to celebrate the arrival of our new boat, and christen her.  She can be seen moored at the Harriet Webster Pier at Gloucester Maritime, on Harbor Loop.

The boat’s name is the "Annie B", and one picture shows Annie Banks, her namesake and one of the chief founders of Gloucester Gig Rowers, breaking the traditional bottle of champaign over her bow.

Sorry this took a while – I needed to secure the club’s approval for all of these mug shots to be published before sending this.  We would be grateful for any coverage which you could provide us!

All best,

Rick Isaacs

Picton Castle in Gloucester

The Picton Castle is registered in the Cook Islands, in the South Pacific, and is owned and operated by the Windward Isles Sailing Ship Company, Ltd. The ship’s mission is deep-ocean sail training and long-distance education. Also, she carries supplies and educational materials to far-flung islands in the South Pacific. Her North American homeport is Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

The ship is a completely refitted barque that observes the rigorous standards of Germanischer Lloyds for steel-hulled Cape Horners. She is 179 feet overall, with riveted steel hull, clear oiled-pine decks, steel masts, and wooden and steel yards. She carries 12,450 square feet of canvas sail. The ship also has a powerful 690 hp Burmeister & Wain alpha diesel engine for occasions when sailing is not feasible. The galley is on deck, and its 1893 cook stove is similar to those used on commercial sailing ships 100 years ago.

Shari Barr Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

From the deck of SV Linnet in Casco Bay, heading home to Gloucester.
"Expecting life to treat you well because you are a good person is like expecting an angry bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian."

Shari Barr (no dates or Wikipedia article available) See
A self described country girl from southern Iowa, Barr is a mother and wife who writes children’s literature from a Christian perspective. Her books include those of the Camp Club Girls series.
Greg Bover
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Piston Castle Gets Thomas E Lannon Escort Into GTown


Hi Joey, The Picton Castle received a Schooner Escort by the Thomas E. Lannon into the Harbor today! Also Keep your eyes peeled for the Tall Ship HMS Bounty as she sails up the coast for her arrival in Newburyport sometime tomorrow morning. To track the Bounty, go to this page and click ‘Update’ to get the latest info! As I’m writing this the Bounty is just clearing the Cape Cod Canal! Enjoy! ~Bill O’Connor North Shore Kid

Opening Reception – Eileen Patten Oliver

Looking for something fun to do Saturday night.  Come to Rocky Neck – have an awesome sushi dinner at Madfish Sushi, go to the Opening Reception of “Reflections of Cape Ann” paintings by Eileen Patten Oliver from 7:00-9:00 at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck, then if you feel so inclined, return to Madfish Grille and rock out to F Bomb from 9:00 til whenever.

E.J. Lefavour


Two Days to Blackburn Challenge and Everyone is Ready

Including Rubber Duck. She has been pumping iron (and a one and a two, OK now)

and has now moved on from the Horribles Parade hat she was sitting on last week and is now safely strapped down to the forward kayak cockpit with the secret Rubber Duck Tracker GPS System® attached below the black seal. Click the link to go to the Rubber Duck Tracking System®.

The Blackburn Challenge will start behind the Gloucester High School and the starting gun for her race is 8:20 AM this Saturday. She will start paddling and activate her Rubber Duck powered GPS system around 8AM. Then it is up the Annisquam River over to Halibut Point, down Sandy Bay past Rockport then all uphill into the tide and southwest wind along the backshore to the DogBar Breakwater then turn right for another uphill two mile paddle to the greasy pole. Right now the tracker is showing Rubber Duck as she went to Falmouth Inner Harbor to catch a bluefin tuna on Tuesday (photos when available). Be sure to “refresh” the page and you will know exactly where she is all day which will be about two hours behind the winners although she is quite svelte now for a Rubber Duck and might burn some rubber on the track. So if you have nothing better to do check it out and meet us on Pavilion Beach a little after noon Saturday. Paul Frontiero will be there to capture the exit from the kayak on video.

Countdown to Blackburn

Cape Ann Rowing Club Website

Sunday Night at the Lobster Pool

View of Ipswich Bay from the Lobster Pool Restaurant Rockport

Sunday night we arrived at the Lobster Pool just as the sun was setting. By 11:30 that morning a line had formed out the door, yet despite this fact, we were greeted graciously and had a delicious dinner of (what else) Captain Joe’s lobster rolls.

The Lobster Pool Restaurant Rockport 

Breakfast with Tomato Marmalade

A while back I mentioned Alexander Thompson’s delicious tomato marmalade (I mentioned it here and here).  It might sound unexpected (I had never heard of tomato marmalade before), but tomatos are fruit, and Alexander’s recipe really works.  They served it at the opening of The Cave with cheese and crackers, which was a great combination, but it’s also good on plain old toast for breakfast!

I put it on whole wheat toast with a glass of orange juice.  Just a part of this nutritious breakfast!

You can buy it on line or, today, at the Thursday Cape Ann Farmers’ Market at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, 3-6PM under the blue tent.

He also makes the most addicting bread & butter pickles… also available on line and at the Farmer’s Market.

Attention All Artists: Meet Cape Ann Giclee!

Meet the new Cape Ann Giclee! Cape Ann’s Only giclee shop. They provide affordable, professional fine art printing services for photographers and artists. Their specialty is in color matching to make sure they are producing artists’ work accurately.

Owners, Anna & James Eves, showing off some of their work.

Cape Ann Giclee

With years of experience in printing and finally moving their business out of their basement they have a new shop at 20 Maplewood Ave. in Gloucester. Printing on their Epson printer, with 12 inks,  gives them lots of color flexibility. They use many different papers to print on including eco-friendly bamboo and metallic photo paper and are open to experimenting on different mediums with artists. They offer competitive pricing with on demand printing options.  So, you don’t have to ship out your artwork or order 100s of prints. You can even 1 at a time for a customer and have it shipped to your customer’s home.

Artist, Sefan Mierz is one of their very happy customers! He was so happy with his giclee order and amazed by how well the colors matched the original oil.

stefan mierz, art nook rockport

Stefan is one of the artists at the Art Nook in Rockport (Stop by The Art Nook’s Grand Opening this Saturday  See more of Stefan’s work on his Facebook page:

Cape Ann Giclee will be turning their space into a work zone/gallery featuring many of their client’s pieces. They are considering offering some informational sessions as well to help the local artist community.

Michael McDougall’s paintings will be shown in the Cape Ann Giclee gallery. Here you can see his paintings along with the matching giclees. Check out those colors!

Michael McDougall art

Jame & Anna hope to be hosting a grand opening event on or around August 1st. Stay tuned for more info on that and stay tuned for the video interview with Anna & James…


Community Stuff 7/12/12


Lemonade Stand Today To Benefit The Cardone Family- Fire Victims

Hey Joe, 
This is Brieana, I work at Seacoast on Atlantic Shores I take care of your Dad, was wondering if you could do me a favor and advertise on Good Morning Gloucester tonight, that my 6 year old  daughter Bailee Militello will be having a lemonade stand July 12th from 2:30-4:30 p.m. to raise money for the Cardone family who lost alot in the fire on Ashland Place , they have kids that lost alot of clothes and toys, so my daughter wants to raise money to help the kids, the lemonade stand will be in front of my house 29 East Main Street, just a good old fashion lemonade stand and I’m sure I’ll do all the running back in forth refilling pitchers while she looks cute and sells, Thank you!!
Brieana Saunders Militello

The Magnolia
Roadshow of Antiques
Saturday August 25, 2012 9 am to 3 pm

Now accepting your yard sale and auction donations!

Saturdays 9a.m to 1 pm. at the Blynman School,
46 Magnolia Avenue

Item too heavy to drop off?  Call Lisa Ramos at 978-290-3005 and we will gladly schedule a convenient time to pick up your donation.

Not sure what we are looking for?
Antiques and all old stuff, costume jewelry, furniture in good condition, paintings, pictures and art, old coins and stamps, clothing in great condition, knick knacks, children’s indoor and  outdoor toys and furniture, tools old and new, baby stuff, gift certificates, books, frames, campers, snow blowers, ice skates, roller blades, bikes, sporting equipment, if we can sell it we’ll take it.

100% of proceeds from this event will benefit the Magnolia Historical Society Inc.
    Our new facility, one of six (2) two room schoolhouses left in the USA, built in 1895 will function as our historical museum and local cultural center.  The Blynman School (Little Red Schoolhouse) served Magnolia’s students for over 103 years until it was closed by the City. It then remained vacant for 6 years.  As I write this request, the Magnolia Historical Society is working with the City of Gloucester on a Purchase and Sale agreement for the property.
     We are thrilled to have the opportunity to own this Magnolia landmark,  but before we can begin our journey of moving in and promoting the history and culture of this village in Gloucester, Mass we are going to need to do some expensive repairs. This fall we will need to install a new heating system and repair the roof.
With your generosity, we will be able to fund the building projects and pay for maintenance. 
Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law under non-profit  #  22-2619953              

image    .

Announcing “Cape Ann ReImaged”
Gloucester, MA, June 29, 2012:  Local artist Clare Higgins is pleased to announce the launching of “Cape Ann ReImaged.”
“Cape Ann ReImaged” is a series of digital art works depicting some of Cape Ann’s best known icons and traditions, with a special twist. While Cape Ann has long been a favorite subject for artists, from Winslow Homer and Edward Hopper to many artists of today, Clare has chosen to explore what might have happened if Renaissance, abstract and pop artists had visited the area. “Cape Ann ReImaged” depicts Motif No. 1, the Greasy Pole, Man at the Wheel and more as they might have been envisioned by these artists.
Clare is originally from New York and moved to Gloucester in 2004. She is a writer and digital artist who enjoys creating combinations of classic and modern material. Her play Queer Bent for the Tudor Gent (a Shakespearean version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) won two competitions and was performed on stage in Sydney, Australia and New York City. Her published works include a Gilbert and Sullivan-style satire of Seinfeld and humorous pieces imagining how Shakespeare would react to modern technology.
One of Clare’s digital artworks, Cats on the Jatte, based on Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon on the Grande Jatte, was featured in the 2009 Cape Ann Notecard Collection. Cats on the Jatte is part of her “Modern Art Cats” series, feline interpretations of famous art works.
In keeping with her love of mixing seemingly disparate styles and substances, Clare turned an eye toward Cape Ann’s signature events and landmarks and was inspired to imagine how such artists as Da Vinci, Picasso and Warhol might have depicted them. The result is “Cape Ann ReImaged.” If you’d enjoy an innovative way of viewing your favorite parts of Cape Ann, take a trip to


Hi Joey –
Registrations are pouring in for the upcoming Building Center TripleThreat Road Race Series.
Would you be able to share this request for volunteers – we’re going to need the help!
Join the Crew! is looking for the most fabulous, energetic, fun-loving, and happy Crew
for this year’s Building Center TripleThreat race day, August 5th. Anyone interested in joining our crew
either at a water station, or directing runners on the course, please raise your hand!!
Visit the Volunteer Page of .
(And you’ll get a totally cool YuKan Crew Shirt too!)
Come join the fun!

420 sailing for adSandy Bay Yacht Club
Learn to Sail and Race Team Programs
Ages 8-18
Session 2: July 26th- August 22nd

photo opti for ad