Saturday: Give a Hoot and a Holler to the Blackburners

I’m reading Joe Garland’s The Lone Voyager to psyche Rubber Duck up for the paddle on Saturday. Extraordinary.

7:45AM to 8:45 AM the paddle boards to outriggers set off from behind Gloucester High School. Give the paddlers (and rowers) a shout out as they go by and that would be anywhere on Cape Ann because they go all the way around.  To help, follow the Rubber Duck Tracker clicking here for up to date real time view of where the Rubber Duck is and come on down to Pavilion Beach when the flotilla pulls in.

20×24 Canvas Print Of The Burnham House At Dawn Just Came In

I normally order 16×20 but they offered a 20×24 for only $25 bucks more so I ordered it up. It’s a pretty substantial sized piece.  The colors are ridiculous, the exact reflection of the house in the still water in front of the Burnham House is wild. As a matter of fact The Bean asked me to hold it upside down to see it from that perspective..

So if someone wants it, it’s $150 and ready for hanging.  No framing necessary (the reason everything I do now is canvas framed).

Email me at  It’s available for immediate pick up.



Mystery Girl

 On Thursday, July 12 I photographed a gorgeous little girl on the beach in Rocky Neck where the New Year dip takes place. I don’t know the name of the beach.

I don’t like to publish identifiable photos of very young children without permission of the parent or caregiver. In this case, I got distracted by other subjects and missed my opportunity to speak with the girl’s parents.

Accordingly, I have processed this photo to mask the subject’s identity and hope that her lucky parents will contact me. I have other very attractive images I would like to post on GMG. I assure the parents that there is absolutely no commercial aspect to this request.



I love Madfish Sushi and the Madfish Sushi Guys

Photo by Wendie Demuth

I have never been a fan of sushi . . . until now.  Alma McLaughlin took me to dinner at Madfish to celebrate the successful completion of my Kickstarter project, and I decided to try Jordan and Sang’s sushi.  I have to say it is the most incredible thing I have ever eaten.  Even if you don’t think you like sushi, you owe it to yourself to try Madfish Sushi.  In addition to being masterful sushi chefs, Jordan and Sang are also really cute and the nicest guys you will meet.  Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.  Your mouth will thank you, and it is so good for you too.  Check out their menu here.

madfish sushi menu new

E.J. Lefavour

The Barque Picton Castle



The Barque Picton Castle is a three-masted tall ship based in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada but best known for sail training voyages around the world to ports in the United States and Canada, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and the Spanish Main.

The Picton Castle is tied up at the Marine Railways and will be here until Saturday morning.  She and her crew came here from Newport, RI where they took part in the Ocean State Tall Ships event.  Pictured above at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery are Picton Castle purser, Kate “Bob” Addison from England, and Capt. Daniel Moreland from Nova Scotia.

Each year Sail Training International recognizes excellence by handing out awards to sail trainers, volunteers and sail training organizations large and small. This year, at the conference in Toulon, France, Captain Daniel Moreland was recognized as Sail Trainer of the Year.  He has sailed for years out of Gloucester, and was good friends with Joe Garland.

E.J. Lefavour

38 artists at 21 venues this weekend. How do you choose?

No, you can’t see them all.  You’re just gonna have to pick your favorites.  We can help.  First, you can see a complete live music lineup here.  And if you’re not sure who you might like, you can  see 15 Artists of the week in over 75 videos too.

Here are a very few suggestions in various genres (this is NOT an exhaustive list of who you might enjoy — see that here)

If you’ve never seen rocker Ned and the Big Babies, you should  catch them tonight at the Rhumb Line.  You’ll be dancin’ — believe me.

If you missed The Runaround Sound high energy ska, reggae, punk-rock band at the Boulevard on July 3, you can catch them tonight at Capt Carlo’s and tomorrow at the Rhumb Line.   You’ll get a workout if you go to both shows, so no need to go to the gym this weekend.

If you like New Orleans Jazz & Blues and you missed Henri Smith opening for Aaron Neville on June 30, you can catch him at the Brew Pub on Saturday (see Henri Smith videos here)  Henri is also opening the Gloucester Blues Festival on August 11.

Also on Saturday is the latest in T Max’s concert series at the Dog Bar.  This time he mixes bluegrass from Tom Eaton & Pick 3 with singer/songwriter Jon Waterman and his own style that’s a must-see but impossible to peg.

On Sunday music begins at 10:30am at Seaward Inn in Rockport and continues all day with two free outdoor concerts: Michael O’Leary’s Celtic music at Halibut Point State Park at 2:30 and the Compaq Big Band at Stage Fort Park at 7pm.

Remember this a very small list of a few highlights.  Check all shows before you decide where to go.

Found, USS Oakland Cap at the Sawyer Free Library.

Found! USS Oakland Cap

from the Sawyer Free Library Facebook page;

This cap was left at the library – does anyone know who it might belong to? I’m sure it is important to it’s owner!

“I know how valuable these are to Our great Veterans. Please help it find its Owner”

If so contact the Sawyer Free Library.

Telephone: 978-281-9763

Celebration Time!

It’s time to celebrate!


It’s National French Fry Day!

French Fries are one of my favorite food groups. The best for take out in my uneducated opinion are the ones the Cupboard make. I’ve had them three times so far this summer and every time I’ve had them they’ve been hot, crispy and tasty. Also the Cupboards Location can’t be beat.  I’m not saying there aren’t better Fries around. I just haven’t had the luck to find them.

I’m sure there are a lot of great fries to be had on Cape Ann.

What are some of your Favorite places to get “Take Out” Fries?

Last Weekend of Greasy Pole, The Musical

… a few performances are left, at The Annie! If you haven’t seen it yet… what are you waiting for? I went last night for the first time, and there was a full house, so you might want to make reservations.  The show was great!  Here are a few photos.  I’ll be posting these and a few more to my flickr photostream soon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

-Fr. Matthew Green

Do You Care About The Olympics?


You know the last time I gave a shit about the Olympics?

USA v Russia 1980.

I was laid up in bed with a broken leg that I suffered when I fell off the t-bar on my way up the bunny slope to my first ever skiing lesson, my first time ever on skis.

That Olympics was great and I would argue the pinnacle of American pride that I can remember during my lifetime.

But now I don’t know a single person that cares a bit about the Olympics. No one.  Well no-one except the athletes themselves and family members I suppose.

The amount of money poured into advertising for the Olympic games and the stadiums built are staggering.   I don’t know if it’s worthwhile for these companies or not to spend this much dough on advertising.  You would think their marketing teams would know what they are doing at these huge companies but then again think about all the companies that overpay for naming rights to stadiums when they are flush with cash and we only find out a couple years later they go bankrupt.  I suppose blowing tons of money on stupid campaigns doesn’t help the bottom line but whatever, it’s not my dough.

As a devout and completely biased homer for all teams that represent our geographic region and USA in the Olympics this isn’t a slight to the athletes, I wish them the best.  I just don’t know when the whole allure of the Olympics fell apart for me and I wonder if others feel the same.

Vote for how much you enjoy the Olympics below-

Matty Olson, owner of Surfside Subs just stopped by to pick up his lobsters to make his outstanding lobster rolls and I asked him when was teh last time he cared about the Olympics.  his response- “Never”  I asked what about the Miracle on Ice?’
His reply he was too young to remember that because he’s 35.
I rest my case.

Cape Ann Giclee-The Video

James & Anna Eves of Cape Ann Giclee talk to us about their new shop and their expertise in Giclee printing.


Cape ann giclee

Remember this Saturday to stop by the opening of  The Art Nook in Rockport and Save the Date for Cape Ann Giclee’s Grand Opening in August.


Kathy Chapman is interviewed in the July issue of abstraks magazine

Kathy Chapman is interviewed in the July issue of abstraks magazine with reference to living and working in Gloucester.

Good Harbor Beach surfer portraits.

Photo © Kathy Chapman 2012


The Picton Castle On The Gloucester Adventure Webcam and From The Opposite View Out Of Kathy Chapman’s Window

Click On The website under attractions and you will find the Schooner Adventure webcam where the Picton Castle is currently tied up.image

Kathy Chapman writes-

Shot this picture of the Picton Castle out my window this morning. Marty Luster posted details yesterday as she entered the harbor..


Photo © Kathy Chapman 2012

HarborWalk Comes to the West End of Main Street Gloucester MA

Fred Bodin writes-

Sean Marler from Mystic Scenic Studios levels the top of a Story Moment marker on Main Street in front of the Sargent Murray Gllman House. Sean estimates there are about eight more markers left to install signage on.

The narrative sign with smart phone QR code is then epoxied and bolted to the granite marker. The post card shows Main Street and Gray’s Hardware on the left, which I wrote about on GMG in September 2011.  All I need now is a smart phone!

Fredrik D. Bodin, Bodin Historic Photo

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Community Stuff 7/13/12

Small sailboat rental?

Joe, a few years ago you helped me find Patty Page of GHS sailing. We went sailing with a GHS young man for an hour or so  and in exchange, made a  donation to the program.
   I called her and they don’t do that anymore. I tried the YMCA at Patty’s suggestion, no good. I tried Brown’s in Gloucester and the Sandy Bay club in Rockport- all no good. No luck with internet searches either.
Any Idea where I could rent a small sailboat for a few hours between Aug 2 and 7? Thanks for help.
Bill Rothschild

Wrapped Stick

July 14 – September 30: water, water: A multimedia installation by Sarah Hollis Perry & Rachel Perry Welty
water, water is the first collaborative museum show for mother–daughter artists Sarah Hollis Perry and Rachel Perry Welty. In addition to maintaining separate practices, Perry and Welty have been working collaboratively since they overlapped as students at the School of the MFA, Boston in 2000. They have two permanent sculptural installations at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.
Perry and Welty organized and filmed their video performance "Drawing a Line with the Tide" in July 2011 using eighty volunteers from the seaside village of Annisquam in Gloucester, Massachusetts where they both live. Moving to avoid the inevitable, the performers demonstrate a futile attempt to control nature with its stubborn adherence to the circling of time.
Included in the installation are three short films in which the artists explore aspects of identity and the complexity of the mother-daughter relationship of dependence, independence, and interdependence.
Gallery Talk with Sarah Hollis Perry & Rachel Perry Welty
July 21 and August 1 at 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.
$10 members; $20 nonmembers (includes Museum admission). Reservations are required.