Update: SOLD! The Latest Canvas Print Is In- The Bean Does Her Best Vanna White


20×24 Gloucester At Dawn- The South Channel

All mounted canvas wrap, ready to hang, no framing neccesary. $150 Let me know at goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com if you would like to purchase it for yourself or for a gift. 

Video- Secret Swimming From Kenny MacCarthy

My podcasting buddy Kenny MacCarthy who runs his blog www.capeanninfo.com shares a secret spot for your dog to take a cool dip.

http://www.capeanninfo.com/ Dogtown has lots of trails, carved rocks, ghosts and history. It’s also "dog heaven" on a hot day.

As I was doing some research for a work project.

Came across some very interesting and obscure information and fun information.  Enjoy Donna

Ben & Jerry learned how to make ice cream by taking a $5.00 corresondence course.

Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Barry Manilow wrote many jingles including “I am stuck on Band Aid”

Fredric Baur invented the Pringles can and his ashes were buried in one in 2008.

Boxes of Animal Crackers have a string on them because they were designed to be a Christmas Ornament on the Christmas Tree.

The guy on the Quaker Oats label name is Larry.

This is one is gross, but to appease the dairy’s lobby and keep butter sales strong, several states used to require margarine to be dyed pink.

Gaze Into My Crystal Ball

Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery will be offering a unique and otherwordly experience to Rocky Neck visitors this weekend – psychic readings with Joy.  Guest psychic, energy healer and Feng Shui consultant, Joy Kasmer, comes to us from Salem, MA where she has worked at Laurie Cabot’s and The Psychic Center at Pickering Wharf.  She will be at Khan Studio Friday from 4:00-9:00pm, Saturday from noon-6:00pm and Sunday from noon-8:00pm.  If you’ve never had a reading or energy healing and always thought you would like to, or if you have and it is time for an update, come on by and meet Joy.  Special Guest Psychic Reading Rates are 15 minutes for $25 and 30 minutes for $45. 

Joy’s readings are a lovely mix of angel readings, pendulum, crystal therapy, psychic intuition, mediumship and channeling. It’s important to know that psychic readings reveal the most probable outcome based upon the intentions, thoughts and desires of individuals involved at that moment in time.

E.J. Lefavour


Interview with Lyda Kuth, Director of Love and Other Anxieties

Love and Other Anxieties is having it’s Gloucester premier at the Cape Ann Community Cinema on Monday night. I loved the film–hearfelt, poignant, and funny–I think you will too! Come join us Monday night.  Tickets include dinner and the screening of the movie with Lyda.

Kent, Lily, and Lyda

Kim Smith: We’ve been friends now for at least ten years, when I helped you with the interior design of your home.

Lyda Kuth: I had heard about you—you had been in the film business early on as a set designer, and then you turned interior designer. As soon as we met, I felt we had a shared sensibility, which made working together such a pleasure.  I remember you encouraging me to use a fabric for a couch that I was afraid would be too “busy” for my taste.  But you encouraged me to be bold, and you were absolutely right.

KS: When I saw Love and Other Anxieties in Somerville, I thought it was so beautiful and heartfelt. You speak about your marriage with Kent in such an open way. Everybody who is married asks the kind of questions you ask. It’s a story that everyone can relate to, certainly anyone who is married or in a long-term relationship.

LK: The film is intended to be provocative, and perhaps allow people to voice some things that don’t often get voiced.

KS: I love that your film has examined marriage so intently, by examining yourself, but in such a way that feels universal.  One of these themes is wondering what life will be like after the kids leave home. Is anticipating the empty nest part of why you made Love and Other Anxieties?

LK: Yes, but what’s funny about that, this was largely unconscious at the outset. Over the course of making the film, which took five years from start to finish, it became blatantly obvious. I realize that one of  the things I hope audience members take home is that there is a “second life” that starts to happen after your kids leave home, and it can be equally as rich.

KS: Seeing your daughter Lily on screen, getting ready for prom, reminded me so much of what it felt like for me, when my daughter Olivia was a senior and I was telling her how wonderful college would be but thinking, “Oh my god, she’s leaving and what will our family unit feel like with one is person missing?  We’ll never be a whole family again.”

LK: Did any of your anxieties about this turn out to be true?

KS: I haven’t told this to many people, but at the same time that Olivia left for college, there was a massive Monarch migration through Gloucester– something that only happens every ten to twelve years. I was amazingly transported out of myself and began writing about and  photographing the butterflies, which then led to my learning how to film as well.

LK: Isn’t it interesting how the title of your book, “Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities!” alludes to fresh beginnings and reflects what lay behind the creative work we each took on, in one way or another? I wasn’t consciously aware that the imminent departure of my only child was motivating me.  And yet some part of myself was preparing me for this transition.  It’s reassuring to know there is something at work, mapping the next step, at a deeper level than my “ruminations,” which are generally circular in nature!

KM:  The other aspect of your life, which also finds its way into your film, is your long time role as director of the LEF Foundation, based in Cambridge.  When we met, you had already been introduced to Gloucester and the Cape Ann community through having supported artists including Henry Ferrini and Dana Salvo.

LK: Yes, and what stands out for me is having the photographer Dana Salvo introduce me to the wonderful, rich tradition of the Feast of St. Jospeh, and being invited into people’s homes to see their alters and to be part of their tradition. I’ll never forget it.

KS: Yes, it is an extraordinary experience.  And Henry Ferrini’s father was the poet laureate of Gloucester; and now Henry, in addition to making films–which is what LEF supported–has co-founded something right in my neighborhood, the Gloucester Writers Center.

KS: Do you foresee having chatting time after the screening at Cape Ann Community Cinema?

LK: Absolutely. The Cape Ann Cinema is just the right kind of place to screen my film– an intimate and somewhat informal setting that allows for conversation.  I’m really looking forward to it!

Tickets include dinner and a screening of the movie with director Lyda Kuth.  Love and Other Anxieties at the Cape Ann Community Cinema on Monday July 23, at 7:30 pm, 21 Main Street, Gloucester.

You know you’re in the middle of a paradigm shift when the best way to inspire the Zip Line Kid to read & write over the summer turns out to be getting him a phone

My aunt says not to worry.  “You just don’t see 9-year-old boys curling up with a good book during the summer.”

Why should I listen?  My Aunt Mary taught “grammar school” for decades; plus she taught me all the 2nd grade I needed to get into 3rd grade in about a month over the summer of 1963 (yes, dating myself — Vickie’s no where near this old).

I had spent the prior academic year in the Kindergarten row of a two room school-house in Céligny Switzerland because I couldn’t speak enough French to do 2nd grade work.  That’s right Kindergarten row.  You see, there were six rows in one room (K-5) with Madame Fiorina – and she was scary.  Grades 6, 7 & 8 were in another room with Monsieur Fiorina.  He was terrifying!

I hadn’t read, written  or spelled anything in English for a year — and I hadn’t done any subtraction, which is about all the math taught in a U.S. 2nd grade class back in 1962.

Anyhow, Aunt Mary reminded me last weekend that all I wanted to do during the summer was go out and play — just like John.  “It’s normal.  Don’t worry,” she advised confidently.

Back to phones.  We didn’t think we were getting John a phone in order to encourage him to read.  But that’s what happened.  Maybe it’s because this phone has a keyboard, which he likes because it makes it easier for him to text.  And that’s nearly all he uses it for.  Great — he’s reading!

I told John that, about 100 years ago, this guy invented a device that empowered you to have a conversation with another person in real-time.  You didn’t have to type anything.  You didn’t have to read a screen.  You could even close your eyes if you wanted.  I didn’t have to look for my glasses in order to use it.

He gives me a quizzical look for a moment and then, in disgust, blurts out “Oh, Dad,” with that pre-teen attitude you get when you ask if he’s brushed his teeth after he actually has.  Then he turns back to finish texting his cousin in CT.  I hear a bleep from his phone.  Deftly he switches to answer a text from his brother, who’s in the next room.

We’re witnessing the advent of a new era, folks!

Chickity Check It! Mayor Kirk Touts The Harborwalk In The Boston Globe Metro Section


Gloucester hopes to lure tourists with high-tech harborwalk

By David Filipov


  JULY 19, 2012

GLOUCESTER — Among the weathered docks and fishermen’s shacks of this renowned port lives another Gloucester: a world of sea serpents and seafaring stories, world-renowned artists and beloved cultural icons.

The problem has always been how to find it. The working waterfront that supplies the city’s lifeblood also presents a maze of piers and industrial lots that are as difficult for visitors to navigate as they are crucial to Gloucester’s economy.

Next month, the city hopes to solve that problem with the opening of Gloucester Harborwalk, a 1.2-mile loop that brings to light previously hard-to-find historical and cultural lore and reunites the city’s main streets and its seaport. It does so with a network of 42 markers that is accompanied by a virtual tour that can be downloaded onto a smartphone.

City officials see the Harborwalk as a way to lure visitors who stop by for lobster, whale watching, or a trip to the beach into longer stays that will help drive the local economy.

Click here for the entire story and larger photo

Save the date and come celebrate!

What better way is there to celebrate Art Haven’s four year anniversary than the GRAND OPENING of THE HIVE, their new adult and high school community center on Pleasant Street!?! So… Save the date – July 28th! Free event with food from Classic Cooks, dessert from Giuseppe’s and drinks from Pleasant Street Tea Company… It’s gonna be A LOT of fun. Come celebrate with us!

More info at Art Haven’s web site and the Facebook event page – hope you can make it!

Michelle Willson joins Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight @ The Rhumb Line

Thursday – 9:00 to 12:00 ~ Dave Sag’s Blues Party’s guest ~ Michelle Willlson

Photo by Sharon Lowe

Dave says,

It’s another life-threatening situation this week as I bring in the big guns in the form of Ms. Michelle Willson, general practitioner and channeler of the spirit of Dinah Washington. Miss W. has been busy of late whoopin’ and a-hollerin’ till broad daylight. This time I get to learn her songs cuz I’ve snagged Mr. Mike Miele, her erstwhile glitarist to dominate the proceedings and make me behave. Rubber suits are recommended.Oh, and, lest we forget, Mr. Seth Pappas, of the famed Jas. Montgomery Band will be furiously pounding his mortar and pestle with a bone in his nose. Somethin’ to see, that boy. We have a saxophonist in mind, too, but we’ll just have to see who it is. So, don’t be a cube, Rube: go ape.


Chickity Check It! Cape Ann Museum’s Got A Brand New Designed website


Melissa Garabedian writes-

Hey Joey!

Congrats on being named BONS Best Blog Editors Choice and Best Blog Readers Choice – well deserved!

I’m sure you’ve probably already saw it, but Cape Ann Museum launched a new website which we are officially announcing today. The site was designed by Plein Air Interactive from Portland Maine. Plein Air specializes in creating websites for museums and cultural organizations.

The new website extends the unique and engaging Cape Ann Museum experience onto the web and social media channels. It allows people to easily be in contact with all aspects of the Museum such as how to visit, exhibitions, events, programs, research and more!

FYI – you don’t want to miss the next Music in the Courtyard series next Friday, July 27 from 4-5pm featuring Allen Estes! Allen Estes brings his unique blend of country, rock ‘n’ roll and folk to the Cape Ann Museum’s summer music series. An opening act for Bonnie Raitt, J Geils, Tim McGraw, America, Jose Feliciano, Reba McEntire, Waylon Jennings, Kenny Chesney, Tricia Yearwood and more, Allen Estes is a performer you don’t want to miss! This program is free and open to the public. In case of rain this program will be held inside the Museum.

Thanks again for your continued support and interest in the Cape Ann Museum! Talk to you soon!



Bluegrass on the Lannon Friday Night and $5 off If You Mention GMG When You Call for Tickets

Kay Ellis writes-

Hi Joey,
Any chance you could give a plug for our Bluegrass Music Sunset Sail on Friday night?

We will give $5/off per ticket if the caller mentions they saw it on GMG when they call for reservations.
I know we have to come up with another date for Cigars and Rum too.
Thanks, Kay


More Farmer’s Market craze

Thursday, 3-6:30 at Stage Fort Park! Don’t miss it! It’s not just food (as if delicious local food were not a sufficient reason to go…); there are also people selling cookbooks, pottery, and art; plus there are art activities for the kids, run by teens from Art Haven.

One of the things I like most about the Farmer’s Market is that the people who are selling things there are usually closely involved in the production of what they sell.  That makes a world of difference; you can see that they are proud of what they are selling, they really know it inside and out, and they are convinced of its value. Their enthusiasm is contagious!  And they often offer free samples.  So, be forewarned: you are likely to spend more money than you planned to.  But that’s OK, it’s supporting the local economy!

Here are some photos from last week. Click on the block of thumbnails to see a slideshow, or scroll down to see some of the photos larger without leaving the post.




Edibles flowers, believe it or not:

Update To The Nike Make Me Some Dri-Fit Boxer- Briefs Post

You may need to read yesterday’s pleas to Nike here to understand what is to follow-

Attention Nike: Make Me Up Some Dri-Fit Boxer Briefs Stat

Posted on July 18, 2012 by Joey C


Some of you kind readers are sending in links to what I would call compression shorts which are made out of a similar material to Nike Dri-Fit material but I should probably explain why this is no where near what I’m talking about.

Sent in by Rob-


I’m trying to let my boys hang free.  I’m not looking to mash my junk all up inside my body cavity like those spandex wearing cyclists who are looking for a .00000001 percent time savings in their bike next race.

There was a spirited conversation on twitter on the subject yesterday.

When asked how many pairs you would commit to buying here are the responses-

John McElhenny-



Patrick Ryan Puts A Name To Them “Bizalls”-


Ryan Pinkham wants to know what kind of squares still wear underwear to begin with


McElhenny’s imagination gets the best of him-


Patrick Ryan with the obligatory Cyclist reference-


Steve Saleeba piles on-


Now this is just plain rediculous-


McElhenny calls for a biker cap to top it off right-



Kenny MacCarthy concurs-


I’m looking for comfort and I don’t want my nuts on a hot sweaty day stuck to my leg.  As I’ve gotten older let’s just say that the boys don’t hang as high and tight as they used to.  So I’d like a little room for them to hang out and not be all smashed up in my shorts, know what I mean?

I also don’t want pink, purple, navy blue lime green, polka dotted or any combination of the sort.  I want white.  The way underwear is supposed to be.


Also sent in by Rob C-


Who in the world needs that kind of gap underneath their ball bag?  I don’t need  a shelf, I just need the classic boxers.  I’m thinking those grey ones are made for eunuchs.

So Nike, if you’re listening just think of a classic style boxer short but made out of your awesome Dri-Fit moisture wicking material.  Not hard to whip up is it?

Gloucester Jazz Singers In Danvers From Terry Weber

Stopped by Ponte Vecchio restaurant in Danvers on Sunday night and Gloucester folks Barbara and Al Boudreau were singing and playing in a jazz band there. Really enjoyed the show (and the food!). Barbara sings and Al sings, as well as plays the drums. Their duets are kind of fun as they sing about their (mostly comical) ups and downs of being married.  They also host an occasional jazz Supper Club at the Gloucester House and other North shore locations. To check out their upcoming schedule you can visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Barbara-Al-Boudreau-Quartet/88511732526. (The sax player is Billy Novick of Lexington)