Kudos To The 2012 Block Party Organizers and Supporters

The Block Parties and The Middle Street Walk are right up there with what I think are the best family fun times for our City.  There is a tremendous amount of energy spent putting these things together and the people that work behind the scenes so you can go down and enjoy all the free entertainment and safe fun atmosphere are many.

Also thank you to the many City officials and agencies that get behind and support it.

So kudos to you all and Thank you for all the hard/fun work you do.

From the Block Party Website-

The Block Heads Who Bring the Block Parties to You Are

Mark McDonough
Mark McDonough – Eminence Gris
Entrepreneur and restaurateur, an inspiring Gloucester supporter, Mark always has his ear to the ground. Because of this he’s often hard to find. He’s a genius, but you’d never guess. He once wanted to jump off a bridge in Paris, but was afraid he’d be found in Seine. His termite collection is world renown.

Valerie Marcley
Valerie Marcley – Artistic Director and Disorganizer Former Construction worker, Playboy bunny and financial advisor to Bernie Madoff. She loves nature, in spite of what it did to her. She has dated several animals. Val enjoys rehab and injuries. She has never really grown up.

Judith Brackley
Judith Brackley – Sponsorship and Advertising Director Writer, radio station boss and news person, she’ll do anything to wear costumes. This is a sickness and she needs help. Please send your contributions (or costumes) to Sequins Anonymous. She loves show business and played the part of the chandelier in The Phantom of the Opera. Judith has almost no musical ability.

Lucinda Seigel
Lucinda Seigel – Volunteer Coordinator and Advisor: Lucinda has a vast international business experience. Because of this Interpol is offering a reward for her. She loves danger and is frequently under cover, so if you see her ignore her. Lucinda carries a gun, enjoys cannibalism and catatonic states. Don’t waste your time trying to figure her out.

Will Hunt
Will Hunt – Technical Director Will makes the Block Party music materialize. A master musician he’s learning the bagpipes but is off kilter. Will spends much of his time decomposing. Although making people leery with his incessant cheerfulness and sunny disposition, Will wears blame proudly. He has almost no self-control.

Contact us at: glostablockpahty@gmail.com with your comments and questions. See you soon!

If you’d like to volunteer, please send an email to lseigel1@gmail.com. Not sure how you can help? Click here for some fun ideas.

Thank you to our exceptionally generous sponsors for all their help! Visit them through the links below:

The GDBP is a project of the non-profit CABI with major support from

Applied Materials

Gloucester Daily Time
Stop & Shop
Orleans Live at North Shore Music Theatre

Latitude 43
Rockport National Bank
Hiltz Disposal
Alchemy Cafe & Bistro

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This shit drives me crazy

Be it eco-fraud hacks or defense contractor hacks or big dig hacks, they all just drive me nuts.

Millions unspent by two Mass. energy companies

Boston herald

By Gary J. Remal
Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two green-energy firms near the top of Massachusetts’ list of stimulus money recipients still haven’t spent hundreds of millions of dollars allotted to them, even though the program was meant for shovel-ready projects and the state employment dropped by thousands of jobs last month.

Lexington-based 1366 Technologies Inc. — a solar energy firm — has spent less than $4 million out of its $147 million in grants and loans provided by President Obama’s $840 billion legislation to jump-start an economy plunged into a near depression by the housing mortgage crisis. More than 2,200 entities split nearly $8 billion doled out to Massachusetts since February 2009.

The remainder of the 1366 Technologies’ stimulus windfall is unlikely to be spent until the end of next year — and then only if a demonstration plant now under construction in Bedford proves that the company’s process to manufacture silicon solar cells actually works.

“We’re going to do it as fast as possible. The first thing we have to do, with private money, is build a demonstration plant,” 1366 Technologies CEO Frank van Mierlo told the Herald. “That’s relatively late, but in all fairness, that is contingent on what we do at the demonstration plant.”

He acknowledged that the solar industry is in the midst of a shakeout and he predicted 80 percent of companies now in business will go bankrupt, comparing it to the early days of automobile manufacture. But he said the companies that emerge will have the size, the strength and the technology to help the nation off its addiction to fossil fuels.

They’re stealing from us. 

At least with the republicans you know those fuckers are rotten thieves to begin with with their bombing oil fields with bombs made by big Republican backer defense contractors only to go in and repair them with big republican backer oil field repair service companies like Haliburton, and driving up the price of oil for big Republican backer oil companies all based under the guise of Patriotism.

But what bothers me even more than these evil republican rat bastards are the Liberal Eco Green fraud Democrat hacks who paint themselves as saviors while they steal our dough.  Because they prey on naïve liberals who would like to believe that solar or wind power could replace nuclear or fossil fuel and they drain money our money in bogus grants.

They’re both stealing from us, Sickening.

Frenchman’s Pier

Frenchman’s Pier


How sublime it would be to have lived here as a child;

to amble out on Frenchman’s Pier to cast a line,

or, in the early morning, hear the tide softly

brush the marsh grass of the Little River’s gentle shores.


Oh, what it would have been like to take my skiff

to explore  Susan Point and Stanwood Point

and keep going beyond Biskie Head into the

Annisquam –  and from there  –  from there, anywhere!


A place where I could steer a course in a summer breeze

that never ends and see foreign lands and

mountains and magical islands, all while on

my back, gazing up from Frenchman’s Pier.


© Marty Luster 2012

Charlie Carroll on Rocky Neck – Don’t Miss This Exhibit!

I’ve put up a number of Charlie’s Photos on GMG.  I think he is one of the most talented photographers and graphic artists I have met on Cape Ann, and all around great person.  Don’t miss the opening of his exhibit on Friday, July 27 from 7:00-9:00pm at Wendie Demuth Photography, 77 Rocky Neck Ave., G4

E.J. Lefavour


“Stay in the street,” we tell the Zip Line Kid, who sees 20 friends at the Block Party

No pictures (if you want pictures click here).  Just a quick note to say that one main goal of the Block Parties (to build community) was realized last night for kids and adults alike.

Now that John has his own phone (more about that here) we figured he could enjoy a bit of freedom at the Block Party as long as he stayed within the blocked-off section of Main St.  (sounds funny telling your kid to stay IN the street) and checked in with us every fifteen minutes or so.

At the end of the night, I asked how many friends he saw.  “At least 20,” was his immediate answer.  “Kids from the cast [Holiday Delights], kids from school, kids from camp, kids from St. Ann’s, kids from all over.”

Vickie and I connected with at least as many — and met a few new friends.

The Block Party worked!

But there’s more — a dozen live music choices on Cape Ann today.  Keep the momentum going.  Don’t stay home.  Check them out here.

Sea Turtle Sighting From SAL RANDAZZA III

Hi, Joey

My wife Joan and I were on our way back from Tillies Bank  about 17 miles SE from shore when we spotted the turtle. We thought it was a piece of debris. I have spent lots of time on the local  waters  and have never seen a sea turtle. It is no shark but it was pretty cool to see.




Saturday July 28th!The fourth annual Reggae Bashment on the High Seas 4 live n direct from the 7Seas Wharf Gloucester MA 01930 with Reggae Djs Lion Pride Sound on the 1’s and 2’s. Spinning strictly the best in Reggae ,Roots,Rockers,Ska,Lovers and Dancehall. Please join us for a magical evening on the water of dancing,entertainment and fun!We meet at 7 seas wharf (next to Gloucester House Restaurant)@6pm and the Boat leaves at 7pm Sharp!!!Tickets for the cruise are $20 and can be purchased by contacting Lara 603 759 6487 or sending $20 per each ticket to reggaebashment@yahoo.com via PAYPAL.com…Tickets are 1st come first serve… Come down, invite your friends and join in on the fantasticly fun night!






INFO/ TIX 603 759 6487 OR


Mug Up This Morning at 9:00AM Come Say Hey to The Crew

Sunday 9:00-11:00 or so at Khan Studio & the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery.

On Madfish Wharf If you can find Madfish Grill in between the Rudder and East Gloucester Marine railways, you can find The GMG Gallery and Khan Studio.

Come for coffee and to meet some of your favorite GMG folks

Community Photos 7/22/12


Two photos of the Thomas E. Lannon, taken aboard the Ardelle, towards the end of the sunset cruise to benefit The Gloucester City Hall Restoration. The first is a sunset photo and the second at dusk. It was a fun event with great food and entertainment on a calm, beautiful summer night in Gloucester harbor.

Take care — Christopher Lewis