By George its Breakfast!!!!!!!!

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One thought on “By George its Breakfast!!!!!!!!

  1. George’s has been my place to go even before Fast Eddie. It was where the Linsky Brothers would start their day. It also where the young people learn from Dean and others the traditions of their own heritage as well as the respect for the their chosen futures. Recently Dean celebrated Ten Years since he and his Family started or continued to carry on the Family heritage.

    Happy 10th.Anniversary
    To George’s

    We celebrate with community pride and joy
    The ten years that we have been able to share
    Each day that we have been able to eat and enjoy
    The meals so expertly cooked and prepared
    In recognition of George’s dedicated cooks and crew
    Each with their own special talents and style
    For the laughter and friendships found and renewed
    The daily talks of wisdom of our City and our youth compiled
    Through the years there have been good times and sad
    With the loss of those of family and friends in Heaven above
    Through their spirit and the Faith that they had
    George’s continues to serve with its heritage of Hope and love
    In its first days George’s was a Coffee Shop to meet and greet
    Today it’s a place to enjoy and eat in true family style
    So just relax as the friendly staff guides you to your seat
    As you are gifted with the spirit of Friendship that will last a long while

    Its also been more than two years since Sarah ‘Bumma ‘ has been within God’s promise.

    By Peter A. Todd 02/20/2010

    Bumma! A name that would bring faith and love
    A mother, grandmother aunt, and sister
    Truly to all she was like an angel from above
    In our continued journey in life we’ll miss her
    Sarah a name of her given birth
    A reflection of earth’s diamonds and gold
    An adventurous Lady who passed on wisdom worth
    More than Life’s treasures to behold
    In the Crossroads of Life we will always remember
    Her Laughter and Hugs and whimsical smile
    She was the radiant heat from her heart descended
    That will live to those left behind for a long while
    Sarah “Bumma” would not want us to be sad
    In her faith she knew all life’s challenges are won
    Through the love of her God she is at eternal peace
    With her Promise of Jesus where there is no darkness
    But eternal life in heaven’s light begun

    Dean thank you for your support in my own challeging journey


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