Dinner Time Rocks! 06/20/2012

I usually eat at between 6-7pm. I love the Cupboards French Fries.

If looking over the Harbor

Having a seat

While enjoying a treat

Look at your feet


6 thoughts on “Dinner Time Rocks! 06/20/2012

  1. Darn it all!! I usually work from home on Wednesdays, but had to come into the office today and will never make it back to G-town in time!! Oh, the humanity!! 🙂


    1. Oops..this is Jenn Cullen, not sure why it didn’t capture that, I’ll check my browser settings for next time!


  2. Really? Jenn you didn’t have to say. I figured it out right away it was you 🙂
    . It’s probably still there at the stone memorial bench right next to the entrance of cressy’s beach. Those Cupboard French Fries have to be the best in Gloucester. Of course just my Humble opinion!


  3. I dropped off the rock just before 6 at a stone memorial bench at stagefort park across from the cupboard. I got my french fries. they are awesome! I saw a couple get their meal and head right for that bench. i sat in my car to see if they noticed it at their feet. The man did. He picked it up
    looked it over for awhile and then showed it to his girl. he took it back. and then placed it back where i put it. Then they walked away.
    Art “Rock” Critics. You gotta love them! lmao
    But those fries and the location. You got to try them!


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