Jessica Eddy Represents! Underwater In the Philippines

This right here has got to be top 5 of all time Represents! Tremendous!!!

Jessica Eddy writes-

Hi Joey, Here are some photos from a recent trip to the Philippines. These were fun photos to take. I did so much diving–it was nice break to pose with the sticker instead of look at fish. But know I think I need a new sticker!!


GMG Represents from 3000 leagues under the sea.


This fish loves GMG!


Hawksbill Turtle represents!


Overlooking Turtle Bay on the island of Cebu, The Philippines.

Young Art Collectors

I won’t say that these girls are the youngest customers I have ever had, but they are certainly the youngest on Rocky Neck. 

Gabby Olsen and Lily Muniz, both of Rocky Neck, were regular visitors to the the gallery last season.  They came in on Sunday and marveled at how totally different the gallery looked, and Lily wanted to know where the dog painting had gone.  Last season it hung on the side of the card rack behind them.  I found it in the bin and Lily wanted to know how much it was.  I gave her my very best young neighbor art collector price, and they said they would be back.

Generally speaking, an artist would starve to death on what they make from people who say: “I’ll be back”, but a short while later the girls returned, little change purses in hand, and Lily bought her print of Astro (from a painting of my sister’s Boston Terrier).  Gabby then found a Cape Ann Treasure Box with a photo of the cat from The Cat Doctor of Gloucester on it, which she purchased. 

Of course I love it when people buy my work, but it is truly wonderful and special when a young person loves a piece of art enough to buy it.  They definitely made my day – and just look at how cute they are.

E.J. Lefavour

Travel Dynamics International Celebrates the Inaugural Voyage of the Newest Addition to its Fleet, the American-flagged Yorktown


Travel Dynamics International is pleased to announce the inaugural voyage of the newly-renovated M/V Yorktown. The sold-out voyage departs from Gloucester, Massachusetts, on May 24, 2012, and sails north along the Maine coast, through the Canadian Maritimes, and into the St. Lawrence, before disembarking in Montreal on June 5. Guest lecturers accompanying the voyage include maritime historian and former Professor of Naval History at the U. S. Naval Academy, William Cogar. Ceremonies celebrating the new ship are expected along the itinerary, beginning with a proclamation from Mayor Carolyn Kirk on behalf of the City of Gloucester during a Lobster Bake on the day of departure.
Built in Florida in 1988, Yorktown accommodates 138 guests in 69 outward facing cabins, is certified by the U. S. Coast Guard and flies the American flag. Originally operated as the Yorktown Clipper by Clipper Cruise Line, the ship was acquired by New York – based Travel Dynamics International in August 2011 and has just completed an extensive refurbishing of the interior and overhaul of mechanical and engineering systems, including installation of state-of-the-art satellite navigation and communications. The renovations were performed by Detyens Ship Yards of North Charleston, South Carolina.
Drawing on 43 years of experience operating educational voyages aboard small ships in every corner of the world, Travel Dynamics International has designed a series of itineraries that will keep Yorktown busy in North American waters. Following the inaugural voyage, Yorktown will continue down the St. Lawrence into the Great Lakes for the summer, before returning to the Canadian Maritimes in September. Cruises at the peak of fall foliage in New England and the Hudson River valley precede explorations of the Chesapeake Bay. Late November and December will find the ship along the Gulf Coast and on the lower Mississippi River. Yorktown opens 2013 with voyages to the ancient sites, rainforests and barrier reefs of Belize and Guatemala.
“We are thrilled and gratified by the tremendous response to our North American voyages,” says Travel Dynamics International Co-President Vasos Papagapitos. “It is wonderful to be able offer world class travel experiences right in our own backyard.”
Who We Are
Travel Dynamics International is the leading operator of high-caliber educational and cultural cruises aboard small ships. Offering customized voyages guided by distinguished scholars and experts, Travel Dynamics International caters to the traveler with a keen intellectual interest in history, culture, and nature.
Founded on the belief that traveling and learning about the world and its many cultures enriches individuals and society as a whole, Travel Dynamics Intern

The Friendly Red Admiral

I am receiving a mountain of emails about the beautiful butterfly with underwings of mottled brown and upper surface banded brilliant fiery orange-red.

The Red Admiral butterfly is having an “irruptive” year and millions are streaming northward through gardens from Texas to Canada. An irruption for a species of butterfly can best be described as a sudden sharp increase in the relative numbers of a population.

This has been an amazing spring for butterflies, not only because they emerged earlier, but because they are present in much greater numbers than is usual. I have also been filming many more Question Mark and Painted Lady butterflies than is typical for this time of year.

The following is excerpted from an article about the Red Admiral that I wrote several years ago. Click here to read the complete text.

Red Admirals are Holarctic, a term used by zoologists to define the ecozone covering much of North America and Eurasia, which share many faunal characteristics. In our region Red Admirals are a migratory species that cannot withstand cold winter temperatures. Their numbers in any given year vary, from uncommon to abundant, and their abundance depends on the nature of that year’s migration and the success of the resulting breeding season. In the first week of May, Red Admirals begin to appear from overwintering populations in North Carolina and southward. Males perch from advantageous lookouts and will dart out to investigate passersby— prospective mates, other insects, and humans. Famously friendly, the Red Admiral readily alights on people, attracted by the salts in perspiration. They are on the wing almost continuously from May to October. The second, and quite possibly third generation,  from the initial spring flight, begins the southward migration in late August to October.

Red Admiral Nectaring at Common White Lilac (Syringa vulgaris)

The caterpillar’s primary food source is nettles—in New England these include Stinging, Tall, False, and Wood Nettles, all of which are unsuitable for the garden, particularly a small garden. The caterpillars “sew” the edges of the nettle leaves together with their silk and feed from within the shelter. The adults nectar at a wide variety of plants and are attracted to sap flows, rotting fruit, bird droppings, and wet soil.

Nabokov referred to V. atalanta as the Red Admirable and they appear several times in his novels to foreshadow death. “Its coloring is quite splendid and I liked it very much in my youth. Great numbers of them migrated from Africa to Northern Russia, where it was called ‘The Butterfly of Doom’ because it was especially abundant in 1881, the year Tsar Alexander II was assassinated, and the markings on the underside of its two hind wings seem to read 1881.”

Read More: The Red Admirable ~ Vanessa atalanta rubria

“Without cover of the night would you still be the light he is drawn to?”

Any doubt that Chelsea Berry is one of Cape Ann’s finest songwriters will be vanquished by her haunting new tune.  Chelsea uses the first TV performance of this song to show off her powerful, dramatic, versatile voice.  Then she reveals how she wrote the song, proving that  Livingston Taylor was right when he said, “A voice of remarkable power and control with a joyous soul. Brave and bright, Chelsea Berry is the real thing.”  Watch the video and see what we mean.

You can see Chelsea open for Chris Isaak at North Shore Music Theatre on June 28 with her new band.  Imagine the electric version of this song!

Lots of opportunities to start the weekend early tonight from solo acoustic to open mic to DJ to Rock, Reggae and more.  See the full music lineup here.

Kathleen Miller Shows Hers!

 Kathleen Miller Shows Hers!

5th Submission in the series, “Show me yours and I’ll show you mine”

Kathleen Millers Paint Box

Cape Ann artist Kathleen Miller brings along her paint box for outdoor painting. The box sits either on the ground or on her lap, with her palette board attached to an easel setup as she paints. The paint box is an essential piece of equipment, containing everything she needs, except the canvas. In it, Kathleen packs her vibrant Gamblin oil paints, flat and filbert (rounded) brushes, and two pallete knives. “Almost all of the paintings I do in the summer are plein air (done outside),” Kathleen says. “I love painting all types of subject matter, although I’m especially drawn to the water.  Typically, I paint in the late afternoon, which has really nice lighting effects.” When asked to share a funny experience that happened to her while painting on location, she told about a time that she was set up at Stage Fort Park and a rat ran over her foot.  In spite of that, she made a beautiful painting of Half Moon Beach. “You never know what will happen when you paint outside!” she laughed. “You might end up with a beautiful painting with bugs stuck in it…  That’s just part of the experience!”  Her style, in her own words: “My feelings, expressed in color and design, are more important in my paintings than subject matter.” She likes to make small paintings, although she does larger works as well. Kathleen Miller currently has 57 original oil paintings displayed at Bodin Historic Photo & Fine Art in downtown Gloucester.You can look at Kathleen’s work on:



Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

City Hall scaffolding progression photos

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the people putting up this scaffolding have to be of a special breed to be able to work at those heights. Like in the photo in the slideshow where there’s a guy holding a wooden beam, laying his own floor to walk on, with no netting around him yet… My respects!  Be careful, be safe, and may God watch over you!

-Fr. Matthew Green

Dedication Ceremony for Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter-Saturday

cape ann animal aid

Please join Cape Ann Animal Aid to celebrate the completion of the new facility, the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter.

Saturday May 26th  10:00am
4 Paws Lane, Gloucester, MA

Dedication Ceremony will be at 10:00am,  Refreshments and Tours to follow from 11am to 1pm. Please RSVP

Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter

Public open house Sunday May 27th from 12pm – 4pm.

The building of our new animal shelter has been a journey, whose destination was only possible with the support of our community.
In deep gratitude we would like to invite you to join us for an open house where you will have the opportunity to see the animals’ new digs before they all move in.

Directions: From Route 128 North, take Exit 14 to Route 133 East/ Essex Avenue.
At the stop sign turn right onto Essex Ave. Take the first left at the
Paul Bergmann Memorial Island.
Turn left onto Paws Lane, at Beech Brook Cemetery

Nancy E. Tarbox
Public Relations Coordinator

Motif No. 1 Day Chalk Art Winners!

Congratulations to all the participants in the Motif No.1 Day Sidewalk Chalk Art contest! You all did a fantastic job and it was a treat to see all the very cool versions of Motif-inspired art. We especially the winners of the contest in the following categories (each winner received a gift certificate to Molly’s Ice Cream or Brother’s Brew in Rockport as well as 2012 commemorative Motif No. 1 poster):

Youth  Category: sisters Emily & Sophie

Teen Category: Zack Block

Family Category: The Murdock Family

Adult: Grace

Guest Artist Category (a new category created by this year’s judges to recognize the outstanding job our chalk art guest artists do): Renata Fryshara




The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the 2012 Small Business Award Winners who will be saluted during Cape Ann Small Business Week, June 4 – 11. This year’s recipients, Rick and Jean Grobe of the White Elephant Shop and Transform Fitness in Essex, Deo Braga of Braga Management in Gloucester, Chuck Hayback of Nor’East Frameworks in Manchester and Kirk Keating and Bruce Rowell of Bayside Electrical Company in Rockport, will be honored at the Chamber’s 32nd Annual Small Business Week Luncheon on Monday, June 11, beginning at 11:30 am at the Bass Rocks Golf Club, 38 Beach Road, Gloucester.
The 2012 Cape Ann Chamber Small Business Week Luncheon will feature a keynote address by Robert Nelson, Director of the Small Business Administration’s Massachusetts District Office, on the importance of small business in leading the economic recovery. The seven area high school seniors who have been awarded Cape Ann Chamber Scholarships will also be saluted at this year’s luncheon.
The program is designed to recognize the extraordinary contributions of Cape Ann’s small business community in both exemplary entrepreneurial achievement as well as notable civic and community involvement. This year’s Small Business Award winners will also be honored individually at complimentary receptions in each of their communities during Cape Ann Small Business Week. Please visit for a complete schedule of these receptions.
Friends, family members, and colleagues of all small business honorees are invited and encouraged to attend the receptions and the luncheon. Tickets for the luncheon are available to members for $30 in advance or $35 week/day of and $45 for future members.
For more information or to RSVP for this event, please contact Tim Burton at or call the Chamber at 978-283-1601.

Community Stuff May 24Th

Tony Millionaire


On Sunday, June 3, 2012, Sandy Bay Yacht Club is hosting an Open House Coffee from 9:30 to 11 am and a “Meet the Boats” event from 10 to 11 for anyone interested in club membership and/or racing.  Join us for coffee on the porch and an opportunity to tour the boats in the racing fleets at SBYC.  All are cordially invited.  Check us out at and find us on facebook!


Discover Gloucester Weekly From Linn Parisi


Dear Joey and GMG FoBs (Friends of this amazing blog 🙂

I’m proud to tell you that I’m going "behind bars" to help in the fight against muscle disease. I’ll be cell to cell with many local people caught doing good work and helping to help raise critical funds for MDA. I need your help to reach my bail!

The Cape Ann 2012 Lock Up takes place on June 6, 2012, but I’m raising my bail before I go to jail! All you have to do is click here to make a secure, online donation today. Your support will help families living in our community with muscle disease, and help guarantee that I get out of jail. I will be sure to add you to my list of contributors.

Please support me in this important goal by visiting my fundraising page and making a contribution. Your tax-deductible donation makes a difference to the hundreds of kids, adults and their families who live right here on Cape Ann.

So come on, Discover Gloucester partners, friends of the blog, and of mine and Nick’s near and far!Thanks in advance for your help. Don’t hesitate to call or email me with questions.

Many Thanks from Linn Parisi