Police Academy – Graduates Gloucester Officers









  Lt Joseph Aiello and Sgt William Lenos congratulate Simoes and Chipperini.


          Officer Troy Simoes                                      Officer BrendanChipperini


First Look- Castle Manor Inn With New Owner Laura Baker

I had the opportunity to get a look at the completely renovated Castle Manor Inn at 141 Essex Ave, Gloucester MA.  the rooms are fresh with plenty of light, new linens individual bathrooms and the charm that only a 100 year old inn can retain.  It’s beautiful.  look for upcoming video tours of the property.

Grand Opening May 18th- 5/18 from 6-10pm  there will be food & wine tastings, musicians and tours.

check out their website for more info- http://www.castlemanorinn.com/


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Seven Seas Whale Watching Report from May 5th and 6th 2012

Seven Seas Whale Watching Report from May 5th and 6th 

From Jay Frontiero;
“After not being out on the water for a few days we were finally able to get off shore and look for some whales again this weekend. Our search took us to the southern edge of Stellwagen Bank… a little over 30 miles from Gloucester… but I think everyone onboard agreed that it was worth the extra time and effort to get there. The whales were spectacular!
On both May 5th and 6th we were treated to fantastic feeding displays from large groups of Humpback Whales.  Many of the whales we sighted were old friends. That is to say they are Humpback Whales that we see return to the Stellwagen Bank/southern Gulf of Maine region to feed nearly every year. We have therefor gotten to many many of these whales quite well and we are always happy to see them return in the spring and know they have made the long migration north from their breeding grounds in the Caribbean safely.
The individual Humpback Whales we were able to identify over the weekend were:

WIZARD  (who has one of the most beautiful tails of any whale)
CAJUN (a favorite whale of MANY whale watchers)
ABRASION and her new calf (our first mother/calf pair of the year!)
TUNGUSKA (one of my favorites)
SCYLLA’S 2008 CALF (not yet named)
This list will most likely grow as I still have a lot of photos to go through and try and identify.”
Click here for the rest of the Seven Seas Whale Watch Report

Pleasant Street Tea Art Reception

You’re invited! Join us to view the artwork of local painters and printmakers Ben MacAdam, Donna Therrien, and Rocky Delforge at Pleasant Street Tea Co. on Friday May 11th from 6-8 pm! The tea shop is located at 7 Pleasant Street, Gloucester, MA. and will cater food and drinks for the opening. The show will be up until the end of June.  Local musician Brad Byrd will also play a few songs also during the opening.

Hope you see you there!
If you would like to view the work of featured artists online, you can here:


Gloucester, MA

The 2012 Resident and Non-Resident Beach Parking Stickers will be available for purchase starting on Wednesday, May 9, 2012, from 8:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M., Monday through Wednesday, from 8:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. on Thursdays, and 8:30 A.M. to 12:00 noon on Fridays.

SEE TREASURER’S PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION http://www.gloucester-ma.gov/index.aspx?NID=299

Quick do the math: How long is 1000 Sunday Mornings?

It’s how long it took master craftsman Greg Bover to build a harpsichord for his equally talented wife Frances Fitch, who plays it magnificently in this video.  Frances & Greg are the gimmesound artists of the week and all week long we’ll have videos featuring Frances, Greg and this extraordinary instrument.

Next Tuesday, May 15, you can see Frances play this masterpiece live at Shalin Liu — and Greg will talk about the process of building it over the past 25 years.  Just in case you’re not convinced it’s where you want to be next Tuesday, think about this:  Shalin Liu was built specifically for instruments like this.  No mics, no amps, just perfect acoustics.  This could be your only chance EVER to hear a harpsichord of this quality, played by a master in an acoustically perfect room.  Oh, and it’s FREE.

Since yesterday’s post we’ve added several new shows.  Cape Ann’s music scene is just exploding.  Click here and see what we mean.

Joey Has a Few Questions About the Motif No. 1 Day 5K

Joey asks Phil Whitley, the Motif No. 1 Day 5K Race co-Director, a few questions about the upcoming race & fun run. To find out more or register for the race, be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the post!

1)    Tell us a little bit about you.

My name is Philip Whitley, I am the Health and Science teacher at the Rockport Elementary School and I am the race director for the Motif #1 Day 5k. I am only one part of an amazing team of teachers who have formed a Health and Wellness Committee at the school this past year. The other teachers on the Committee are our Physical Education teacher Erin Caniff, Art Teacher Simon Paddock, and Multi-age teacher Darlene Trumbour.
2) When was this race founded?

The race was started in May 2011, this is the second year of the event. Last year it was called “To the Bear and Back”, And the event was such a success last year we were asked to host the event on Motif #1 Day.
3) What was the motivation behind this event?

The motivation behind the event is to promote health and wellness in the Rockport Public Schools and community. We hope that the event gets people exercising and enjoying the benefits of exercise. The money raised from the event goes to health and wellness initiatives at the school. Last year we were able to use the money to build an amazing garden behind the school and to purchase an indoor plant growing light system. Our committee has also been able to start single stream recycling in our schools.

4) Is there someone or something that inspired you to start this?

In the spring of 2011 I was working on my Masters thesis and I was researching how exercise improves brain function. Erin Canniff, our physical education teacher, worked with my class each morning having them exercise for the first 20 minutes of the day. Erin then started a running club for grades  k-5. The club met before school and had over 200 students participating. One thing led to another and Erin and I decided to put together a 5k and 1 mile fun run for the school.
5) Are you also a participant?

Unfortunately being the race director brings a lot of responsibilities on race day so my day is pretty busy which leaves no time for running it. My wife and my sons will be running and I love being around races and runners so it is a great day even though I can’t run.

6) Where do you see this event in say 5 years from now?

Our desire is to make this an annual event. There is already talk about having another race during the Harvest Fest in October as well. It would be great to have two races a year: one in the Fall and one in the Spring.

7) Any last bits of wisdom you would like to share?

I would encourage everyone to read the book SPARK by John Ratey. This is the book that really started the whole running revolution at the school.

Motif No. 1 Day 5K Race Schedule

Friday May 18th race packet pick up at the Fish Shack in Rockport  from 4-8pm. If you have dinner, 10% of your meal goes to the Friends of Rockport Athletics.

Saturday May 19thRace Day

Pre registration starts at 7:30

5k Starts at 9am

1 mile fun run will start as soon as the 5k is completed

Race Raffle will start at 10:30ish

Check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Motif1day5k

And our website www.motif1day5k.com for all our race information

Ray & Linda Furniss Love Gloucester and Plan To Return

Good Morning,

My wife and I traveled to Gloucester a couple of years back for vacation and for a whale watch. We absolutely fell in love with Gloucester and plan on returning. I thought I would send along just one of the outstanding views I was able to capture. I hope you enjoy it.


Ray & Linda Furniss Oswego, NY.

Gloucester Trip 10-11-09 31 - Version 2

Gloucester Webcam of The Day- Gloucester Quilter

Check Out The Gloucester Quilter Blog Here


This Webcam and more can be found at www.gloucesterwebcam.com

This www.gloucesterwebcam.com local webcam portal project was an idea I had last year to have as many webcams streaming from local businesses or organizations as possible which highlight the incredible vistas that we as people that live and work here get to enjoy each and every day.

The idea was to have the organization install the webcam, have them embed the webcam feed on their own websites as well and have a link to each business website on the Gloucester webcam portal website to showcase their business as well.

Tim Blakeley from Gloucester Bytes provided the initial installation at ridiculously cheap cost because he believed in the project.

Gloucester international dory racing Invites you to attend our 60th anniversary 2012 fundraising event honoring past presidents!


When:  Saturday, May 12th, 6 pm

Where: American Legion Hall, Gloucester

Activities: food, DJ & dancing, cash bar, awards presentation, historic slideshow, door prizes, raffle items, T-shirt give-a-way, camaraderie with past and present rowers, and much more.

Tickets: $20.00 each available now!

Call or email          Gina Lampasi, ginarow@gmail.com , 978-281-1568

                           Erik Dombrowski, edombrowski@verizon.net, 978-423-6665

Or contact any member of the Board!

We will be contacting all members by phone to coordinate ticket sales, so ask your friends and family if they would like to come as all members and guests are welcome and encouraged to attend.  And, as a reminder, this will be our only fundraiser of the year!