Sri Lanka to Gloucester welcomed aboard the Schooner Lannon

Joey, This one is a long awaited greeting to you and your crew from our Sri Lankan brother.  Check out his band’s music campaign song for his marketing firm, Times, they are a changing… Calling all marketers.  It’s a catchy tune and think you’ll enjoy it. It reminds me of you. Auto play when you open his web site at .  This follows hopefully for your blog. Thanks, Jo-


Left to right: Yeshanth Gunewardena, Nimal Gunewardena, Kay Ellis and Andrew Innes (back row)

We were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Sri Lankan brother Nimal Gunewardena, Chairman and CEO at the marketing/communications firm, Bates Strategic Alliance Sri Lanka <> and his son Yeshanth.  It had been a year since our visit to Sri Lanka and India. Nimal was due a visit to Gloucester.  He stepped out of the car, arms stretched wide and a big smile, "I’ve come to say Good Morning Gloucester ! ".  Nimal and his wife Jayanthi had heard my husband Andy and I referring to it often during our travels pulling out the GMG traveler’s badge, etching our way through our journey snapping pictures.

Nimal came to the US in 1970 at age 17 as an American Field Service (AFS ) exchange student living with my husband’s family for a year.  He and his family have remained close family members since with many visits over the years.  Both his children attend US universities.   

We woke Monday morning to a slow rolling fog and mist as we headed down to the harbor, the fisherman’s statue and then to the dock.  Kate Ellis welcomes Gloucester’s guests from Sri Lanka aboard the Schooner Lannon to greet Good Morning Gloucester.  From marketer to marketer, Nimal wishes a Good Morning Gloucester!

Kay Ellis of the Schooner Lannon points out navigational location of Cape Ann Harbor and inner land markings.


Left to right: Yeshanth Gunewardena, Nimal Gunewardena, Andrew Innes and Kay Ellis

The Gunewardena’s invites you to visit their beautiful country virtually at a colorful video he found online at:

Many thank to Kay Ellis for being such a gracious and welcoming ambassador to Gloucester!  For a majestic schooner tour of Gloucester harbor visit the website…

Schooner Thomas E Lannon in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Happy travels, locally and abroad,

Jo & Andy

Compass Scavenger Hunt 2012

Last Friday the 17 students in the Compass Day Program took part in a local scavenger hunt to cap off their unit on Gloucester history.  The challenges were set up Amazing Race style throughout town.  Thanks to all the locations that helped us out, Sovereign Bank, Sawyer Free Library, Maritime Center, Cape Ann Museum, Neptune’s Harvest, Cape Pond Ice, the Gloucester Fire Department and Art Haven.


Compass Youth Program, Action Inc

cape pond winnersfirestationthe teamwatermelon

Your Social Calendar for this Weekend

This Memorial Day Weekend is so chock full of things to do on Rocky Neck that you’ll need a social secretary.  So here I am, and here’s where you need to be and when: 

Today, Friday, May 25

5:00-6:00 dinner at The Rudder or Madfish Grille for Jordan Ruben’s renowned sushi. 

6:00-9:00 pm, grand opening of Aquatro Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 6.  You remember Gigi Mederos and Stevie Black from last season in G2 – don’t miss their incredible new work and partnership with Grace Edwards and her great jewelry.

9:00-midnight shake your booty to Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents at Madfish Grille

Saturday, May 26

5:00-6:00 dinner at The Rudder or Madfish Grille (switch it up from last night)

5:30-9:00 There are a number of Gallery and Exhibit Openings:

The Rocky Neck Gallery 53 Rocky Neck Ave (members group exhibit – exceptional, don’t miss)

White Bird Gallery 75 Rocky Neck Ave (Kathleen Gerdon Archer paintings and photography and photos printed on handmade paper by Liz Woodward)

Alma McLaughlin Studio & Gallery 77 Rocky Neck Ave in the Red Barn on Madfish Wharf (Alma always throws a great party and this is a new gallery location for her this season).

Spirit of the West exhibit of photography by Judith Monteferrante and paintings by Roger Salisbury at Khan Studio & the GMG Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck Ave, Gallery 3

Also don’t miss checking out new Galleries Last Chance Trophy, Mary McCarthy’s quilted wall hangings,  77 Rocky Neck Ave Gallery 2 and Intimate Landscapes, paintings by Caroline Kwas.

9:00-Midnight shake your booty again (it is such good exercise and a lot of fun) to Safety – not your average 80’s dance band, at Madfish.

Sunday, May 27

9:00-11:00 or so – Mug Up at Khan Studio and the GMG Gallery.  Everyone is welcome – always a good time.  We provide the coffee and deviled eggs.  Bring along something to share (not necessary, but helps create an insane table filled with awesome goodies, which can be healthy and does not have to be dripping with fat and calories).

E.J. Lefavour

Captain Dave Jewell and Family at Captain Joes

Captain Dave Jewell and his wife Erin, daughter Maddy, and son Wyatt say hello to Joey.

Dave and Maddy

Dave is the Captain of the Lady J, which runs fishing charters throughout the year. Dave also provides lobsters to Captain Joes. Lady J Fishing Charters offers full and half day trips for bluefish, striped bass, cod, haddock, and tuna, and kids are encouraged–for an adventure of a lifetime! After reading about Dave’s charters I’d love to plan a trip with my son!

From Captain Dave’s website about the Lady J. Fishing Charters:

Hi, I am Captain Dave Jewell owner and operator of the Lady J.  I would like to welcome you aboard my second home to experience what life is like as a professional fisherman. To me there is nothing better or more rewarding than a day at sea loading the boat with the best New England has to offer. 

It is my mission to bring you the excitement that fishing offshore Gloucester brings me each day. Give us the opportunity to show you how great fishing can be and we will not disappoint. Just one trip and you’ll be hooked!

Dave and Wyatt

Win Free Tickets to see Top Gloucester Talent on stage with National Recording Stars this Summer

You probably already know about our Summer Concert Series. Since this weekend is Summer’s kick-off, we’re running a special  ticket give-away for GMG readers (FOBs).  Text GMG to 72727 and you’ll be entered to Win 2 FREE Tickets to the concert of your choice.  The winner will be contacted on Tuesday.

And it gets better.  If you reply to the text with your email address or sign up for the gimmeLIVE Concert Club (click here, it’s free) you’ll also be entered to win 2 FREE VIP UPGRADES to the concert of your choice.  (You will have to buy or win 2 regular tickets in order to use the upgrade.)

VIP packages offer exclusive access to VIP Pre-Parties, 3 Course Dinner at Backstage Bistro, Meet & Greet, Gifts & more  (see VIP details here).

You know it’s the Summer season on Cape Ann by the weather (trust me, it will be very nice tomorrow) and by the fact that tonight you have a dozen choices for live music.  See full music lineup here.  And it gets even better going into the long holiday weekend.

Whether or not you supported the wars, let’s honor those who “gave the last full measure of devotion” to preserve our freedom by supporting those who express that freedom  through their music.

The Conservatory @ The UNADULTERATED Cabaret~Check it out.

‘The Conservatory’ at The Cape Ann (“The Annie”) is a no-cost professional arts training program for Cape Ann youth, ages 13-21, bridging them to adult mentors who are working in the fields of theatre, dance, music, poetry, comedy, design and tech. ‘The UnAdulterated Cabaret’ is their debut performance project. It opens tonight and runs every Sunday night, year-round. You’ll be blown away!

Here’s Mine!

This post officially ends the series ; “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours”!

You (the Artists) that read GMG had your chance for a free plug. Five great artists took me up on it. I know there are more out there that read this Rag. I’m sure some were thinking about participating. some were going to participate but never got the time to do so. Some I’m sure think they are to good to participate in this lowly blog. “I’m not”!

I have a few different setups. One for Oil paint one for Acrylics and one for Watercolor.

So here is my Watercolor set up. It’s so easy to carry around. Other than the box all you need is a napkin or two. Island Art and Hobby down on Main st. carry a similar setup ask for the special water brush. Contact with your photos and info if you use this type of painting kit and i’ll post it and give you a free plug here on this Rag. 🙂

OK Here’s my Car set up. It’s a Sakura 24 color watercolor box that you can put a 4″x6″ postcard size watercolor paper in it and still have a lot of palette space to mix colors. you can see and or buy my small paintings at the EJ KAHN/GoodMorningGloucester Gallery down at the Madfish Galleries on Rocky Neck this year. HAVE FUN!

Don’t Miss “I Hate Hamlet!”

I haven’t seen this yet myself, of course, but I’ve been around the Annie while the troupe was there, and they sure seem to be having fun with the production!  Very often that translates in to the audience having fun too…  I hope to make it to one of the shows.

Community Stuff May 25th



Apple Street Farm Celebrates Memorial Day Weekend

Join acclaimed Chef Frank McClelland for a seedling sale and family farm day

What: Apple Street Farm is kicking off the summer season by hosting a Seedling Sale throughout Memorial Day Weekend with ASF’s own organic vegetable starts, flowers and herbs, which were all raised in the farm greenhouse and are ready to be planted. The farm is also hosting a Family Farm Day on that Saturday which will include a cookout, a chance to tour the farm and meet the animals (baby goats and piglets are the newest additions to the ASF family), and a live bluegrass band performance.

When:                  Seedling Sale

Saturday, May 26, Sunday, May 27, and Monday, May 28

10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Family Farm Day

Saturday, May 26

10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Where: Apple Street Farm 35 Apple Street, Essex, MA 01929

Other:                   Event is open to the public – bring the family for a fun day at the farm!

About Apple Street Farm

As the proprietor and chef of an acclaimed restaurant and catering company that includes L’Espalier – Boston’s only AAA-Five Diamond establishment – Frank McClelland imagines how the fruits (and herbs, edible flowers, eggs, and heirloom vegetables) of his labors can be featured on that day’s menus. By adding farming to his culinary repertoire, this hands-on chef rekindles treasured family memories – when “eat local” was an unconscious daily act as simple as walking outdoors to find a ripe and delicious vegetable, and then rinsing at the hose or kitchen sink.

In one of the country’s most ambitious sustainable agriculture initiatives for the restaurant industry, Apple Street Farm is the primary source of organic harvests for Chef McClelland’s famed restaurants, located just 26 miles south of Essex. He personally delivers his bushels of harvests to his awaiting chefs for them to feature in world-class dishes. His revitalization of this two-century pastoral 14-acre equestrian farm is evident in the maturing plantings that have responded to this region’s abundant spring rains; and 2009 marked its first harvest season. For more information, please visit:

Discussion on flu clinics

Flu clinics 002

Cape Ann Public Health Departments have already begun discussing flu clinics for this autumn.   (L to R) Kim Paskalis, public health nurse for Essex, Chassea Robinson, public health nurse for Gloucester and Elaine Wozny, Essex Board of Health Administrator, met at Addison Gilbert Hospital recently to discuss upcoming flu clinics for Cape Ann.

Autumn flu clinics in Rockport, Gloucester, Essex and Manchester-by-the-Sea, will be publicized over the summer.  Those on Cape Ann who are interested in holding a flu clinic for their employees or at their organization, are welcome to contact their local Health Department for further information.

Flu shots given by Cape Ann Health Departments will always be provided free of charge.

Plant sale notice


The Gloucester Garden Club plants and maintains many gardens around the city including the boulevard, library and a number of memorials. On Saturday, May 26 we will be holding our annual plant sale at the Boulevard Tennis Courts where we are installing a new garden. I’m attaching our plant sale notice hoping that you’ll post it for us. Thanks.

Ginny Swinson

Corresponding Secretary

PS – Your night time photos are really great. I wish you’d share the settings of all your photos.