Barred Owl Eating A Snake At Ravenswood Pics from Terry Weber

Last Sunday I received a call from Ramona Latham at the Cape Ann Discovery Center (Ravenswood). She told me that a Barred Owl had set up a nest for her babies in one of the treetops. While I was snapping photos of the baby owls, the Mama* owl stopped by with lunch for her children. A nice plump snake! I have never seen an owl in real life, so this bit of luck was a special treat. Some quick facts about the barred owl:

·    Commonly referred to as a “Hoot Owl.” Listen to its call here:
·    A Barred Owl’s wingspan can reach 44 inches.
·    They typically hunt at night or at dusk by sitting on a high perch, looking and listening for prey, which they catch with a short flight or drop to the ground.
·    Adult Barred Owls swallow their prey whole. Their stomach acids digest the soft parts, and then they regurgitate a pellet containing the bones and hair.
·    Barred Owls sometimes go fishing. They will wade knee-deep in water and catch fish with their feet.
·    Barred Owls generally live alone except when mating or raising young, and are known to find the same mate every year.

Thanks to Ramona for her phone call. If you want to visit the Discovery Center or Ravenswood, click here for more info: Ramona runs a variety of fun and educational programs for children and adults throughout the year. Don’t miss out!

*This owl may have been the Papa owl too, no disrespect intended! J

Gloucester At Dawn- Good Harbor Beach and Thacher Island 4:50AM 5/20/12

Any of my photos can be made into canvas framed prints for Gloucester keepsakes or gifts for those who really love this place.  Just email me at if you would like one.


Phyllis A on the Rails From Kathy Chapman

Kathy Chapman writes-

The beautiful lines of Phyllis A’s hull will only be visible for a few weeks at the Gloucester Marine Railways. Work on her is being funded by a 2011 Community Preservation Act grant from the residents of Gloucester.

From the Phyllis A. Marine Association: By focusing on the gill-netting industry, we highlight a time in Gloucester’s history that is not currently well covered. The Phyllis A. was fished by the same Gloucester family for 75 years. Many people working in Gloucester’s fishing industry today, at some point, fished off the Phyllis A.

Photos © Kathy Chapman 2012


Last Chance To Vote For North Shore Magazine BONS (Best Of North Shore) Awards Tonight. Voting Ends on The 30th

I encourage you to vote for your local favorites be it restaurant, dry cleaners, hardware store, whatever.  If there is a local business or organization that you think goes above and beyond, show them some love by voting.

North Shore Magazine is an outstanding glossy and year in and year out they bring you the best of what is going on around us.

So not to be a popularity contest but to reward the deserving, get out the vote!

Our Blog, Good Morning Gloucester is nominated under the Play category for Blog.  You should check out some of the other blogs,  they do a nice job and then vote for the one that you feel deserves the win.


Here are the categories-


Share your picks for the “best of the best” places to PLAY! Click on a sub-category below to get started. Once you vote, you will be returned to the main voting page.


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Kathy Roberts at The Bookstore

Kathy Roberts has an Art Exhibit at “The Bookstore” on Main St. until May 31st, and wanted to give a shout out to the owners, Janice & Abby Severance for supporting new artists on a monthly basis and to ask community members to support our local businesses who support the Arts.  The Bookstore has a great selection of books.

Doves Represent on Rocky Neck

Ed and Jody Dove from Bethesda, MA love Good Morning Gloucester and Rocky Neck.  The Dove family has been coming to Rocky Neck since the 1880’s.  Ed and Jody would love to move here.  If anyone hears of a place on Rocky Neck or East Gloucester with a sneak peak of the ocean for under a mil, write in and let them know.

E.J. Lefavour


Today at Willowdale we are planting the stunning tree peony ‘Keiko’, which means “adored.” Briar’s favorite color is pink so I am always on high alert for rose-hued blossoms. I took one look at this drop dead gorgeous plant and just had to have it for Willowdale. Don’t you find in nature there are seemingly infinite shades of pink? The beautiful blowsy blossoms of  ‘Keiko’  possess myriad.

Did I mention ‘Adored’ is delightfully fragrant? The fragrance is sweet, but not cloying–very light and fresh.

Her new electric band rocks, but it’s her voice that wraps itself around your heart and won’t let go

Yes, we’ve been touting Chelsea Berry‘s new electric band lately (see this post, for example)  But it’s really her voice that captures you.  Watch this video and see what we mean.  Allen got goose bumps listening to this song when we shot Local Music Seen a couple of weeks ago.  You can see the entire show tomorrow at 6:30pm on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.  The show features a new song by Allen Estes and a new song by Chelsea.  Plus she closes with one of my favorites.

And you can see Chelsea with her new band open for Chris Isaak at North Shore Music Theatre on June 28.  This will be the first time Chelsea’s new band performs in public and the only Boston area Chris Isaak concert this year.  Don’t wait until it’s sold out.  Get tickets now.

It’s Tuesday in Gloucester.  Just in case you missed last Tuesday’s admonition, check it out here.  OK, now that you’re convinced to go out, click here to see tonight’s full music lineup.

Wednesday’s at The Rhumb Line 5-29-2012

Prime Rib Specials!
Wednesdays Only!

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, May 30th
Special Guest:

The lovely and talented Toni Ann Enes joins us once again.
So sweet and so much fun! Don’t miss it! Come and join in!
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prime Rib Dinner –
(while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Next Week:
June 6: Ric St. Germain

Looking forward…
…to seeing you there! 🙂 ~ Fly

Community Stuff May 29th, 2012

“Magnolia Historical Society” and “Inn Magnolia” will host

    On Saturday, June 2, 2012


Goin’ On and Community Calendar–Please
Gloucester Stroke Club meeting Thursday, June 7, 2012 7 pm Addison Gilbert Hospital,
Women’s Health Center, 298 Washington St. entrance, Gloucester.
Joe Gross, PTA will answer questions on recovery after stroke. Support groups are
encouraged and so important to meet other survivors and learn from each other.
All are welcome. No pre-registration required. Refreshments. No meeting in July.
For more information call Cynthia 978-283-2633 or Virginia 978-283-3968.
Submitted by Virginia R. McKinnon, 2 Stanwood Terrace, Gloucester, MA 978-283-3968

International Dory Race Eliminations June 9th


Your International Dory Racing Committee is a 100% volunteer organization that works very hard to maintain a fleet of 8 wooden boats, ready in the water when you want to row 365 days per year for a small membership fee of only $75.00.  We are committed to the promotion of dory rowing and racing in the US , and we are encouraged to see past and future rowers out on the water.  But, we can not have non-members using our boats for both liability reasons and because it is unfair to our dues paying members.  (members 18 years and under are considered junior members and are not charged dues, but are required to submit their membership application and waiver signed by parent or guardian)  Please help us police the usage of our boats and pay your dues (remember this is not a race fee, it’s a membership fee) or forward this email to those you know are rowing and have not submitted their membership forms.

As a reminder, the US Eliminations are Saturday June 9th at Niles Beach race course with sign-ups Friday June 8th 6PM at St. Peter’s Square.  We are currently looking for competitors in all categories: Men’s, Women’s, Men’s Over 40, Junior’s, and Mixed-doubles.  There is still time to prepare and compete or at least make it down that Saturday to watch some exciting competitive races.

See you on the water!


Update on Rocky Neck Cultural Center Programs & Events

Greetings friends of Rocky Neck’s Cultural Center!
We are now underway with our weekend hours as a Welcome Center thanks to the help of a growing staff of volunteers including very energized community volunteers.
Over the next several months RNAC will be testing and evaluating the Center programming.
The following are existing or expanded Art Colony programs and community-generated programs that have been suggested:

* Art exhibits:

* juried shows
* Center exhibits (wall space rented to members/non-members of RNAC)
* invitational exhibits
* student exhibits
* Art workshops, classes for children and adults:
* Portfolio critiques, discussions
* Life Drawing studio
* Art History:
* Art history exhibit
* Art Trail walking tours
* Lectures, presentations on art history
* Community programs, workshops, classes:
Nights on the Neck events
Salsa Sundays
Yoga, stretch, t’ai chi classes
Crafts for children or adults
Performing arts events
Literary readings
Speakers Forum
Games night, community dance, potluck dinners
Teaching Artist Partnership:  collaboration of Gloucester Schools and RNAC artists, facilitated at The Center
For instructed classes, we are asking for a $25/hour donation to the Building Fund.
Our vision for The Center’s programming is to have it as an inclusive process.
To that end, please tell us:  What are your suggestions for art and non-art related programs?
How would you like to participate in programming? 
We have already received many requests by instructors of classes and workshops, art and non-art related subjects, and we’ve begun to keep The Center’s calendar on the RNAC website., click on calendar, or paste this into your browser:  In order to maintain our nonprofit charitable status, approximately 2/3 of the programming should be related to art in some way, but the calendar is wide open for your ideas!! 

Many people have asked how the art exhibits will be formed and managed.  We have ordered an integrated hanging/lighting system that will be in place within the next two week, creating an an absolutely beautiful space for showing work. Once a show is hung, it will remain hung for the duration of the show, and the utmost care will be taken to ensure the artwork’s safety when other events occur in the main hall.  Our first show will be co-curated by Judith Monteferrante, Artistic Director, and Marty Swanson, our new Board member who led the Cambridge Art Association and the Santa Fe Photographic Workshop.   While the exhibit program is still in development, we expect that The Center will have a range of opportunities, including members’ shows, themed shows, media-specific shows, emerging artist and student shows, and invitational shows.  As our artistic vision remains inclusion and excellence, the participation of the entire RNAC membership is critically important for the planning and management of The Center’s art exhibits to succeed.  We hope that, over time, The Center can be open 7 days/week for the benefit of all of our members! 

The Center Management Team will continue to work to schedule events and programs, but I want to stress that The Center is a membership-driven opportunity, so the events and programming will develop from your input and that of the broader community.

As we progress, we will work on issues of vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow, marketing options, guidelines for using the Center when exhibits are hung, ensuring adequate staffing and security, and creating a membership program to increase the revenue streams.  We will document what hours draw the most visitors and make adjustments as we go.  Together we are creating this new entity – please become involved!!
Best to you this long weekend…as always, contact me or any of the leadership team with your questions, comments, or concerns!