Save the Date ~ Tuesday June 12

I hope you can come join me in the courtyard garden I designed for Willowdale on Tuesday June 12th at 7pm. The event is free and should be lots of fun. I am looking forward to showing my film and the garden and Briar will prepare her wonderful array of refreshments, within the setting of the beautifully restored Arts and Crafts mansion and gardens that is Willowdale! RSVP to

Sneak Peek Inside the Harpsichord

You’ve heard Frances Fitch play her new harpsichord (see here or here if you missed either of those videos).  In this video, her husband and gimmesound co-artist of the week, Greg Bover, takes us under the hood (literally — he takes off the jackrail to reveal plectra and then shows us how they pluck the strings).

You won’t see the plectra Next Tuesday, May 15, but you should go to Shalin Liu  at 7:30pm anyhow to hear his masterpiece played in one of the most perfect acoustic settings on Earth — and it’s right down the street — and it’s FREE.

Inge Berge is back at Giuseppe’s tonight for his 2nd of 5 Thursdays.  If you go, request his gorgeous new song and ask him if it’s the sequel to this song.

Let’s not take Gloucester’s tremendous talent base for granted.  Get out and support them.    It’s fun!  See the full music lineup here.

Just Say No To Mom Jeans

While checking out my twitter feed I came across this little gem from the official Liberty Tree Mall twitter account @ShopLibertyTree
“@ShopLibertyTree: RT your thoughts on high waisted jean shorts – LOVE it or LEAVE it?”

Let me in no uncertain terms explain to our lovely lady FOBs-

Just Say No To Mom Jeans in any form- shorts or full length.

Don’t be a victim of this horrible fashion crime!

If you’re on twitter let @ShopLibertyTree know. This is irresponsible tweeting.

Next thing they will be telling women it’s cool to double up on the denim, there’s not much worse that the denim top and bottom ensemble except for maybe the denim top AND mom jean bottoms.

What is this world coming to????

The horror!

Click here and let @ShopLibertyTree know here-!/ShopLibertyTree

Look if Jessica Simpson can’t pull em off…


Work going up for Friday’s art opening at Pleasant Street Tea Co.

Art reception happening Friday night at Pleasant Street Tea Co. from 6:00 – 8:00! Local artists Ben MacAdam, Donna Therrien and Rocky Delforge are showing some great work and will be there to show it off. There was some great work going up last night – get excited… For more details click here or check out E.J.’s post from a couple days ago.

Dave Sag’s Blues Party at The Rhumb Line and then some!

This is a really big week , and I know you’re all quivering with anticipation, so let’s get down on it!
This Thursday at the Rhumb Line, Dave Sag’s Blooz Bash® features the inimitable “Geezerz©”. Long a mystery in these parts, these four hoarsemen  are gathering under the head of steam created by the bloated full moon of last week, and expanding to enfold you in their lovin’ arms. For those of you who have been busy rearranging the furniture in your closets, said Geegerz consists of Dave Brown, systolic sliiideman and all-around guitarrh guru, David Mattacks, the atomic clock, on skins, Greg Tower, catarrh man,on haberdashery, and myself, Dave Sag, on base. Haven’t seen these guys in a while and I’m really looking forward to this, cuz my eyes are in the front of my head.
And Sunday, I’ll be up at Glenn’s, once again, with the Justin Quinn Band, but don’t worry, you who live in fear won’t be there…gotta cross the bridge…yada yada yada. Too bad: it’s a great club and the food is awesome! It’s 6 to 9. You can get 10 to life if you’re not careful.
And Monday, for those of you who have chosen a disabled , retired or unemployed lifestyle, why not come down to the Rose Baker Senior
Center before your nap for a rousing jazz encounter with the Good Old Salty Jazz Band? Honestly, these guys have more energy than most of you think. It’s a local, nay! national treasure and bears scrutiny. All you fancy dancers got nothing on the gliding grandparents on the dance floor. We’re there 1 to 3 p.m. Bring smelling salts? depends….

Year of the Dragon part 5

Here’s another entry (probably the last) in my series of origami dragons in honor of the Year of the Dragon. His name is Spike.

As with the others, he’s folded from one uncut square of paper, although this was 20″ square paper.  Designed and folded by me.

-Fr. Matthew Green

Our Kwanzan Cherry Tree In The Wind

Our Kwanzan Cherry Tree Which Has Yet To Be Demolished This Year By The Beetles Which Ravage It Annually.


This video was done more to test the manual focus on the camera I use, the Sony NEX-5N

Shot with Sony NEX-5N and Sony 50mm f/1.8 Lens

I have a love hate relationship with this tree.  when it blooms it is beautiful but every year it gets smoked by these small green inchworm looking things first and then these shiny beetles and looks nice for roughly 3 weeks out of the year.

I’ve chronicled the life of this Kwanzan Cherry tree for the past 4 years here

here are some of the blooms from this year-

Gloucester Webcam of The Day- Gardner Winchester Computer Services Gloucester Harbor Cam


This Webcam and more can be found at

This local webcam portal project was an idea I had last year to have as many webcams streaming from local businesses or organizations as possible which highlight the incredible vistas that we as people that live and work here get to enjoy each and every day.

The idea was to have the organization install the webcam, have them embed the webcam feed on their own websites as well and have a link to each business website on the Gloucester webcam portal website to showcase their business as well.

Tim Blakeley from Gloucester Bytes provided the initial installation at ridiculously cheap cost because he believed in the project.

Discover Gloucester Visitor Guide Unveiling This Evening!


Join us later today, 6PM at The Castle Manor Inn, to see who took the cover picture of the 2012 Discover Gloucester Visitor Guide… It’s a beauty!

Drinks and munchies, and great networking- with a sneak peek of the work that’s been done at this lovely Inn, before it opens to the public May 18.

We’re so proud of the Visitor Guide and of all the partners represented in it.

They’ve invested in their businesses and in the bigger tourism picture so that

Discover Gloucester can take on the challenge of promoting the entire destination.

See you at 6 today, The Castle Manor Inn, 141 Essex Avenue!