Gloucester Harbor Water Shuttle Kicks Off The 2012 Season With A Brilliant New Feature!!!! Brilliant I Tell You!!!

Holy Crap How Brilliant!!!!!  You Can Call The Boat Directly and Request A Pick Up!!!!!!




Say you’re over by our dock at Captain Joe & Sons In Cripple Cove and you want to get downtown.   Simple. Save the number listed below to your cell phone, give them a calla and they’ll include you in the stops along the route.  So you hang out at Cripple Cove Playground (Benjamin Smith Playground really) and then hop on and get over to Rocky Neck, Downtown, Harbor Loop.


SAVE THIS NUMBER DAMNIT!  Like Right Now, punch it into your smartphone

978 290 3496

Then when you’re casually strolling around Rocky Neck hanging out at our Gallery at 77 Rocky Neck Ave impress your friends and relatives by whipping out your cell phone and calling the water shuttle directly. 




Here’s The Presser-

Dear Joey,
Happy to announce the beginning of the Gloucester Harbor Water Shuttle 2012 season.
Memorial Day weekend we will be operating from 12 to 6 pm.
Weekends during the Spring and Fall, 12 to 6pm.
Also, we have expanded our Summer weekend hours as follows:
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 12 to 9pm,
Sundays through Wednesdays 12 to 6pm.
We will be adding a new stop (on request) at the head of the harbor (Three Lanterns).
Seasonal Passes will be available for $50 per season (great deal!!!)
Aside from the regular stops at Harbor Loop, St. Peter’s Landing and Rocky Neck,
the boat will be reachable by phone at 978 290 3496  to request stops from
Cruiseport, Cripple Cove and Three Lanterns.
Thank you for your support regarding the Shuttle operation, and HAPPY SUMMER 2012!
Steve Douglass
Harbor Tours, Inc

Passports Single Vineyard Boutique Wine Dinner

Single-Vineyard Boutique Wine Dinner
Thursday, May 24, 7:00 p.m.
Passports Restaurant
110 Main St., Gloucester, Ma.
978 281-3680

with Chef Eric Lorden
and Dr. Kathleen Powers Erickson (The "Wine PhD")
4 artfully-prepared courses and 3 single-vineyard boutique wines!
$50.00 per person

First Course:
Mushroom caps stuffed with sautéed crab
and Gruyère cheese
Wine: Morgan "Double L" Vineyard (organic) Pinot Noir
Santa Lucia Highlands, California
(Wine List – bottle: $95.00)

Second Course:
Citrus salad of grapefruit and oranges on
a bed of Frisèe lettuce with spiced pecans
Wine: Hirsch Heiligenstein Vineyard (organic) Gruner Veltliner
Kamptal, Austria
(Wine List – bottle, $55.00)

Third Course:
Roasted Duck with sweet potato puree and
pomegranate reduction
Wine: Rosenblum Rock Pile Road Vineyard Zinfandel
(Wine List – $75.00)

Fourth Course:
Turtle Alley Chocolates with
Atomic Cafe Press Pot Coffee

Eric Smith of the Westland, Michigan Fire Dept. Selected as Chief


Mayor Carolyn Kirk today announced the selection of Eric Smith, currently a Deputy Chief with the Westland, Michigan Fire Department, as Chief of the Gloucester Fire Department.  The announcement comes following a comprehensive search for new fire chief to lead the department.
“First and foremost I want to thank the Search Committee for their diligence in staying focused on the search and bringing the best candidates forward. Each finalist brought different strengths, and Eric Smith’s continual professional development and experience in Westland were the determining factors in the final selection decision.  He is a leader in a department that covers just over 20 square miles, has triple the population, double the emergency calls, fewer employees and a similar overtime budget to the Gloucester Fire Dept while ensuring that the community’s four fire stations are open at all times.

We will learn from Deputy Chief Smith’s professionalism and distinguished record of service in the fire/EMS service, and I look forward to the city and the Fire Department warmly welcoming him and his family to Gloucester” said Mayor Kirk. 
Deputy Chief Eric Smith is currently second in command of the Westland, MI Fire Department where he is responsible for comprehensive management of 70 employees, four fire stations, the department’s administrative office, training facility, and a fleet of 30 vehicles.  The department is the third busiest in Wayne County Michigan with over 9700 calls for emergencies in 2011.  The population of Westland is over 80,000 residents and covers 20.5 square miles. 
With the department since 1991, Deputy Chief Smith has continuously risen through the ranks having held the positions of Firefighter, Sergeant, Hazmat Team Leader, Captain, Battalion Chief, and Deputy Chief.  He is a licensed paramedic, served in the United States Air Force from May 1986 to January 1990 with a rank of Sergeant upon his discharge. 

He also holds a Bachelors degree in Public Safety from Concordia University in Ann Arbor Michigan along with Masters of Science coursework in Technology Studies and Emergency Management from Eastern Michigan University and an Associates of Science degree in Fire Technology from Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan. 

Deputy Chief Smith also holds many professional certifications and was a part time Paramedic Instructor for a number of years teaching all levels of EMS education at Baker College in Westland, MI.   
Deputy Chief Smith’s permanent appointment is contingent upon successful employment contract negotiations as well as confirmation by the Gloucester City Council.

Mug Up and Gallery Christening

Here are some more photos from yesterday’s first Mug Up of the season, which was so well attended and fun.  The gallery has now been freshly filled with the great energy and spirit of GMG friends and peeps and christened for the new season.  As always, there was an amazing spread of food brought by friends, that arrived all at once so I could not identify who brought what in many cases to be able to thank people.  I didn’t get to try Maime’s Kitchen’s coffee rolls, which disappeared fast.  I did eat a salad of Kathy Chapman’s homegrown buttercrunch salad after Mug Up, and it was wonderful, as I’m sure Joey and Donna can attest.  I tried some of Greg Bover’s great GMG ginger cake which was delicious.  Barry Marshall brought some lovely big muffins that he said he had slaved all morning baking, but I think actually came from Last Stop.  Sister Felicia baked an amazing tower of frosted Italian cookies (there are still a few left if anyone comes by today).  There were some wonderful scones and other Italian cookies brought by someone, and Anthony and Joanne Marks brought cannolis (after reading my comment on Joey’s eating in Italy photo post about the gigantic cannoli, and of course I had to break diet and devour one.  Kim Smith brought a beautiful arrangement of flowers from her garden.  Sorry to anyone and anything I have missed or forgotten to mention; it got really chaotic and I couldn’t keep track. 

Special thanks and kudos to Ed Collard who always arrives early to help me set up for Mug Ups, and is the official taster of the deviled eggs and other contributions to make sure they are all good enough for our GMG friends and family.  You’re the best, Ed.

We’re looking forward to a really amazing and fun season here at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, and hope to see all of you at one Mug Up or another this year (that includes you Jenn Cullen).

E.J. Lefavour

Want to work in the Concert Business?

We need help.  You probably know that we’re producing a new concert series at North Shore Music Theatre this summer featuring top local talent on stage with national recording stars (more info here).

As you can see from this video (taken from the Celebrate Gloucester DVD) concerts are a lot of work — and we do EVERYTHING, from dreaming up the idea to organizing talent, lights, sound, staging porta-potties … to convincing someone to purchase a VIP ticket when he wasn’t planning on it (you can see that in the video) to designing, printing and hanging posters to … well you get the idea.

So, if this looks like fun to you and you’re willing to work as hard as we do, we’ve got a job for you.  And it pays.  20 hours a week to start.  Full time later this year.  You need lots of energy, just the right amount of ambition, a love of live music, brilliant communication skills (texting doesn’t count) and fairly thick skin.

If this sounds like you, we’ll have a lot of fun together!  Call Vickie or Peter at 978-525-9093 or click here to contact us.

It’s Monday.  That means Bandit Kings host an open jam @ Rhumbline.  Always a good time.  Big music week here on Cape Ann.  You can’t get to everything so check out the full week’s music lineup and start thinking about where you want to go.

Kayaking and Fishing now possible.

Ever since I went kayaking with Adam Bolonsky and he caught a pretty large bluefish I have been reticent about fishing out of a kayak. It took him quite some time to make sure the sharp toothed fish was dead as could be and he could put it in his boat. Adam is a bit more comfortable in a kayak than I am. What if after getting the fish along side and bleeding she struggles and you flip your kayak? You are then in bloody seas with a really angry blue who also likely has friends who want to do a little feeding frenzy.  Um, no. I cannot walk on water though I might try in this case.

But this week I saw a Boga 30 fishing tool, some call them lippers, for sale. 30 bucks off. Cool, I got it and tried it out with some stripers this morning. I think it is my new favorite tool. With the undersized stripers it was a cinch to gently hold the fish and take the hook out and release. This one yard long fish I kept for dinner. Although the boga can weigh the fish I forgot to write it down. We caught the limit and were back before breakfast.

I’ve smoked bluefish but never striper. I just downloaded a smoked stripe bass recipe and will try it out and hopefully bring some results to next week’s GMG Mug Up on Sunday.

 Now I will see if I can do this from a smaller boat. In the kayak I’ll tie it to the boat or attach a lobster buoy. Don’t want to lose it.

More USCG Safe Boating Day Photos

Paul beat me to the punch, but here are more photos of the event.  I didn’t know about it beforehand, but I decided to go for a walk with my camera, and there it was!

For starters, here is a slideshow of the demonstration of a self-inflating raft.

The event included other “safety and health” tables from local organizations.

For a complete slideshow, click here:

A few of those images close up:

Sarah Jane Submits Her Indonesian Barbecue Recipe For The GMG Easy to Prepare Loaded With Flavor and Healthy Recipe Contest

The GMG Easy to Prepare Loaded With Flavor and Healthy Recipe Contest:

I’ll rate your recipe based on three criteria: Taste, Easy To Prepare (if you can make it in an office without a stove you get bonus points, without a microwave even higher), Nutritional Value. Minus 5 points for lack of photo.

I should also add that for nutritional value I’m going for something that will reduce fat, give energy but provide enough as to not lose muscle.  A fruit salad I understand is nice and all but it isn’t gonna get me through a work day.

For The First Four Weeks I will award one prize per week from our GMG Swag Bag to the highest rated pic/recipe.

Contest winner will have to pick up their award and if not claimed within two weeks it gets awarded to the next person.

Here is Sarah’s recipe for Indonesian Barbecue:

Indonesian barbecue is my go-to, low-cal preference–modified to be lower-cal!
1 lb ground turkey
1/2 tsp ground cumin
2 tsp ground coriander
1/4 tsp black pepper
1 clove garlic, chopped
1 tbs bell pepper, diced (I use more)
1 tbs chopped onion (I use more)
1 egg, beaten (or Egg Beater, or 1/3 cup low-fat yogurt)
Preheat broiler (or barbecue grill). Mix all ingredients together well. Shape mixture into 2.5″-long, football-shaped balls. Broil for about 10 minutes, turning once halfway through. Done.

Okay lets get to the ratings, and of course I’m not tasting it but I’ll give the taste grade based on if a lack of perceived blandness getting highest scores.

1-10 in each category with the cumulative score being the final and minus 5 for a lack of photo.

Taste: All those spices you gotta go with a 9 on taste with the only ding being that I might like some type of dipping sauce to go over them so they wouldn’t be dry.

Easy To Prepare: Well it looks relatively easy.   Not a crazy amount of ingredients or hard to find ingredients, you mix everything together, shape them into balls and broil them.  Pretty easy but not simple enough to do in an office, I’m going 6 on easy to prepare.

Nutrition Value: Looks like a 10 to me.  Here’s a question and I reserve the right to change this score based on my lack of fundamental cooking knowledge- when you broil this, do you use oil?

So the cumulative score based on the three criteria is a 25 minus 5 for lack of photo gives it a total of 20.  If Sarah makes the dish and submits a picture within the next couple of days I’ll add in the extra 5 points.

Week 1 in the contest ends next Sunday night for submissions.

Check out Sarah’s Blog Here-

FOB Linda Colman Sends In A Picture Of Her Joey C Gallery Wall

Linda writes-

Joey!  I just framed my latest acquisition and added it to the Joey Ciaramitaro Masterpiece Collection.  Looks spectacular, don’t you think?  Linda



Well Linda you certainly picked out some very “Gloucester” themed photos!  I thank you for your support!