Tea Party Ship Eleanor Video – Leaving Gloucester Railways From Kathy Chapman

Viking and her crew (including Rob – pictured) prepare Eleanor for her trip to Boston.

Construction portfolio: http://kathychapman.viewbook.com/album/tea-party-ship-eleanor

Photographs © Kathy Chapman 2012



mamma agata cooking class, ravello italy

A few short clips from our cooking class in Ravello Italy with Mamma Agata and daughter Chiara

and here are some pictures from their amazing home-

Magnolia MA 1930’s, From George Krewson

Hi Joe!

The attached is from a brochure that my Dad, the owner,  had printed for soliciting guests for the Oceanside back in the 1930’s.  The poem was writted by my uncle, Elber Krewson.  It may not be readable, but if you can enhance it in some way to make it so, I think your readers would appreciate reading about the glorious little hamlet.

Best to you,

George Krewson

Click the picture for the full sized version-


Too Big

Too Big


It’s just too big. It’s too big to write about in one fell swoop.

You can’t tell of its color or its size or its sounds in one sitting and

you can’t, in one session, describe its moods, whether melancholy

or violent, or how the light is reflected or the way the wind plays with the waves,

or its tides and its currents or its odors, both fragrant and foul.


The division of land from sea is a concept that requires patience

to develop and time to carefully draft and paint, frame and mount.

The granite overlooks and beaches alone can fill volumes and still

fall short of a full image of just our small piece of the shoreline.

And our status, as harvesters, walkers, boaters, swimmers and

observers could overflow photo books and decorate many walls.


All this and yet no mention of the fish and the lobsters and crabs

and the clams and the oysters and whales and other sea mammals

and insects and vegetation; the jelly-fish and squid and the

plankton and starfish, the sea-slugs and snails; the worms and

those eerie heat loving species that are only now

being discovered in thermal vents at it deepest parts.


This whole other world is both a part of and apart from us.

We feel it and hear it and see it and smell it and taste it

and are mesmerized and enraptured by it, but it’s too big

to capture and too big to paint and too big to describe in

words on one sunny July afternoon.


So let us understand what we can, view what we will and

allow its mystery and majesty help teach us how we see

ourselves on this earth and in the universe.

“But, if a man would be alone,” Emerson said, “let him look at the stars.”

To this we should add, let him also look at the sea.


Marty Luster

Dahlmer Gillnetter, Rough Rider, at Rocky Neck

This is a 1904 photo and an Acrylic, Pen & Ink painting by Bill Hubbard of the Dahlmer Gillnetter, Rough Rider which fished out of Rocky Neck in 1910.  Rough Rider was a 39′ gillnetter launched in Manitowoc, Wisc in 1904.  She was one of the first gas-powered fishing boats in America.  Bill’s great grandfather, Capt. Axel B. Dahlmer purchased her in 1906 and his grandfather, Capt. John A. Dahlmer brought her to Gloucester in 1910 to join the other “Michigan Bears” who introduced gillnetting to Gloucester.  Like Captains Albert Arnold, Gerry Shoares and Peter Tysver, they settled in E. Gloucester.  The Dahlmers bought the house at 12 Rocky Neck Avenue and fished their boats out of Smith Cove for many years.

The last photo is one I took on New Year’s Day at the Rocky Neck Plunge.  It may not be, but it certainly looks like a modified version of Rough Rider.

Check out Bill Hubbard’s paintings at:

E.J. Lefavour


Did You Know? Joey is Back

Some people think that Joey is still in Italy because he is still putting up posts about his trip.   However, he is back.  See him here at the dock showing off the new improved Italian hand gesture skills he acquired on his trip.  His hands are just a blur.  Can anyone tell what he is saying?

E.J. Lefavour

2012 Essex River Race Roundup

For race results this link downloads a nice excel spreadsheet.

My race roundup: Nice day, I did not fall in, the beer was cold and the hot dog was tasty. The band did a nice job on some Fleetwood Mac covers a la Stevie Nicks. I finished in 1 hour 18 minutes 37 seconds. John Karoff who won my division finished in 58 minutes 29 seconds. If I had twin 150 Evinrudes maybe I could cut 20 minutes off my time. I happened to be chatting with John as we waited for the start since he had the same boat as me and I mentioned something about wishing I had gone kayaking at least once this spring before today. He said he had gone once, to something on the Charles River, a 19 mile race with many half mile portages. Meaning he had to pick up his boat and run to avoid dams and waterfalls. It was then I knew that although he seemed quite pleasant he was a mad man and was not surprised he took first place.

Other crazy people. Will Rich of Bayview and SUP The Coast fame (as in he paddled standing up all the way from Key West to Maine) finished first on a SUP board. It looks like there is a motor under his board, his time 1 hour, 2 minutes, 32 seconds. Crazy.

A James Tarantino of Gloucester rowed a banks dory to a time of 1 hour 24 minutes 6 seconds. A banks dory is about as opposite as you can get from most craft in this race. No carbon fiber, kevlar, teflon composite. A banks dory is made from large trees and  300 pounds of cod in the stern would not slow them up by much. The cod may add a minute or two to Jimmy T’s time.  That would be a good addition to the race. Then we could have a nice fish chowder at the finish.

OK, so who did the course the fastest? Borys Markin was sitting on something called a HPK single, or High Performance Kayak. These are long, thin, razor blade shaped, space age fiber crafts that I think if I sat in one I would be in the drink within a minute. Borys finished the race course in 42 minutes 41 seconds.  This is one of the reasons why I attend these races. These faster craft start the race after my division. So during the first 30 minutes of the race, packs of fast boats scream by one after another. As they do I try to imitate in some small way the technique they are using to paddle.  But not entirely. If I kept their cadence up I would blow a seal in less than a minute, but still instructive.

On to the Blackburn Challenge, just 55 days to go. Saturday July 14.

I would be negligent if I did not add that the Cape Ann Rowing Club did another amazing job with the Essex River Race. They make it fun for the normal as well as the athletically off their rocker types. Everyone who paddles in either the Essex or the Blackburn have come to expect a smooth race with nary a hitch and CARC keeps pulling it off.

If you go to the Blackburn Challenge website there will be photos posted over the next week or so. I don’t have anymore photos so I will just post a gratuitous photo of Homie biting Rubber Duck’s butt. (Homie doesn’t want her to race anymore.) 

GMG First Mug Up of the Season

Wonderful fun at the E.J. Kahn and Good Morning Gloucester Gallery first Mug Up of the season. It was great to see the old gang and all the new faces. As is usual, guests brought the most delectable breakfast treats. The gallery walls and shelves are chock-a-block full of gorgeous new paintings, photographs, and pottery. Thank you E.J. for opening your gallery (and heart) to this crazy group and for creating a wonderfully positive weekly Sunday get-together! I have a feeling its going to be a GREAT summer! Everyone is always welcome and we hope to see you at the next Mug Up!

Craig and Joey

Ed, Greg, Barry, and E.J.

Joey and Donna

The Flower Eater

The flower and foliage of the chive (Allium schoenoprasum) plant are edible. Here’s our fearless leader Joey demonstrating.

Allium schoenoprasum is the only member of the Allium genus native to both the Old and New Worlds. Bees are attracted to the flowers and the plants are often grown amongst beds and borders to help ward of insects, the dreaded Japanese beetle, for example.

MUG UP #1 In The Books

I could only stay for a short bit as I had to work but managed a few pictures and despite the incredible temptations of carbohydrate laden goodness surrounding me I stayed true to the diet and ate Kathy Chapman’s lettuce and flowers that she brought.

Greg Bover Bringing The Thunder with this powdered sugar GMG Logo Cake (he also bakes when he’s not banging out harpsichords in his spare time)- #Boom!


Alicia Cox’ Re-Di-Cu-Lous World’s Greatest Coffee Rolls (don’t ask me how I resisted but I did) EJ’s Deviled Eggs, Muffins, Brownies, Cakes Coffee, you get the idea!


Sista Felicia made some killer cookies from what I hear and everyone had a great time catching up.  The first of many Mug-Ups this summer!


Nice to see the Greeleys make an appearance!

It was also great to see Jenn Cullen in attendance.  Oh wait she didn’t come?  Shocker! Smile

Homemade Zip Line ~ engineering by a 9-year-old using stuff from the gerage

Well we don’t usually like to brag about our super talented son 🙂 but today we will.  Not only did he come up with the idea, design and test this zip line himself, he even gave us credit for the tiny amount of work we did, which consisted of getting the rope up in the tree and tightening it enough to work.

Some people think of Sunday as a slow entertainment day, but not on Cape Ann.  There’s music playing RIGHT NOW and it will continue through the night.  Nine events to choose from.  Check it out here.

Helmut’s Strudel

I am often in Rockport to preside at one the morning Masses on Sunday.  When I have the earlier (8:30AM) Mass, I like to go down afterwards to Bearskin Neck for a walk and for breakfast.  I’ve tried a couple of places, and one of my favorites is Helmut’s Strudel, down towards the end of Bearskin Neck, on the right.

Ham and cheese croissant – my breakfast last Sunday – delicious!

Service with a smile:

They have a selection of wonderful-looking pastries. My goal is to try one of each eventually…

They also have a patio with a nice view, where you can sip your coffee and munch on your strudel.

-Fr. Matthew Green

May 23rd at 6pm Cape Ann Olive Oil Company will be hosting Mamie’s Kitchen for their cooking seminar!

Hey Joey
May 23rd at 6pm Cape Ann Olive Oil Company will be hosting Mamie’s Kitchen for their cooking seminar!
Mamie’s Kitchen will be using the authentic olive oils and balsamic vinegars from Cape Ann Olive Oil Company!
Come in for marinara sauce and meatballs, salad, focaccia and tiramisu!
Did I mention this is a FREE event!
RSVP now! Limited space available!
Contact Lauren or Eric: 978.281.1061
or email: capeannoliveoil@gmail.com


Community Stuff May 20

Hi Joey –
Please help us spread the word about the Cape Ann Half Marathon and YuKanRun.com races.
The Building Center has generously agreed to return as the Premier Title Sponsor this year.

So far, early registration for The Building Center TripleThreat Race Series has been very strong and this is going to be a great day of racing!
Enjoy spectacular views as you race along Cape Ann’s scenic coastline in Rockport and Gloucester. Register for the Half Marathon, 5K race, 1-mile – or all three!  Run three epic races in one day! Compete in The Building Center TripleThreat Road Race Series to earn coveted prizes and bragging rights!

Participate in any of the three races and earn a YuKanRun.com technical race shirt.
Finish 2 or more of our 3 races will also receive a custom YuKanRun.com runner’s visor.
Complete all 3 races will also receive a custom Buidling Center TripleThreat finishers award mug.
With all that running, you deserve it!


Schedule of Events
August 5, 2012
Rockport High School
24 Jerdens Lane
Rockport, MA 01966
7:00am    Packet Pick-Up
8:00am    1-Mile Race Start
8:00am    Walkers (Half Marathon)
8:30am    5K Race Start
9:15am    Half Marathon Start
11:30am  Awards Ceremony
Thanks so much for your help!
YuKan Sports, LLC | P.O. Box 780 | Rockport | MA | 01966


Seaward Inn continues its Sunday Morning Live Series beginning May 20th —
brunch and live music are from 11am -2pm.
This Sunday, May 20, we are featuring 18 year-old saxophonist and
clarinetist Alek Razdan, who started performing at the age of 8, sitting in
at local jam sessions around his hometown of Rockport. Alek Razdan and
A-Train put on an eclectic and energetic show, intended to allow audiences
of all ages to have a great time. Alek performs frequently at venues around
the Boston area but this Sunday you can catch him at Seaward Inn, 44 Marmion
Way, 978-546-3471, visit www.seawardinn.com for musician and menu listings.