Poll- Does Paul Morrison Need A Duck Intervention


Lest any of our FOBs think that I, Joey am the man behind R. Duck I would like to clear up that misconception immediately.  People have been sending me ducks and I’m not sure why.  The official logo is a seagull (homie) and the popular segment where I would feature a seagull with a caption is the”What up Homie?” category here on GMG. You can see the 550 “What Up Homie?” posts here

The wonderfully quirky Mr. Paul Morrison has introduced GMG to the world of one R. Duck.  Since R Duck’s introduction I have yet to see Paul Morrison travelling without his trusty sidekick.  This includes Mug-Ups, The Blackburn Challenge, breakfasts, and even Wine Dinners at Passports.

Now you, as I, might think that to be a little strange- a grown man lugging a rubber duck around everywhere he goes.  But to know Pal Morrison you also know that something isn’t quite right to begin with.  His poor wife simply rolls her eyes at a mention of the duck.

So I ask you, does Paul Morrison need a Rubber Duck Intervention?


Paul and RD

15 thoughts on “Poll- Does Paul Morrison Need A Duck Intervention

  1. I found out today that there is a phobia called Anatidaephobia. This is the fear that you are being watched by a duck. In all these photos the duck is not looking at me.

    Coincidence? There might be someone else who needs an intervention of the rubbery kind.



  2. I was confident Paul did not need an intervention.
    An intervention is only necessary when the addiction or issue or whatever it is interferes with daily life.
    After reading the post about the Spring Fling, I’ve changed my mind and decided an intervention may need to take place……..


  3. I was going to vote “NO”….. but just read Paul’s GMG Spring Fling post and am beginning to reconsider my position on this. I’ll cast my vote later after having thought about it for a while.


  4. Well R. Duck certainly has become Paul’s alter ego, or is it vice versa? But she is benign, cute, yellow and harmless, so I don’t think an intervention is necessary (although Sue might disagree). I really can’t imagine a Mug Up without Paul there or R. in the middle of the table. Maybe you should just make R. Duck be a regular contributor – then she could write about Paul. If R. Duck’s posts take over and we don’t hear from Paul anymore, then an intervention would certainly be called for.


    1. What a great idea! Giving Rubber Duck a GMG contributor account would keep her busy and free up a lot of my time. And she would work for just a few Ritz crackers. (She gives them all to Homie.)


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