Architectural detail in St. Ann stained glass window

Another detail from a stained glass window in St. Ann’s Church in Gloucester (part of Holy Family Parish).

We usually focus on the people and events in the window and can easily overlook the wonderful attention to detail in the backgrounds…

Eventually I hope to photograph the stained glass windows in other churches in Gloucester. Any suggestions of churches with really great windows besides St. Ann’s?

6 thoughts on “Architectural detail in St. Ann stained glass window

  1. St. John’s Church has some truly beautiful windows-most with maritime subjects.. Make sure you see the small ones up high and the very old windows at the entrance. When teaching I used to walk my classes down from Fuller School to study them, as they are a real tribute to Gloucester’s fishing community. The church is open weekday mornings, as well as Sundays and other times when they hold creative events and services.


  2. what a nice distraction to pursue.
    I have always been intrigued by church stained glass windows and have also recently taken an interest in pursuing capturing some images. I think it’s the church architecture surrounding them that makes them all the more intriguing.


  3. The Unitarian Memorial Church at 102 Green Street in Fairhaven, MA (New Bedford area) has windows that were actually made in the studio of Louis Comfort Tiffany in New York City. Tiffany was, of course, the master at stained glass, and many studios imitated his style. Not too many churches actually had genuine Tiffany windows, however, so if you have an interest in stained glass windows, this church is one to see!

    Tim Holloran/


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