2011 Blackburn Challenge Coverage From GMG- Live Tracking of Ed, Rubber Ducky and Paul Morrison and More!!!


We will be tracking Ed, Rubber Duckie and Paul Morison via satellite.  if you click on the screenshot of the map you will see exactly where they are on the race course as they circumnavigate Cape Ann.

The screenshot below was taken at 6:08 when they boys arrived at the starting line at Gloucester High School.  If you click the picture it will show you a refreshed map of exactly where they are as the day progresses.


Ed Collard talking pretty confidently in his interview here but I think we all know he is secretly hoping for the race to be called early due to heat, LOL! I will say this-
If Ed Collard does indeed complete the Blackburn Challenge after only 5 times being in a Kayak I’ll be convinced he can do anything.

A note to all Blackburn Challenger Competitors and their families-
Swing down the dock after the race to get a free Good Morning Gloucester Sticker and have your picture taken for these pages Representing!

The boys have been averaging 5 mph according to our satellite tracker



8:27AM 5mph


8:42AM 4mph



11:09AM 3mph

11:34 Zero MPH  BEER BREAK?


12:55PM 4MPH Passing Brace Cove


1:07PM 4MPH The Home Stretch Past The Breakwater


1:38PM 4 MPH Inner Harbor heading For The Greasy Pole!!!!


Finishing Strong 5MPH To Pavillion Beach THEY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!


Did You Know? (Pink FlipFlops)

That some people will do anything for a libation?  Dave Arnott and Rich Tomczykowski came over from Manchester on Dave’s boat and decided they wanted to go to Madfish for a drink.  The two have been friends since 3rd grade, and Dave even pulled out his tooth so he would match Rich.   Unfortunately Rich didn’t bring any shoes.  Dave came to the Gallery to ask if there was anywhere they could get a pair of cheap flipflops.  There is no place on Rocky Neck that I know of, so I pulled out my Dollar Store pink flower flipflops and told Rich from Bedford that he could borrow them, as long as he let me photograph him sporting them to put up on Good Morning Gloucester.  Don’t they look great on him?  I think they probably will no longer fit me after he’s finished with them, so he can keep them for his next boating adventure.

E.J. Lefavour


First Universalist Church of Essex 4th Annual Sunset Cruise


The First Universalist Church of Essex


Seven Seas Whale Watch

are pleased to present a fundraising event for the First Universalist Church of Essex . . .

4th Annual Sunset Cruise


Gloucester Harbor by Max Keuhne


All aboard for drinks, food and dancing to a live DJ!   We invite you to join us for the 4th Annual Sunset Cruise on Sunday, July 24.    We pull out from the dock on board 7 Seas Whale Watch boat from the Gloucester Harbor at 6 p.m. to explore the waterways around Gloucester, MA.   Bring family and friends and your camera! 

CLICK HERE to email 7 Seas hostess, Deb Frontierro, for more information or to purchase tickets ahead of time.

CLICK HERE TO PRE-REGISTER, you will still have to buy tickets at the door. 

NOTE:pre-registering allows us to know we have enough participants to set sail the evening of the 24th!



A Fundraiser for The First Universalist Church of Essex

Chickity Check It! Ken Duckworth’s Zirit Entry

Tasty elephant: entry #2 by Ken Duckworth…

I am kind of a part time beekeeper. i have been doing it now for about 4 years. i am not sure what it was but something just drew me to it. To me it is therapeutic. A brainflush. I walk away cleansed. Recently my daughter suited up for the time. i am so happy to provide this experience to her. To me when you are in a hive with the bees it totally makes you present. ego is gone. time stops. what is time anyway? It is like witnessing a vibrant sunset or being exposed to breathtaking art. You actually stop thinking( in a ego sense) and you are one with the bees( or the sunset or the art). I read a lot of Ken Wilber. I like the way he thinks. If you do not know him check him out.

for the rest of Ken’s entry click here

Good Ink- Gloucester Massachusetts: America’s Oldest Seaport Reconnects to its Roots

Chickity Check It!-Elayne Badrigian writes about our beloved city-


Gloucester Massachusetts: America’s Oldest Seaport Reconnects to its Roots

By Elayne Badrigian
For anyone who has never visited Gloucester, Massachusetts, the image they often associate it with most is actor George Clooney’s handsome face. Indeed, the actor helped make the small fishing town on the Bay State’s rocky coast famous for both its long time fishing tradition and tragedy.
The Bass Rocks Ocean Inn has numerous copies of the Clooney movie, “The Perfect Storm,” available for its guests. “That’s always a popular one for our guests, so we keep plenty of those in the collection,” said Ellen, an innkeeper at the oceanfront hotel. But Gloucester is much more than just George Clooney’s pretty face.
Each June, the Italian-American fishing community in the town of 29,000 residents gathers to celebrate St. Peter, the patron saint of fishermen. On a dreary Friday night, the rain does little to deter the crowds from participating in the Fiesta’s opening ceremony.

For the rest of her Gloucester report click here

Jenn Cullen Reminds Us of a Time Not So Long ago when It Snowed On April Fools Day

Hey Joey,
Since I forgot to send you this originally, thought it might be a good idea to remember a few short months ago when it snowed on April Fools Day…I sure wouldn’t complain about some of the white powder falling right now!  Though I mainly resented it then….perspective is a wonderful thing, huh?
This was just taken with my BlackBerry, but finally got a decent digital camera, so will be sending you more current pics from your FOB down the Fort.


Cigar and Rum Sail Photos From John Simmons

Had a Great time In Gloucester. As well as the Cigar & Rum Cruise. The sunset (moon rise) cruise was a totally remarkable view of Gloucester. I love Good Harbor Beach as I do every year. The lobsters Mike Collins and I picked up from you were fabulous. Keep up the tremendous work on GMG. I’ll see you again next year
Treat Everyday as Game Day,
John Simmons
Erie, PA