Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

Let us then be up and doing
With a heart for any Fate
Still achieving, still pursuing,
Learn to labor, and to wait.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  (1807-1882)


Born in Maine when it was still a province of Massachusetts, Longfellow became the best known of the lyric poets of the 19th century. His poems still form a core of the New England experience and include The Wreck of the Hesperus, Paul Revere’s Ride, The Song of Hiawatha and Evangeline. Longfellow taught for many years at Harvard College, and his pursuit of and eventual marriage to Frances Appleton still serves as an example of persistence to literary swains of Cambridge. Her accidental death in 1861 cast a dark pall over the last twenty years of his life. The bridge over the Charles River between Kendall Square and Beacon Hill is named in his honor.

Greg Bover

Did You Know? (More Watermelon Love)

That North Shore FOB and proponent of living by the heart, Rebecca Wuenschel, also found a heart in her watermelon?  Rebecca found her’s about two years ago, so it seems she may have been at the beginning stages of the watermelon love movement.  I’m wondering if this is just a North Shore, MA phenomenon, or if others around the country or the world are finding hearts in their watermelons or other fruits and vegetables.  I think this warrants further investigation.  Mankind is not heeding the warnings of severe weather, floods, earthquakes, famines, droughts, tsunamis, etc., so maybe Mother Nature is making one last attempt to communicate with us through our food.  Love.  That is the message.

E.J. Lefavour


Did You Know? (Exploding Eggs)

that if you are hardboiling eggs to make deviled eggs for Mug Up and you leave the kitchen to talk to customers and forget about them, when the water has boiled out, they will start exploding loudly and your pan will look like this afterwards?  I think it actually looks pretty cool myself, although I am not looking forward to cleaning it, and we will not be having deviled eggs at tomorrow’s Mug Up.  Sorry Linda Coleman, if you were looking forward to trying my deviled eggs when you come to Mug Up tomorrow – 10:00 am, 77 Rocky Neck.  I bet Sister Felicia would never do something like this!

E.J. Lefavour


Here & Now Sunday July 17th at The Sargent House Museum


Here & Now: Contemporary Artists Working in The Sargent House Museum Garden

Launches this Sunday with artist Kathy Gentile Roberts

Here & Now was conceived as a means to revitalize the 1782 Sargent House and energize the under-utilized Sargent House Museum garden. The garden’s tiers, which were added to the site in 1925 by preservation architect Joseph Everett Chandler, create unique spaces for artists to set up and find inspiration in the garden. Known for restorations at the House of the Seven Gables and the Paul Revere House, Chandler made various alterations to the historic site and grounds.

Built in 1782 for Judith Sargent Murray—an early feminist writer, philosopher, and social activist, the Sargent House is a fine example of high-style Georgian domestic architecture, enlarged during the Federal period, and converted into a museum during the height of the Colonial Revival.

There are still opportunities available for artists to participate in the Here & Now series. Interested artists should contact Site Manager Kate Laurel Burgess-Mac Intosh at kburgess1@mac.com or by calling 978-412-5290.

Upcoming Artists in the Here & Now Series

July 31: Kathryn Gentile Roberts

August 7: Mary Rhinelander McCarl

August 14: Dorothy Englander

August 21: Carole Anne Meehan

August 28: Coco Berkman

Julie Smith Asks- Burke Field, Magnolia

Julie Smith asks-

Hi- With all of your knowledge of Gloucester, do you have any idea who/what teams, if any, use  the Burke Field in Magnolia?  Or is it not used very often anymore?
Thanks for your help

Lisa Ramos answers-

Joey- Re; Julie Smith- the best one to ask about this information is Bill Knovack, but I can tell you that the Magnolia Mens softball league uses the field regularly for games and I use the far end field near the playground for practice for my Astros t-ball team. Also, the Magnolia Historical Society has donated their time and efforts in field clean up and brush removal, and in removing all the overgrown brush along the sidewalk on Route 127, Western Avenue, (yes there is a sidewalk there) in addition Jay Prince , Gloucester Firefighter, made and donated a new bench for the Astros in the name of the Magnolia Historical Society. Thanks Jay!
Lisa Ramos

Run Gloucester! 7-Mile Road Race Needs Volunteers

GLOUCESTER, Mass. (August 1, 2011) – Volunteers are needed for race weekend for the Run Gloucester! 7-Mile Road Race, set for Aug. 21 on scenic Cape Ann.
“We need volunteers to help out with registration, water stations, parking, course monitoring, and various other assignments" said Diane Anderson, volunteer coordinator for the race.
Volunteers can sign up online at the race website by going to the volunteer page at
http://www.rungloucester.com/volunteer. Race officials say all are welcome, no previous experience is necessary and that volunteering is best when it’s done with friends and family.
"We also need volunteers to help us get the word out to runners throughout the region about this beautiful road race here in Gloucester,” she added.  With five miles of ocean views, Run Gloucester! is an excellent way to visit and see the history and seascapes of historic Cape Ann. This is the second year for the race, which was created by Dave McGillivray of DMSE Sports, Inc., who also serves as race director of the BAA Boston Marathon, TD Bank Beach to Beacon 10K in Maine, Feaster Five Thanksgiving Day Race,
Harvard Pilgrim 10K at Patriot Place and others.

In addition to volunteering, Gloucester area runners are encouraged to register in advance at http://www.rungloucester.com.
Registration for the race and bib pick-up will be held Saturday, Aug. 20 at Gloucester High
School from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Race day registration is available from 6 to 7:45 a.m. at the high school.

New this year, the Road Runner Club of America Expo which will be held Sat., Aug. 20 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Sunday, Aug. 21 from 8-11 a.m.

Race day parking will be available at Gloucester High School and at Stage Fort Park. Race
organizers are encouraging runners who pick up their numbers or register for the race at the high school on Sat., Aug. 20 to park at Stage Fort Park on race day, and those picking up or registering for the race on race day to park at Gloucester High School.

Proceeds from the Run Gloucester! 7-Mile will benefit the Gloucester Fishermen Athletic
Association, which raises funds for Gloucester High School student-athletes, sports programs and facilities, and is a key supporter of the renovation of Gloucester High’s Newell Stadium.

To; EJ and ED! FRAGGLE ROCKs “Pass it on”

Although they haven’t realized it. Ed Collard and EJ Have participated in the Fraggle Rock Tradition of Passing on a rock during the holiday Season. Christmas in July? I guess so!

See Ejs post “Genie get’s her Rock” https://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2011/07/28/did-you-know-genie-gets-her-rock/

Banging Out A Lobster Trap Trawl Aboard The Trapper John

Captain Chris Orsillo and Mate Steve Redfern bang out a trawl.
What is very encouraging and a testament to the conservation efforts of the lobster industry is how many short lobsters there are that will be there to be harvested as they grow. You can see how many get thrown back and it is quite a few.

Once again we used the Kayalu saltwater resistant suction RAM mount to secure the $79 Kodak Playsport Zx3 to the window behind the pilot house of the Trapper John.

Adam Bolonsky Is Looking For A Striper Photo For an Article

Hi Joey;
If things go to plan, I’ll have published in the September issued of On The Water magazine a 2,500-word story on striper fishing inner and outer Gloucester Harbor during the fall run.
Can you put a call out to compadres you know, and via GMG, that I need high res. (at least 1megabyte) photos of large stripers bass taken from any type of boat?
Photos that include recognizable Gloucester landmarks would be great, but are not a necessity. Fish can’t look obviously dead: i.e. covered in blood, with their guts hanging out or anything graphic like that.
Photographer gets byline credit but no cash.

All I have is Pablo here-

So get to it photo snappers!