Auction for 2 Tickets to Thursday’s Sail on Thomas Lannon to Benefit Cape Ann Animal Aid is over

A $130 bid early on sealed the deal. That is a lot of puppy food for the likes of pet of the week Kindle.

Kindle hopes everyone has a lovely sail tomorrow. Looks like the weather will be sunny with not a cloud in the sky. Bring your cameras and snap that sunset. (8.19PM)

The sail is from 7-9PM. Checkin starts at 6:30PM and boarding is at 6:50PM.



1. (adj) placid, quiet, still, tranquil, smooth, unruffled
(of a body of water) free from disturbance by heavy waves
“a ribbon of sand between the angry sea and the placid bay”; “the quiet waters of a lagoon”; “a lake of tranquil blue water reflecting a tranquil blue sky”; “a smooth channel crossing”; “scarcely a ripple on the still water”; “unruffled water”


New Shops Part 2: Wulla & Jemil Beauchamp in Lanesville

Lanesville, the historic home to quarry workers and lots of Finns, is seeing an echo of its past in two new shops that opened up just last weekend. Both shops have a Scandinavian feel, in the sense of a minimal aesthetic with an emphasis on texture — and both take their inspiration from the natural world. And both shops are as far as it is possible to be from the world of the mall with its chain stores. Handmade, individually chosen pieces are the rule here. Which sounds just about right for Lanesville.

Wulla is located just a few doors up from the Plum Cove Grind and the Post Office, right in the heart of Lanesville. It was opened by two designers, friends who met through their love of textiles. They make all the pieces you see in the shop, including the clothes, with the exception of a few felt pieces (like the boots), with a sophistication that undermines any ideas you might have about what a homemade knitted shawl looks like. The whole place has such a soothing aesthetic that I didn’t know whether to buy a handmade felt bag or lay down and take a nap in the dressing room, and I mean that as a compliment. I hope my husband reads this post, as I did see one thing in particular that I covet, among many covetable items: a cable knit cowl, designed to be buttoned around the neck for a upscale, yet earthy departure from the scarf. The best part about this piece is that the buttons were crafted from a tree in one of the owner’s backyards. Lean in close to smell the button (yes, I asked for permission) and the faint scent of cedar remains. You have to experience the beauty and serenity for yourself: stop by Wulla, open Wednesday through Sunday, and meet the women behind these beautiful items.

Then hop across the street (look both ways before you leap of course, and maybe you want to take a coffee break at the Grind between stops) to check out Jemil Beauchamp. Be sure to ask Jenny, the owner and store’s namesake, to point out her handiwork: handmade leather bags and beautifully dyed textiles using the Japanese shibori technique. Jenny’s husband is the artist Kurt Ankeny (whose incredible new work is at Alchemy through August 5th) so you have the added pleasure of seeing his landscapes on the walls of the shop. Besides the beautiful textiles, Jemil Beauchamp carries a carefully edited selection of vintage pieces, and while everything is available for purchase, it is all displayed in such a lovely, austere manner that each piece becomes a sort of visual tribute to a time gone by. Which is kind of how Lanesville itself feels, a tiny piece of the past, whose time has come to be revitalized in a way that best suits the neighborhood, by creative people who live and work there, members of the community if every sense. For hours and more information, visit

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Kindle–Cape Ann Animal Aid Pet of the Week

Kindle – Pet of the Week


Hello, my name is Kindle, I am a two-month-old girl pup who is Lab/Retriever mix.   I am sweet, curious, affectionate, outgoing and smart.  I am at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, a non-profit shelter located at 260 Main Street in Gloucester.  I have siblings here too!  We are all excited about being adopted.

If you don’t know what adoption means – it means that you take someone into your home and heart forever to love.  We don’t have to be blood relatives to be a family, what makes you family is the love.

Dawn and Chloe Represent

Dawn and Chloe Baker represent at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery.  Dawn is the longstanding significant other of my youngest brother, Blake, and a devoted reader of the blog.  She, Blake and Chloe live in West Gloucester and she is the function manager at Ipswich Country Club.  In addition to Chloe, she also has a beautiful retired racehorse named Fleet, who resides at a stable in Rockport and loves to swim in a nearby pond with my brother, Blake.  Because my little brother spends all his time commuting and working in Amesbury, and swimming with Fleet, he has not yet made the long journey from West to East Gloucester to visit his big sister at Rocky Neck.  What’s up little bro?  Niki and Cameron would love to see you, as would I.

E.J. Lefavour

Did You Know? (CATA, Dog Grooming and Water Shuttle)

Julie & Scott Pantages are brand new subscribers to the blog who live in Magnolia.  Scott drives for CATA and Julie has a dog grooming shop in Magnolia called Best in Show.  A fun-loving couple, as you can see, who stopped into Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery at 77 Rocky Neck to get a coveted GMG Version 5.0 sticker.

Captain Steve Douglass is bringing all those great people over to us here on Rocky Neck on the water shuttle.  Saturday he had a boat full of bachelorettes he was shuttling around (poor guy – see how frazzled he looks).  That afternoon he came across some poor man that had drowned and was floating near the Maritime Heritage Center.  

Capt. Steve, remember that you said you would drop by some water shuttle schedules, and promised me a free ride, which I’ll take you up on so I can grab some photos and do a firsthand experience post on GMG about it.

E.J. Lefavour

Annisquam Village Players hosts the The Porches of Annsiquam 2011


What : The Annisquam Village Players hosts the The Porches of Annsiquam 2011, a walking tour of 8 private porches including several historic homes with views of Lobster Cove, Annisquam River, Annisquam Lighthouse and Ipswich Bay. The Event will conclude with a sunset serenade at 30 Norwood Heights by the cast of Annisquam Village Players.

When : Friday evening, August 5, 2011 from 5-8pm

Where : the village of Annisquam MA 01930

off of Route 127 North

Ticket price : $25 and can be purchased at :

Annisquam Exchange, 38 Leonard Street, Annisquam MA 978-281-0358

Annisquam Village Hall, Leonard Street, Annisquam MA on the day of the event

Order online at :

Green Golly and the Treasure of Light At The Sawyer Free Library Tomorrow

Barbara Siesel and Keith Torgan are in town to do a free children’s concert at the Sawyer Free Library tomorrow at 11am!  He is a children’s singer songwriter who plays guitar and she is a world-class flautist.  Their program has won The Parents’ Choice Award and they have found a way to introduce kids (ages 4-8 or so) to classical music and make them fall in love with it.  The link to this event is here with the details:

Celebrated Saxophonist Mike Tucker heads to Rocky Neck for Soul & Funk Night at The Studio Restaurant on Rocky Neck.

Gloucester, MA: Every Thursday this summer! Celebrated Saxophonist Mike Tucker heads to Rocky Neck for Soul & Funk Night at The Studio Restaurant on Rocky Neck. The Mike Tucker Organ Trio’s first show is this Thursday, July 14 at 8pm (free).

Mike Tucker is a great young saxophonist with a mature approach, warm sound, and a stunning technique.” -Michael Brecker

Tucker has performed with Grammy winners Esperanza Spaulding (2011 Best New Artist), Tiger Okoshi, George Garzone, Joe Lavono, Melvin Sparks, George Duke, Christian Scott, Fred Wesley among many others.
Tucker attended Berklee College of Music on a full scholarship and has been invited to play all around the world, including the Phoenix Jazz Festival in Japan and the Kennedy Jazz Festival in Washington D.C. Tucker has appeared on NPR Toast of the Nation, XM Satellite Radio Jazz, Voice of America, and more. Tucker recently returned from touring Europe and has a new recording on Sony Records with Robin McKelle. He has also been asked to be the Art Director for the North Shore Jazz Project,  a big band comprised of exceptionally talented North Shore area high school students.
According to the Boston Herald, “Mike Tucker has quickly established himself as one of the most promising young tenor saxophonists in jazz.”  • Thursday Nights Summer 2011 (first show 7/14) • The Studio • 50 Rocky Neck Ave • Gloucester, MA • 8pm • free
Current Bands
Currently Booking
Madfish Grille
The Studio
play music.

Kids needed to create art for Burnham’s Field garden

Kids needed to create art for Burnham’s Field garden

This Friday, Art Haven and the new Burnham’s Field Community Garden are teaming up to invite kids to paint a beautiful mural and vegetable “sculptures” to decorate the garden. The art workshop is free and open to children of all ages.

Burnham’s Field is the largest green space in central Gloucester. Many, many people will be able to enjoy the public art being created by these Gloucester kids.

The workshop will take place this Friday, July 15, from 4 to 5:30 at Art Haven, 180B Main Street in Gloucester. Kids must be accompanied by a parent.

Questions? Call Dawn at Art Haven.

180B Main Street
Gloucester MA

Annis Squam, 1817

Edmund M. Blunt/©Fredrik D. Bodin
Edmund March Blunt (1770–1862) published and printed the first book of sailing directions in the United States, the American Coast Pilot, in 1796. This Annis Squam chart is from the 9th edition of Coast Pilot and measures 9×5 inches – a tidy size for both large commercial and smaller sailing vessels. At the top in red are what I believe to be fish drying racks. Below Annis Squam, the chart shows the “White Sand Hills” of Coffin’s Beach. I’m excited to have this restored and superbly colored treasure in my gallery.
“The American Coast Pilot, containing the courses and distances between the principal harbours, capes and headlands, from Passamaquoddy through the gulph of Florida, with directions for sailing into the same, describing the soundings, bearings of the light-houses and beacons from the rocks, shoals, ledges, through the south and east channels, and the settings of the currents, with the latitudes of the principal harbours on the coast, together with a tide table, by Edmund M. Blunt; corrected and improved by the most experienced pilots in the United States.” – Edmund Blunt
Printed archivally from a scan of the original map. Negative # AM11-001 (not for navigation)
Fred Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930


I’m not involved in the planning of the Block Parties any more but that just means that our family gets to go down and enjoy it!!!!

I haven’t seen the banner around town or any flyers but that’s probably because I haven’t been looking.  YOU ALL NEED TO KNOW!!!!!  IT’S THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!

It’s a great time to make your reservation to dine outdoors, listen to some free music and catch up with folks you may not have seen since Fiesta.

Make Your Ressies Now!! You Only Get To Dine Al Fresco Right Outside On Gloucester’s Beautiful Main Street Three Times a Year So Don’t Miss Out On This Opportunity!

Please pass this along as I’m afraid many folks may not be aware of it. TIA-J

The Gloucester Downtown Block Party, a citywide food, family and arts event occurring three times throughout the summer in the oceanside community of Gloucester, on Cape Ann celebrates its fourth year with a new spin in the fashion of that other hipster seaside community – Portsmouth, NH.

Valerie Marcley, co-founder and coordinator of the tremendously successful Seaport Fringe Festival in Portsmouth has come on board as Event Coordinator of the Gloucester Downtown Block Party series, which has drawn thousands at each event, organized and powered historically through volunteer efforts alone. Valerie brings a fresh perspective and some new ideas to help broaden the already successful community event to attract and entertain festival goers of all ages.

New this year is the introduction of street minstrels to entertain seated diners when entertainment on the main stage is too far from your al fresco table, a large family zone with more inexpensive and free youth activities such as sidewalk chalk drawing, face painting, games and interactive theater, picnic tables, street food options for those not wishing to wait for a table on “restaurant row”, an Art Street area with works on display and adult street artists, an event-wide 50/50 raffle, and the inclusion of off-Main Street Vendors in the areas not filled by downtown retailers.

Stages at Hancock and Main, and Porter and Main will once again have people “dancing in the streets” with live music, dance performances and lessons, spectacle, comedy, and even a parade down to a waterfront dance party. As always, and perhaps even more this year, Main Street will be full of arts and music, friends and food for participants of all ages to get out and have fun.

The change in organization comes with the retirement and relocation of two of Gloucester Downtown Block Party founders, Janice Shea and Erika Hansen. Their departure from the wonderful summer series has resulted in a new set of local volunteers coming forward, under their invaluable guidance, to sustain and grow this local calendar highlight.

Lorre Anderson of the Black Swan, Mark McDonough of Serenitee Restaurant Group, and founder of Farmer’s Market and Cape Ann Time banks, Judith Brackley, accomplished writer, Jennifer Goulart Amero, Public Relations and Marketing Director for Serenitee Restaurants and Lucinda Seigel join Linn Parisi, destination marketing guru for Cape Ann and event visionary Janice Lufkin to lead events subcommittees including local artists and entertainers like Dawn Gadow of Art Haven, Peter and Vicki Van Ness of GimmeSound and Henry Allen of The Annie.

Festival dates are Saturday July 16, August 20 and September 17, 2011. Information on performing or volunteering at the Gloucester Block Parties through Val

For information and event schedules go to

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Chickity Check It! Atwood Does The Mackerel Thing In Her GDT Column

July 12, 2011

Mackerel: Local, sustainable and good for us

Food for ThoughtHeather Atwood

In staying true to New England waters, Steve Johnson of Rendezvous Restaurant in Central Square, Cambridge, courageously puts fish on his menu that — oh no! — has bones.

Mackerel. Grilled to a charry crispness, dripping with olive oil, delicate filets lifting off of 8 inches of spiny vertebrae, mackerel.

In Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, just about anywhere but here, a serving of fish means a pile of bones on the plate. Residents of these countries make beloved meals with sardines, anchovies, pike, mackerel and herring.

After the jump you get the rest of the story and a recipe as reward

and when you’re done with that, check out Heather’s Fantastic Blog-

Food For Thought