The Gear You Should Buy- The Bogen Manfrotto 797 ModoPocket Small Folding Camera Stand

The next recommendation I have is for a tiny collapsible camera stand made by Bogen Manfrotto which not only uses the standard screw but it folds up into itself flat so it keeps a pocketable compact camera pocketable even while having something that will keep the camera still in low light situations where you need to keep the shutter open for longer periods of time and a camera would be prone to taking a blurry shot due to movement while the camera’s shutter is open to allow more light in.


When taking photos in plenty of light any camera will do, but when taking pictures in low light you need to take advantage of whatever tools you have at your disposal to reduce camera shake which can lead to blurry unusable photos.


Of course you can use a flash but most photographers who want the most natural looking photos absolutely hate using a flash.

Here is an example of a photo taken with a flash-


and without-


Note how the colors are much more natural in the photo without the flash?  The results are  almost always more preferable to take a photo without using a flash.  The way one can accomplish this without having a pile of blurry unusable photos is by using a tripod, or some other means to stabilize your camera.

The reason I always tell people that the absolute number one best bang for your buck investment in camera gear is the Bogen Manfrotto Modopocket because it, unlike a tripod adds an insignificant amount of bulk to your compact camera while still being sturdy, well built and totally stabilizes your camera in low light conditions where you prefer not to use a flash. For $17 you will get incredible dividends on the quality of your photos.

You know all those early morning shots?  There is absolutely no way I could take those hand held. IMPOSSIBLE!

They either were taken using the modopocket or a tripod.  the main benefit of the modopocket being that it is always attached to my camera so I never miss an opportunity because I would need to set it up.  I simply unfold it from the base of my camera to which it always attached.

Here are some pictures taken with it-

You can see how I rested the camera with the modopocket attached right on the hand rail and set the timer to take the picture 2 seconds after I released the shutter as to avoid any camera shake at all.

here is a video I took with it, note how clear it is and stable without a any jittery movements which make video look crappy-

Here is a review I did on it after I bought it a couple of years ago (it hasn’t left my camera mount since I bought it)

Pros: Lightweight, Folds Small, Excellent Value, Good Stability, Great Design, Unfolds Quickly

Best Uses: Video, Macro Photography, Tight Quarters, Low Light, Travel, Night Shots, Portraits, Landscape/Scenery

Describe Yourself: Photo Enthusiast

I photo and vblog blog so having a portable camera at all times is critical. I can leave this attached to my Sony DSC H20 and still keep it in my pocket. For night time shots with long exposures it holds the camera securely. This is not to replace your full scale completely adjustable tripod but for the very little cost to be able to take macro shots in poorly lit areas or conduct impromptu interviews it is fantastic and must have IMO. I have an example of the unboxing and a video I took of it in my review here-

You can buy it here for $17.05 which is almost half off it’s retail price.-


Rubber Duck Field Trip

Rubber Duck was bored so it was a drive into Boston to ride the Swan Boats and then off to try her hand (rubber wing) at Proteomics. But then she started thinking she might be missing too much fun back on the island …

She’s back now and Rubber Duck will be on the bow of a kayak this Saturday behind Gloucester High School waiting for the 8:25 AM horn announcing sea kayaks can start in the Blackburn Challenge. We might take the scenic route around the island so don’t expect her at the greasy pole before 2 PM and save her some cold beer. She won’t be last since I will be four feet behind her. Not sure where Ed will be. Possibly on one end of a tow rope but anyone’s guess which one of us will be doing the towing. Maybe the duck will tow both of us.

UPDATE: Blackburn Challenge has 403 sailors signed up manning some 253 boats following the course below this Saturday morning. Get to your favorite point of land on Cape Ann and cheer them on.

Click map for interactive adventure.

Did You Know? (Girls Night Out)

If you missed the Sangria and Silpada party at Khan Studio and the GMG Gallery last month, you’ll want to make sure you catch this one (if you love really unique, affordable jewelry and a reason to party on Rocky Neck, that is) at Niki Ahearn’s newly opened Madfish Gallery at 77 Rocky Neck, Gallery G5.  And if you love karaoke, there’s that too afterwards at Madfish Grill.



North Shore Arts Association presents Artists Members Exhibition IV “Small Paintings”. The show will run from Sunday, July 24th through Saturday August 6th. Artists Members Exhibition III will continue through Saturday, July 23rd in the main gallery.

North Shore Arts Association is proud to host Music at Eden’s Edge on Saturday, July 23rd during their summer-long 30th Anniversary Celebration with the annual Norbert and Francesca Benotti Memorial Concert at 8 pm. This performance pays tribute to the late Vincent Ferrini, whose poetry inspired “Listening to the Sea Winds!”

North Shore Arts Association has a thriving artist membership of over 350 contemporary artists recognized nationally and worldwide. They come not only from Cape Ann, but throughout North America. NSAA’s historic old building, located at 11 Pirates Lane in Gloucester, provides the opportunity to view the largest collection of paintings and sculpture on Cape Ann.

North Shore Arts Association is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sundays from Noon to 5:00 pm. The gallery extends its evening hours to 8 pm on Fridays through August. In addition to exhibitions, NSAA also offers demonstrations, workshops, lectures, critiques, an art auction on August 6 and more. Please call 978-283-1857 or visit for more information.

Run Gloucester Chosen as Race to Run by Runner’s World

Considering The Huge World-Wide Circulation Of Runner’s World This Is A Great Article For The Race and Gloucester PR In General

Click the photo to read full sized.  I have a nice photo credit for my man at the wheel pic Smile




Grandma Ethel Needs To Put Down the Crack Pipe


Grandma Ethel’s Lobster Rolls Rock

A Recipe from Island Creek Oyster Bar

lobster roll!

It all started out innocently enough.  It seemed reasonable when you quickly scanned over Granny’s ingredient list and hey, I can even let a lobster roll that has celery in it ride without calling them out but there it was, looming.  The devil in the details-


4 1¼-pound lobsters, steamed
1 c. mayonnaise
½ c. pickles, diced small
½ c. celery, diced small
2 tbsp. lemon juice
2 tsp. celery salt
2 tbsp. kosher salt
2 tsp. white pepper
6 tbsp. butter
8 hot dog buns

She was doing so well.

  • regular hot dog rolls- check
  • butter- check
  • mayo- check

But then the train veers off the tracks

Celery, lemon both no-nos, but the issue which is unforgivable here is glaring- the addition of goddamn pickles to a lobster roll.


Once again I will refer to a simply acronym which tells it all- KISS

Keep It Simple Stupid

There is no need to get all crazy just to be different.  You can understand how some bananahead out in California could make this kind of mistake.  But someone from the Northeast?

For shame!

At least it’s not as bad as last week’s debacle from the broads in California who tried to pass off a lobster roll using frozen lobster meat, celery, onions, lemon and jalefuckingpenos.

Or Bucky From Ohio who details a lobster roll made on a French baguette.

Granny must think she has Tiger Blood ala Charlie Sheen if she thinks sneaking such ridiculous ingredients like pickles into a lobster roll is gonna go unnoticed.

Not Here- Not Now Granny.  It’s Lobster Roll  Eatin’ Season and We Ain’t Gonna Let You Lead These Poor Unsuspecting Folks Down  A Lobster Roll Road Paved With Pickles Of All Things!

Here’s how to do it Grannycakes

Missing Person- Truck Found

Gloucester, Truck Found 1/4 Mile From  Exit 14  on the Southbound Side of 128.

Male 49 years old 6 foot tall, bald, wearing shorts and a t shirt and wearing glasses.

Allergic to bees. 

Truck ticketed on 128 before 3PM yesterday July 18th

Any information please contact Gloucester Police 978-283-1212

answers to Jay- Photo please be on the look out

Jay Tie

Barbara Bodin Paints During The July 2011 Block Party

Fred Bodin Writes-

Barbara Bodin, Fred Bodin’s sister, paints outside his galley in the West End during the Block Party. Barb is visiting from Martha’s Vinyard to take painting workshops at the North Shore Arts Association. And, of course, spend some quality time with her brother. The view is of diners in front of La Tratoria.