Our Gloucester Block Party Series needs a dynamic poster! Artist can submit any media to the Good Morning Gloucester site for online voting right now!

The contest and voting ends August 1. Joe Ciaramitaro will run a poll and winner will be announced in Good Morning Gloucester.

· Win dinner for two at awesome Alchemy!

Posters should be 8 ½” X 11 for duplications contain the following information arranged as artists like:

· Downtown Gloucester Block Party

· Third Saturday of the Month

· August 20 September 17

· 6 to 11 pm

· “Free” “Outdoor Dining” “Street Performers” “Music” “Fun for All Ages” – or some arrangement of these (quotes not needed). Give us your own ideas too.


Submit a photo of your entry to: In addition please bring the original hard copy to the Art Haven, 180B Main Street, so folks can see the posters up close and we can display the winner. In both cases include your name and contact information.

Get creative, get zany – capture the spirit of your fantastic

Downtown Gloucester Block Party!

Chickity Check It! Crane Beach Fishing @


New resident to God’s Country (East Gloucester) Brianmoc has the best Striper fishing website that I’ve  ever seen.  I’ve been a fan of his photography and video work for years but it wasn’t til just yesterday that I realized that he hosted all of his work on his website


There are lures that work, fishing reports, tide charts, weather but the best of all Brian’s incredible photography and fishing videos.

I added Brian’s site into the blogroll to the right for easy reference in the future.

Rockport Bonfire: Before and After

Rubber Duck took her kids to the bonfire the day before:

And  Les Bartlett posted this unbelievable next morning shot on his website:Be sure to click through the photo to go to Les’s “Follow The Gleam” website and see the larger slideshow of the morning after the bonfire as well as his amazing series on granite and quarries. In the embers slideshow, third photo in, may be the elusive green flash. The heat from a bonfire might assist the presence of a green flash.

Try and line up the sun, the breakwater, the boat, the embers, oh, and cue perfect sunrise. It is shots like this that make you just roll over and go back to sleep and let someone who knows what they are doing take the shot.

By the way, has anyone seen Rubber Duck? Haven’t seen her since the bonfire. I hope she isn’t a little rubber puddle down at Back Beach.

Video- Watch Expedition Impossible Episode II Featuring Our Gloucester Fishermen The Sanfilippos

Don’t forget to watch Thursday Night at 9PM on ABC.  If you can’t watch the show, set your DVR to record it!

This clip is 26 minutes into the show, click the arrow to watch it on hulu-


Here are some of the exclusive pictures I took of our Hometown Heros aboard The Sanfilippos Gloucester Dragger, The Captain Domenic-

I took one from down in the Fish Hold Looking Up at Them on deck

Joe, Gus and Nino

Gloucester Area Astronomy Club To Meet July 8th


Gloucester Area Astronomy Club speaker and public stargazing at Halibut Point State Park, Friday, July 8 @ 8:00pm
This month’s presentation, at the visitor center: Sky & Telescope Editor-in-Chief Robert Naeye on The Origin of Everything, or How Things Got to Be the Way They Are Right Now.
How did we get from Point A (the Big Bang) to Point B (a complex civilization on a complex planet)?  Join the members of the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club as Sky & Telescope editor Robert Naeye presents a whirlwind illustrated trip through this amazing scientific story. He will trace the critical transitions that led to our current existence, from the origin of the first stars and galaxies through the formation of the solar system, to the origin and evolution of life on Earth, to the emergence of intelligent beings capable of understanding where they came from.
Weather permitting, the club will have its telescopes set up for public stargazing after the talk. All are welcome.

Thursday Night Blues Party To Host Willie “Loco” Alexander @ The Rhumb Line

Dave Says,

The Weal of Fortune tilts our way this Thursday as we welcome back Mr. Willie Alexander  to our  stage at the Rhumb Line. The ineffable Willie, the Godfather of Punk, is going to help us all work out on those parallel universe bars, and perhaps reach Valhalla with minutes to spare. Jump up!
Backing him up is his long time gritarist, Mr. Billy Loosigian, who’s been in therapy since waking up with an overwhelming desire to become an insurance salesman. Help him out! As usual, Greg T., pool boy and raconteur will be filling in the cracks, Mr. Steevie Chaggaris , he of the Napalmolive hairdo, will be doin’ the eggbeatin’ and myself, on  third base, will be lookin’ forward to comin’ home. We’re all battin’ .350!


And then, this Sunday, I’ll be dragging the Geezerz® up to Glenn’s Cool Bar and Restaurant in Nbpt. for our debut gig. This is important for us! For those of you who’ve been sleeping under a rock, The Geezerz®, aka Dave Sag’s Atomic Cocktail, is my favorite unit of all time. Consisting of Dave Brown, slide shaman, Greg T., Speedy West glitarist, Meselph, and David Mattacks, on Skins. Unfortunately, Dave M. is recuperating from back surgery (really!) so Mr. Andrew Jones, a student of his will be filling some mighty big shoes.General Curtis “Lemay” Haines ,the Pope of Nbpt.will serve as  our congenial host and will be tinklin’ the ivories. Glenn’s is the best restaurant  I’ve ever thrown up in and I’m glad to be there doin’ my thing. But seriously, folks, Glenn’s is a fabulous bistro. The food, the people ,the music, and the sightlines are the best!.Peel your ass off the bridge and drive the lousy 45 minutes up there… it’s really worth it. Ya gotta make reservations or you won’t get in. See ya then!!

Change of Plans for Dinner With Fly Amero ~Tonight ~ Special Guest Toni Ann Enes



Hello everyone!
Wednesday, July 6th
I am sorry to announce that Chick Marston will be unable to
perform this week due to a recent hand injury (20-something
stitches, I’m told). However, the prognosis is good and he
should be playing guitar again as soon as a couple weeks!
The popular Toni Ann Enes has graciously agreed to bail me
out and appear in Chick’s stead tonight.

Special Guest: TONI ANN ENES!

Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Wednesdays Only!
Prime Rib Dinner –
$9.95 (while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!

Next Week:
July 13th: RIC ST. GERMAIN

I hope to see you there! 🙂 ~ Fly

Good Harbor Beach, 1930

Good Harbor Beach, 1930 Alice M. Curtis/©Fredrik D. Bodin
As summer takes hold and hot weather becomes the norm, I think of this photograph, taken at the Brier Neck end of Good Harbor Beach. It looks hazy, hot, and humid. Details of the Back Shore and Moorland Hotel are lost in the haze. Beach goers seek out the water and hide in the shade. The number of umbrellas makes me think they knew about the effects of too much sun.
Printed from the original 5×7 inch glass negative in my darkroom. Negative # A8357-048
Fred Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

What’s New in Jenna’s Garden? Week 3


Pleasant Street resident Jenna Howard is providing updates on the beets, radishes and other vegetables growing in her plot at the new Burnham’s Field Community Garden. The reports and photos will allow GoodMorningGloucester viewers to follow the garden’s progress with a weekly answer to the question, “What’s New in Jenna’s Garden?”

By Jenna Howard

Week Three:

"Over the past few weeks the Burnham’s Field Community Garden has evolved into something amazing. Everyday that I visit, I’m surprised to see the growth of all the gardeners’ plots. Our little garden has transformed into a jungle! This week the growth in my garden resulted in the harvest of more veggies — Bib Lettuce, Golden Beets and Radishes! The garden is ever-changing. With the free space I was able to plant some more herbs. The newest additions to my garden are Oregano, Thyme and Rosemary. But the most exciting addition to the garden was the very first strawberry that appeared this week. That strawberry didn’t stand a chance, as I couldn’t wait to eat it. And it was delicious!"


week three 2week three

Gloucester Zen- Good Harbor Beach At Dawn July 5th 4:50AM

Sometimes when I bitch about having to get up at 3:45AM every morning for work I forget about being able to bring you scenes like this-

and then it all seems so worthwhile

(turn up your speakers and let the sound of the waves wash over you)


Welcome Vixen- Vixen Will Get a Lift Tomorrow Afternoon At High Tide At The Maritime Heritage Center

World traveler gets a lift at GHC tomorrow afternoon at high tide.The Halabisky’s talk about their adventures

Hillary Frye Writes

               In the early fifties,when my Uncle Jimmy,fresh from the Navy,with a beautiful young wife,decided to sail around the world,he sought out the best in the business.  Designed by John Atkin and built by Joel Johnson by hand in Black Rock, CT,34′ 71/2″LOA, gaff cutter-rigged with tillered helm, she was born to circumnavigate;Made for the Trades.

              Legend has it that all documentation of that first global loop,fell victim to the jealousy of a troubled woman.

            I remember seeing Vixen for the first time at Dinner Key Marina in Miami with a “FOR SALE”sign posted in her rigging.We were living there at the time,so saw her every day.I was a child and knew she was my uncle’s boat and what she’d done,but was really too young to appreciate the scope of her accomplishment.

          My uncle had become enamored of Africa and returned there leaving her behind.  When my family returned to Dinner Key the following year,Vixen was gone.

          Her name cropped up occasionally in the classifieds of assorted yachting journals,then sort of faded away.My uncle pretty much lived out the rest of his life in Africa,primarily Rhodesia,until the uprising,when he moved to South Africa.  He visited us,here in Gloucester,maybe a handful of times,before his death in 2005.

       My brother,Dave,like his uncle,a devotee of fine things nautical,ocean-going vessels in particular,decided to “google”Vixen,and he came up with a hit.That put us in touch with her current owner/skipper Bruce Halabisky,who has just now completed her(at least)second circumnavigation at her birthplace in Black Rock.

        He and his wife became a family on the way,adding to beautiful little girls to the crew.

       How Vixen got to Juneau,Alaska,remains a mystery to me.(maybe Les knows;I’ll ask him)In 1989 she was discovered in a boatyard in Port Townsend,Wash.,by a sympathetic boat-building professor with a connoisseur’s eye for poetic lines,Leslie Schnick.From then on,he directed all of his resources and energies to her refitting and upgrade,restoring her to the condition of her original purpose.She won prize after prize in the classic boat shows, becoming quite the star on that circuit.

        Meanwhile,Bruce was researching his own project;planning to build his own world traveler.When he saw Vixen at a show,however,he knew he’d found the vessel he would’ve designed and built himself.He and Les struck a deal:and once they hit Hawaii,there was no stopping her;Vixen was going around again.

                                                 Welcome Vixen


New Addition To The GMG Free Cape Ann WiFi Map- Café Bishco

Sandy Farrell Reprts-

Hi Joey! Walked by the Cafe Bishco on Main Street, Glo- they had a wi-fi sign in the window. Don’t know the particulars re: passwords, etc, but thought you might like a new entry for the map.

Thanks, Sandy Farrell

Click on the Map below to Go To The Interactive Map We Made For You To Find Free Cape Ann WiFi Locations-