Did You Know? (Love in a Watermelon)

Some people find love on a two-way street, Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich and Lucy in the sky with diamonds, but Madfish Wharf neighbor, Violet Gray, finds love in watermelons.  This is the first watermelon she cut into and found a clearly visible heart on the inside.   She has since bought two more watermelons and found the same thing, although multiples of hearts in those.  She bought the lovely watermelons at Stop & Shop, and would love to know if others have found hearts in their watermelons.  Violet is a really sweet woman who really loves watermelon, so I think the hearts were for her alone, but it would be interesting to know if other have had similar heartfelt watermelon experiences.  These particular watermelons were grown in the US and are from Gibson Farms.  If you’ve found a heart in your watermelon, we’d love to hear about it.

E.J. Lefavour


Trapper John Setting 100 Lobster Pots At Double Speed

Chris Orsillo Uses The Kayalu Ram Saltwater Camera Mount To Film at 720p 60fps

The mount has worked flawlessly so far and I can’t wait to make a ton more videos mounting the camera in creative places now that I don’t have to worry about the mount I use rusting up in salt water conditions.

I pair it with the refurbished $79 saltwaterproof Kodak Playsport Zx3 which can actually take video under water for the perfect solution for the dock and on our lobster boats. The Kodak Playsport also takes 720p 60 frames per second video which allows me to edit slow motion or speed up the video . That feature isn’t even an option on many $1,500 DSLR’s. Adam Bolonsky turned me on to that camera after I found out he shot our footage from Saturday’s Greasy Pole with it.
Here is some of the footage he captured with it-

Here’s a link to buy it. I bought the refurbished one for $79 here-
Kodak Playsport ZX3 Refurbished

Pet of The Week From Cape Ann Animal Aid

I am Alicia reminding you about the Gloucester Dog Parade on Saturday, August 6 at 10 a.m. as part of the Sidewalk Days.

The theme is "Super Heroes".  Every dog will win a keepsake.

Entree fee is $10. Pre-registration is encouraged by calling 978-283-6055 or info@capeannanimalaid.com.
I am a 16-month-old tiger cat who is black-and-grey.   I am resting at the Cape Ann Animal Aid located at 260 Main Street in Gloucester.   I have just finished raising my beautiful litter of kittens who have all found loving homes and I am hoping the same for myself.

I am receiving excellent attention at the shelter, but I still could use a day at the spa!




Cape Ann Animal Aid’s popular Gloucester Dog Parade will take place on Saturday, August 6th at 10am as part of Gloucester’s Sidewalk Days. The parade starts at the CAAA booth on the west end of Main St. The theme this year is "Super Heroes" . Every dog will win an award and photo keepsakes of your dog in costume will be available! $10 entry fee per dog benefits CAAA. Pre-registration is encouraged at 978-283-6055 or info@capeannanimalaid.com. Please visit www.CapeAnnAnimalAid.com or call for more information.

International Dory Race Eliminations Are 3 Weeks Away



There is still time to represent!

Eliminations are 3 weeks away on August 13th off of Niles Beach .  If you have been rowing or would like to try racing, your time is here.  Grab a partner and get some rows in over the next few weeks and you could represent the US in Nova Scotia , Canada August 27th for the International title.  We need teams in all categories:  Juniors (men 18 & under), Women, Mixed Doubles, Over 40 men, and Open men.  Winners of eliminations receive an “expense paid” trip to Lunenburg to take on the Canadians.  If you have always wanted to try racing and don’t have a partner, let us know and we will try to “hook you up”.

In other news, congratulations to all our members who took on the Blackburn Challenge this past weekend.  A grueling 20+ mile course around Cape Ann in an 800 lb. dory is truly a feat that few can accomplish.  I am proud to say the IDRC was well represented with Christina Carpenter completing the race as the first woman ever to finish solo in a banks dory, Jimmy T receiving a “hall of fame” award for so many (and the fasted time ever) solo in a banks dory, and Jeff Muise/Joe Sanfillippo who broke 4 hours in a “real” banks dory (our unofficial best time ever!).  And, not to forget the return of Geoff Thomas/Tim Oakes who finished a respectable 3rd in the banks dory division after only a few weeks back in the boat.

Lastly, we are looking for volunteers to help get the practice boats back in service Monday, August 1st 6pm at Pavilion Beach .  Mike Harmon has volunteered to tow the boats off mooring and over to the beach where we will scrub them down and row them back to the town landing.  Please let us know if you can give us an hour or so that evening.

Happy Rowing,

IDRC Board of Directors


click picture for dory slideshow

This Thursday Night Blue’s Party at The Rhumb Line to host John Keegan


This time around we welcome back Mr. John Keegan® ,uvula waggler and leader of men. Johnny K. has been very busy of late, what with his myriad musical machinations and Ebay Defcon Fives. We’re lucky to have him in one piece. He’ll be pointing the bone at you all night long. Its gonna be a dancin’ nite, so wear your thong and your Dr. Scholl’s. You’re gonna need ’em.
  Blacking him up and chain smoking will be Mr. Gym Gwin, Fred’s brother (again!) on eggbeaters and symbols. He’s recuperating nicely from that conductor’s baton attack last week. None dare call it acnepuncture! John Hyde, jazz snob and loving husband, will be doing keyboard dooties. He’ll be a little tardy, cuz he has a late appointment at the  tattoo parlor, getting ” Sandi” shot onto his forehead. Roomer has it that some mysterious sexophone guy might show up, too…who knows?
Of course, Greg T. will be there, vacuuming the gene pool, and me, too, on base, and ready to steal third…
Steak nite is over, brought to its demise since several noted Republican friends of Fred have disappeared mysteriously. So, Fred and Trooper have instigated “Cajun Nite”.This sounds truly great! so, this week, the Rhumb Line is offering a choice of jambalaya or popgun shrimp all at the unbelievable price of $8.95. while it lasts. Fred has installed seat belts on all the chairs. Troop is a really great cook, and plays a mean sax, to boot. The food is really good, you really oughta czech it out. Sure beats ordering that worm pizza at Domino’s. Free bibs for all you droolers. Do it!

Hoodoo Revelator is back and their gonna have a real good time @ The Dog Bar July 29!

Hello everyone.  Hoodoo Revelator, www.hoodoorev.com will be performing their one and only show in Gloucester at The Dog Barwww.dogbarcapeann,  65 Main St, Gloucester, THIS FRIDAY, July 29th from 9-midnite!  Our show at the Rhumbline has been rescheduled to this fall so we hope to see you all at The Dog Bar this Friday!

The Hoodoo Gang

George’s By Night Saturday August 6th!

Dean Salah Writes-

Our next George’s By Night event is Sat. Aug. 6th featuring the music of Frakie G.
w/ Mike Lindberg and Tony G. We will be serving a full course dinner featuring
grilled garlic chicken and summer veggies over penne. Seating is limited and tickets are
on sale at Georges. Festivities start at 6:30 and as always bring along your favorite spirits.
Tickets are $30 on a first come basis, and tables can be reserved for larger parties. If
interested reserve your seats at the shop.  978-281-1910,  thanks,  Dean

I’m Not Paulie Walnuts! Or am I? Rant Number 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 (I’ve lost track)

I’m Not Paulie Walnuts! or am I?

How Many times do I have to tell our so called fearless leader i’m not Paulie Walnuts! Paulie Walnuts was a character on the Sopranos! A show that protrayed Sicilian Americans as; Murderers, thugs and low Lifes!  What does it take to be taken seriously as an Artist and a GMG Blogger?


I’m not “PAULIE WALNUTS” and if anyone calls me that again I’ll have to break your legs!

Please I would Like some respect! lmfao! but Joey will never give some!

Should I just accept it as a compliment? Or what?

Happy Birthday, Jackie!

Jackie and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. ©Fredrik D. Bodin
In the 1980’s, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government hired me to photograph people and events in their brand new building near Harvard Square. This day’s event was the dedication of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Park, which is between the academic building and Memorial Drive and the Charles River. Among the guests of honor were Jackie, Caroline, John, Joe, and Ted Kennedy; Governor Michael Dukakis, and Boston Mayor Ray Flynn.
That evening the Kennedy School hosted a rooftop cocktail party for faculty, staff, and the Kennedys. One thing I’ll always remember is how elegant and graceful Jackie was. Her handshake and comments to everyone, from the secretary to the college president, were warm and genuine. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was born on July 28th, 1929 (July 28th is my birthday too). Happy birthday Jackie.
Printed archivally from my 35mm negative. Negative # FDB870529-06#12A
Fred Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

What’s New in Jenna’s Garden? Week 6

GMG Series: What’s New in Jenna’s Garden?

There’s been some drama this week in Pleasant Street resident Jenna Howard’s plot in the Burnham’s Field Community Garden. Read on for the photos and details.

By Jenna Howard

Week Six

Last week was a week full of lessons! If you read my week five update, you already know that I made the horrible mistake of cutting dry leaves off my squash. I’m sad to report that the squash did not make it! Unfortunately, in just a matter of a few days most of the squash’s big, beautiful leaves dried up and left the fruit completely exposed to the sun. I had to pull the squash from the garden because it was clear that there was no reviving it. Fortunately I did get five healthy Patty Pan squash from the plant.

I also had a great learning experience with my tomato plants this week. After a few days of high winds, I found all three of my tomato plants lying on their sides. I realized it was not only due to the strong winds but also the fact that my tomato cages were not tall enough. At this point it would be impossible to take the cages off the tomatoes, so I had to come up with another way to secure the tomatoes and keep them upright. I did that using giant stakes and then tying the stalk of the plants to the stakes. I also used gardeners’ Velcro and ties to keep all the stray branches in place.

It was a week of lessons learned! Luckily, the garden is looking much better but I can’t help but feel like there is something missing now that my giant squash is gone.

For Weeks 1-5 click here

dead squashfalling tomatoesstanding tomatoesweek6garden