Did You Know? “Art, Rocks!” Rocky Neck Tonight 7pm!

Did You Know? “Art, Rocks!” Rocky Neck Tonight 7pm!

The Rock is now ready to be found. Do you know where it is? Can you find it?

The Rock! 

The Location! Easy Enough?



An Inspirational Interview With Jeffrey Cluett- An Artist Without Limits

My faith and hope for the future of the art scene in Gloucester renewed after popping into Gallery 5 on Madfish Wharf

If I see another paining of a goddamn bowl of fruit I swear I’m gonna gouge my eyes out.

my suggestion- go down to Gallery 5 on Madfish Wharf, check out Jeffrey Cluett, Ben Macadam and Stephanie Williams work and rediscover what it was like for you as an artist when you had youth on your side and didn’t know any boundaries. Rules? We don’t need no stinkin rules!!! Rediscover and reconnect with what it was like to let it go and to create freely and push what is possible with whatever medium it is you work with.

This is the art that is making a difference. This is the art that inspires. This is the future. Welcome.

Jenn Cullen Adopts Cape Ann Animal Aid Kitty–Maisy


I almost forgot to tell you that I did adopt a cat from Cape Ann Animal Aid in May (not
Squeaky as she was gone when I went to check), I named her Maisy, she is the sweetest thing, still a bit shy, but loves to sit on the windowsills and watch the boats and seagulls go by, here is a pic:


Madfish Wharf Hummingbird and Pigeons Watching Shadow Pigeons Kissing

Did You Know that hummingbirds are smart?  Percentage wise, the hummingbird has the largest brain of all birds (4.2% of its total body weight).  They also live long for a creature with such a high metabolism – up to 10 years and longer.  We all know that hummingbirds are turbo charged little creatures (flying 25-30 mph and diving up to 60 mph); but this new regular visitor to Madfish Wharf looks like he has a little rocket attached to his tail feathers to give him extra speed.   Their wings beat on average 50 times per second, so are always just a blur unless they are resting.  This little fellow likes to hang out on the Christmas lights strung across Madfish Wharf.

Then we have pigeons watching shadow pigeons kissing on the deck of an old boat at Marine Railways.  It doesn’t take much to amuse me.

E.J. Lefavour


July 24th Mug Up at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery

Today’s Mug Up was an extra special event, being a combination Sunday Morning Mug Up and continuation of the celebration of supermen, Paul Morrison and Ed Collard’s triumphant completion of the grueling Blackburn Challenge after having had a good night’s rest.  Don’t they both look so hale and hearty and tanned.  Sista Felicia brought a special addition to the Mug Up fare of amazing Superman cookies (which she got up at 5:00 am to bake, with the help of BJ and Amanda).  Paul Morrison brought the ever-awesome Lattoff Farms Monkey Bread (this batch was particularly heavily coated in warm, gooey cinnamon sauce – as you can see from the fingerlickin photo of our leader, Joey C.).  We even had a visit from our lovely Mayor, Carolyn Kirk, pictured with guest artist, Ruth Curtis (who brought a healthy fruit salad) and adopted shelter family member . . . (sorry, I forgot her name).  And our dear Paulie Walnuts was in the house, and brought an amazing cranberry walnut coffee cake.  Good food, conversation and fun was had by all.  Next Mug Up will be Sunday, July 31 at 10:00 am. 

E.J. Lefavour


Beaux Arts Ball Set For August 11, 2011 With a Disco Theme!!!


The Rocky Neck Art Colony invites the public to attend the annual Beaux Arts Ball on Thursday, August 11, from 7-11 pm at the Studio Restaurant, 51 Rocky Neck Ave.
in Gloucester. The theme, Studio 51, based on the nightclub Studio 54 the height of the disco era, is all about the dancing. Costumes are encouraged but not required. Music, dancing, hors d’oeuvres, and a cash bar will be provided. Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes and among our distinguished judges will be Joey C. from "Good Morning Gloucester". General Admission is $25 for adults and $10 for children under 18.
VIP tickets are available at $50 and include special seating and a Studio 51 swag bag. Visit: http://www.rockyneckartistsball.com for details. Tickets can be purchased on Rocky Neck at: Imagine, Sigrid Olsen Art Gallery, Rocky Neck Art Gallery or Amy’s Coffee and Cones. Contact Sigrid Olsen at 978.281.1766 for more information.

A Cape Ann tradition since the 1940’s, the Beaux Arts Ball is a major fundraiser for the Rocky Neck Art Colony, an organization dedicated to nurturing excellence in the visual arts. Throughout the year, the Art Colony sponsors many free events that promote the arts on Rocky Neck including Nights on the Neck, a juried Summer Artist Series featuring work from both inside and outside the colony, Artist in Residence talks, and other lectures
and exhibits.

Desi Smith Captures Ed and Paul At the Blackburn Challenge

Hi Joey, please share these photo’s on your blog of Ed and Paul.


Ed gives Paul a push.


Paul and Rubber Duckie prepare for the journey.


Ed battens down the hatches.


Ed gives the thumbs up,saying he’s ready for the challenge.


Ed heads out to meet Paul for their adventure together.


Ed’s Daughter watches as her father and Paul Morrison head out for the Blackburn Challenge.


There’s no turning back now!

all photos and captions Desi Smith

Rocky and Keri To Join Fly Amero This Wednesday night.

Hello everyone!
Wednesday, July 27th
Special Guests:
Rocky Kramm & Keri Anderson have been wowing crowds all
over New England under the alias, “Whalebone Farmhouse”.
“Rock” is a genius guitarist and arranger. Keri is a classic
blues diva, reminiscent of a young Tracy Nelson. Her voice
is as big as Kansas and stretches far over the rainbow. You
can see for yourself. Check some of these very cool vids…
Dinner with Fly Amero: 8 – 11pm
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Wednesdays Only!
Prime Rib Dinner –
$9.95 (while they last)
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
I hope to see you there! 🙂 ~ Fly

A Little History About The Rocky Neck Artists Ball From Barbara McLaughlin

Hi Joey

Newspaper articles dated back to 1951 were given to me by Suzy Kadiff whose father was Tom O’Hara of The Cape Ann Society of Modern Artists. They summered on Rocky Neck beginning in the 40’s and the Society of Modern Artists had their gallery in the Hawthorn Hotel down the street from Rocky Neck.

The Ball was a tradition that seemed to straddle a number of artists groups (but many of them appeared to be sponsored by the Cape Ann Society of Modern Artists) on Cape Ann and various locations. In 1951 was called the Artists Masque Ball, in 1952 the Cape Ann Artists Ball, in 1955 the Beaux Arts Ball, in 1959 the Artists Ball and in 1963 the Bal Casma.

So the Artists Ball is a pretty old tradition.



Don’t Forget To Come To Mug Up This Morning- 10AM Madfish Wharf!!!


Madfish Wharf  77 Rocky Neck Ave In the alley that leads you to the Madfish Grille

We will be celebrating ED, Paul Morrison and R Duckie’s Triumphant Victory (they finished) in The Blackburn Challenge!

Also FOB’s from around the country have told us they will be coming to say hey and mingle with their favorite GMG personalities.  You can also meet the new guest artist Ruth Curtis and see her beautiful photography.

Ed Collard, Paul Morrison, Paulie Walnuts Frontiero, EJ and I will be there for sure.  If I get confirmation from other contributors that they will be there I’ll add them to the list.

Hey even if you don’t particularly care for the company come for the free coffee and coffeecake Smile

click below for directions


meet up with friends on the water taxi

What are we doing to beat the heat?


Ice cream on Rocky Neck, snack and drink at Sailor Stan’s, then hopped on
the water shuttle from the Studio–to beat the heat and enjoy the gorgeous
harbor! Note: Studio was jumping and drinks there next time sans children.
Small craft warning provided a little chop, PERFECT, kids on the edge with
the excitement by the SJ Landing as Coast Guard responders raced off,
2 thrilled to holler to their dad’s fishing boat, and amazing views all
around, the paint factory, the spires (UU, Our Ladys, St Ann’s and City
Hall)and other local landmarks that we’re used to seeing from shore. Next
time we’ll go longer: hop on hop off with spots and snacks all different
places; highly recommend! Fixed landing by St. Peter’s easiest/safest
boarding for any shaky legs.
(friends: Justine, Ava, Leo, Catherine, Charles, and George)