The CBS Boston Most Valuable Blogger Everything Else Category Rant

As many of you know (and I swear I don’t want to be obnoxiously asking for your votes every two seconds) Good Morning Gloucester, our blog is among the 30 or so nominees for Boston’s Most Valuable Blogger in the Everything Else category.

It’s a great honor and it’s all because of our contributors and community who send in material as well as comment on posts and/or help out with the latest foolish plans we may be concocting to dominate the world.

I don’t want this to come off as a plea for votes but I just now had the time to click through the other nominees on the list and out of the 30 or so, there really IMO are only about 5 that belong there.  I’m not even saying GMG deserves the top spot (although in my mind it does) but I could see how someone could vote for Adam Gaffin’s excellent and oft updated Universal Hub

What I cannot understand is how there are some nominees in the category that hardly ever even update or may only update once a week.  There are some nominees that have a total of three blog posts for the whole month of August.  We bang that out by 8AM on any given day.  So if you have time and see some of the other nominees even in the same category that we are nominated in, look through and at least vote for some blog that cares enough to maintain the thing.

I would tell you that there are some local Cape Ann blogs that I would put up over at least 60% of the nominees in the contest.

Anyway I truly am appreciative to whoever nominated us in the first place and I hope that if we don’t win that someone that puts in the time and energy that we do, does win.

Thanks for your support…end rant

Picture of Santo Militello Aboard His Dragger The Maureen

Santo offloaded fish with our grandfather, our fathers and after our father’s retired Frankie and I here at our dock.  He loved to fish, loved his family and loved his garden.  As classy of a man as you’ll ever find.


The image was sent to my by Sue Muise who apparently found it on Nathan Benn’s

It is part of a series of photos you can see aboard the Maureen by clicking here

Schooner Festival Is Coming This Weekend- Photo From Len Burgess

Len writes-

Here’s the "Bald Eagle" from the 2010 Schooner Festival.
Wishing for good weather this year too.


Here is the Official Schooner Festival Website Hosted By the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce

Weekend Schedule (2011)

Notice of Race (2011)

Race Application (2011)

Sailing Instructions
Traditional Small Craft Races (2011)
Parade of Sail (2011)

Mayor’s Race (2011)

Chamber Artist Donald A. Mosher

A Tribute to Armand Sindoni

Cape Ann’s Schooners
Thomas E. Lannon, leading the Parade of Sail
Adventure, hosting the Mayor’s Reception,
Lewis H. Story, flagship for the Essex Shipbuilding Museum, and Ardelle built in Essex in 2011
and the flagship for Maritime Gloucester.
The Bald Eagle and Sugar Babe from Gloucester
and Green Dragon from Manchester.

Click here for information on the restoration efforts
for the 117-year old Schooner Ernestina.

American Schooner Association
American Sail Training Association

Sarg – Pet of the week


My name is Sarg and I am a  two-month-old boy pup who is a Keeshound mix with a black-and-tan coat. The nice staff here said I am as cute as a button.  I think this is a compliment.  My siblings and I are at the Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester waiting to be adopted.  I don’t know what the word siblings means, but I think it means brothers and sisters!  But I have all brothers.

We are happy pups who are active and cute.  There is so much going on down here at the shelter – talk about upcoming events – the new shelter opening this year – people purchasing bricks at the new shelter and so much more – visit: and you will see what I mean.

Remember to stop on down and meet my siblings and me… (remember…that means my brothers)!

Night on the Neck Grand Finale

August’s Night on the Neck was even better than July’s Night on the Neck; but watch out for September, the Grand Finale Night on the Neck for the season.  Don’t miss it.  Back by popular demand, the incomparable Bird Mancini returns to Madfish Wharf (7:00-8:30pm).  September Night on the Neck, Thursday, September 1st 5:00-9:00 pm. 

Also, Thursday will be the final day of Sinikka Nogelo’s exhibit at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck, so if you haven’t been in to see it, this will be your last chance.  She will be here during Night on the Neck, so you can see her too.

E.J. Lefavour

Cooking demonstration at the Cape Ann Farmers Market tomorrow (September 1) at 4pm


Heather Fraelick writes-

Cape Ann Fresh Catch is excited to announce the upcoming 10-week Fall 2011 Season, available weekly in Gloucester on Thursdays from 4–6 p.m. at Turner’s Seafood, 4 Smith Street . The Fall Season begins in on September 8th, 2011.

There are two basic share types available: whole fish and fillets. At weekly delivery sites we offer: Whole Fish: 4-6 lbs of whole fish—$20/wk and Fillets: 2 lbs of filleted fish—$24/wk or an alternating share— fillets one week, whole fish the next—$22/wk.

Share options, pricing and the Fall 2011 Season contract/online shopping cart are available through the website at

What is Cape Ann Fresh Catch?

Cape Ann Fresh Catch (CAFC) has worked together with local fishermen and shore-side operations to deliver the freshest, sustainable seafood available to members since 2009. Members join the program by purchasing a share for a season. Each week during a season, at a designated delivery site, CAFC members pick up their shares of fresh seafood. Local fishermen are helped by having new, more sustainable, markets for their product. By keeping all costs community-based, our local economy prospers, and CAFC member get the freshest and highest quality seafood available.

Lunenburg International Dory Race Results from Erik Dombrowski

The results are in!!!!

After a long drive to Lunenburg, NS the competitors and fans of the International Dory Racing Committee enjoyed a great day of racing last Saturday, August 27th.  The day began with bright sunshine and little wind as the junior tandem of LJ Robertson and Randy Parisi cruised to victory with a powerful stroke and a perfect course.  Next, the women’s crew of Heather Fraelick and Karen Conant (fitness women from Crossfit in Gloucester) after only a few rows battled through the ½ mile course but came up a little short against a much more experienced Canadian crew.  In the mixed doubles event, the infamous Jimmy T. with his new partner Linnea Williams rowed stroke for stroke with a Canadian husband and wife team but were edged out just at the finish.  Now, with the wind picking up considerably as the day went on, Mike Harmon and John Scola took on legendary Walter Nickerson with his partner Danny Moody.  Walter and Danny took a lead at the start but Harmon and Scola battled back closing at the turn. In the end, the Canadians took full advantage of their experience in Lunenburg harbor compensating for the wind and pulled out the victory.  After an early victory and 3 straight losses, it was up to the tandem of Erik Dombrowski and Glenn Harrington to quiet the exuberant 200+ Canadian fans celebrating on the docks and boats of Lunenburg harbor.  And, that’s exactly what they did!  After a couple false starts in the excessive wind, the Americans got an early lead in the mile course and powered home to victory.

The day was capped off by an awards ceremony with our Canadian friends where Senator Bruce Tarr delivered an amazing speech reminding all of us how important this event and the 59 year tradition are to the people of Gloucester, Nova Scotia, the US and Canada.

Official times of the races were:
Randy Parisi & LJ Robertson (U.S) – 6:22.88
Stefan Nickerson & Joshua Atwood (Can) – 6:34.70

Gladys Collicutt & Patianne Verburgh (Can) – 6:50.68
Heather Fraelick & Karen Contant (U.S) – 7:07.31

Over 40’s:
Walter Nickerson & Danny Moody (Can) – 6:25.58
Mike Harmon & John Scola (U.S) – 6:33.50

Cara Ross & Gary Sears (Can) – 6:48.34
Jimmy Tarantino & Linnea Williams (U.S) – 6:50.23

Erik Dombrowski & Glenn Harrington (U.S) – 10:52.05
Kenny MacDonald & Tim Mair (Can) – 11:04.26

Live Paint Factory Demo Photos Did You Know? (Man Cage)

Some photos of the Paint Factory this morning with a crane and man cage being used to remove any potentially toxic materials from the roof and front (water overhanging) side of the shed of the paint factory.  I spoke with Crosby Martin of McConnell Enterprises, the dismantling and recycling company handling this portion of the project.  As you can see from the photos, this shed building section of the paint factory is in the process of falling into the harbor, so remediation is being done to make sure nothing of a toxic nature goes into the water when this building is dismantled.  All other segments of the plant from the peaked roof you can see behind the shed forward will be restored and maintained.

E.J. Lefavour

Joey’s photos below-

you can see the men on the roof

(click pictures for larger views)




Schooner Adventure Wins the Mayor’s Race

Adventure Wins! 1991 ©Fredrik D. Bodin
Three years after her 1988 arrival in Gloucester, Schooner Adventure won the Mayor’s Race for the second time. Race day was crystal clear and very windy, which Adventure, with her 6,500 square feet of sail, took advantage of off the East Gloucester shore. The 122 feet long knockabout schooner was built in Essex (MA) in 1926. She fished until 1953 as the most productive dory fisherman ever.
Now listed as a National Historic Landmark, Adventure is being restored to sail again as a floating classroom. Although she won’t be sailing this year, Adventure will be offering a full schedule of events during Gloucester Schooner Festival:
Note: To help Schooner Adventure, I granted them publicity and promotional rights to this photo and to Adventure Wins! 1988. You can see another photo of Adventure on our distillery Ryan & Wood’s Knockabout Gin label.
Printed archivally in the darkroom from my original 6×7 cm negative. Image # FDB910901-02#09

Fred  Bodin

Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

The Stacy House- Suite 502 Tour At Bass Rocks Ocean Inn

I grew up driving by the Bass Rocks Ocean Inn every day of my life.  Passing it on the way to school.  Not once had I ever stepped foot inside until day before yesterday.

You may have the same experience, but now you’ll be able to see inside for yourself through our lens.   Part II-