GMG Gear Preview- KAYALU RAM Marine Grade Gear Locking Suction Camera Mount

Ed and I preview the Kayalu RAM camera mount before putting it to the saltwater test, using it to film The Blackburn Challenge.

I recently bought a Kodak zx-3  Playsport waterproof video camera.  It was the camera that GMG contributor Adam Bolonsky used to tape this year’s Greasy Pole.  When I found out that the camera was only $77 it was an absolute no-brainer.

Last week I used it to film my ride to Gloucester in this video-

As you can see in the video there is a decent amount of camera shake with it being hand held.  I couldn’t use my Manfrotto Modopocket because that is made to sit on a flat surface.

So then I got to thinking about how much cool footage I could get if I outfitted one of my lobstermen with a saltwater resistant type camera and mount and I began my search.  With some advice from Adam Bolonsky I discovered the Kayalu RAM suction mount which uses heavy duty marine grade materials throughout.  A simple mount made from ordinary metal would be useless after it’s first use hitting saltwater.

We plan to use the Kaylau RAM saltwater camera mount with an 8 inch toughbar extension and the Kodak Playsport zx-3 to capture some footage attached to Ed’s Kayak for the Blackburn’s Challenge.

Here are some pictures-

I’m looking forward to seeing how it holds up. Look for our review post race. In teh meanwhile check out our preview here-

I put it on my Joey’s Approved Products page if you want to order one from Massachusetts based Kayalu

Linda and Rob Castagna Write About Being In Gloucester


We are back enjoying Gloucester and Rockport.  We loved seeing the Greasy Pole musical just a month ago.  Thought it was exceptionally created and carried out.  Kudos to Henry for a dream played out.  We think the man who played St. Peter was perfect for the part.  He should lead all your parades in town, for sure, or at least stand on the platform by the greasy pole.
Today while children played on the beach, we observed the next generation of "walkers" carefully peanut butter the pole.  Took about an hour.  Then we watched as one of the greasers made it to the end.  Very impressive watching them prepare for the future…successfully at that.  For some reason, my husband wondered if it was chunky peanut butter…maybe it was a traction thing.
Then we walked the Boulevard and enjoyed watching Firdosh Pathan feeding the sea gulls and greeting people as they walked by.  That’s what we love about your town, there is always something for everyone to do and many times, it gets written up.  Blessings,
Linda and Rob Castagna
Milford on the Delaware, NJ


It’s All About Sanibel Bean!

The very same day Lisa Ramos sends in this post about a place I’d never heard of in my entire life this dude walks in sporting a Sanibel Bean t-shirt.

If you don’t think it’s a small world you’re just plum crazy!


I’m gonna have to stop in there next spring when I’m down on the Southwest Coast of Florida.

Adventure Hardware From Bill O’Connor

Hey Joe,

I was down at the Schooner Adventure recently and took this shot of the fore stay’s anchoring shackles on the bow.  Check out how the top shackle has a corkscrew-like twist in it to keep the eye of the stay on the correct plane.  Bill Holmes was there putting some finishing touches on the new windlass, and was telling me that the shackle is just one of the many custom pieces of hardware required to keep the Adventure rigged properly.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Watchful Eye


Note On Black and White Photography

Because color naturally attracts the eye, it can sometimes distract us from the photo’s subject or the story it seeks to tell. Before I converted this photo to B&W, I didn’t take particular notice of the little boy in the background. After conversion, without the color of the original drawing my attention, the whole context of the image became clear. Here was a mom giving her son some freedom, but under her cautious, watchful eye.

For many ( if not most) photos, color is appropriate and is an important element of the beauty of the image. However, I find that for intimate, moody and dramatic scenes, B&W forces us to concentrate on the details and context of the picture. Specialized B&W editing programs, when used carefully and in moderation, can allow us to re-create the experience of old fashioned darkroom cropping, toning, contrast control (by push processing), dodging and burning to enhance the image to help tell the story. It makes me remember the hours spent in the darkroom with rolls of Kodak Tri-X anxiously waiting for the moment when, like magic, the image appeared on the photographic paper.

Watch as Fashion & Art Come Together

The sculpture-in-progress in the doorway of the gallery

Corina Belle-Isle, the creative force behind Rockport’s July 28th event Barefoot at Rockport: A day long celebration of fashion as art, has put together a whole roster of terrific events: pop-up shops featuring the work of different designers, a fashion show, an art exhibit and arguably best of all: a party to close the day that highlights summer fun in Rockport, with great food from Alchemy Bistro and cocktails created by Matt Rose.

And if having a great time wasn’t motivation enough to buy tickets, know that your purchase helps support Rockport’s two foundational arts institutions, Rockport Art Association and Rockport Music.

There is an aspect of Barefoot at Rockport that is really the symbol of the entire event, bringing art and fashion together in one unique installation. It’s called The Dress Project and is a collaborative work by artists Eugene Quinn and Virginia Fitzgerald, The Dress Project features a dress sculpted by Virginia using some of Eugene’s older canvases as a sort of fabric on the skirt. Eugene will then create a new painting on the bodice of the dress, creating — as described by Virginia — a sort of Phoenix effect: a new painting emerging from his older work. One exciting and interactive aspect of this project is that you can actually watch the dress (or “Claire” as the sculpture has come to be called…) take shape, so to speak, under Eugene’s brush and Virginia’s hands. Stop by Eugene’s gallery at 54 Bearskin Neck to see it in progress and then mark your calendar to see the final work revealed on July 28th itself. It will be shown at the Rockport Art Association from 2 to 4 pm before being auctioned off, with proceeds to benefit the RAA.

Eugene Quinn and Virginia Fitzgerald discussing The Dress Project.

Look for more details about Barefoot at Rockport in the days leading up to July 28th. For tickets and more information call the Shalin Liu Box Office at 978-546-7391 or click on this link to go to Rockport Music’s website.

Ruth Curtis, Guest Artist at Khan Studio and the GMG Gallery

Ruth Curtis will be the featured guest artist at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck from July 22, through August 4, 2011, with an Opening Reception on Saturday, July 23rd from 3:00-6:00pm.

Ruth’s passion is to share her love of the outdoors and nautical landscapes with others, and truly capture the beauty that surrounds us everyday.  Lighthouses, small town scenery, sailing the ocean, and vivid moments are all captured in her work.  Ruth brings to life the moments and images you want to treasure for life and pass on through the generations.  Her work has been showcased throughout New England and has won over 150 photography awards.  Stop by the Gallery and check out Ruth’s beautiful photography, and welcome her to Rocky Neck.  Ruth Curtis Photography

Doesn’t it make you feel cooler looking at the photo of the horse strolling through the snow?

E.J. Lefavour

Broderick Steven Harvey Quote Of The Week From Greg Bover

“A dog doesn’t bark at a parked car.”
Broderick Steven Harvey (1957-    )

Click the photo for his wikipedia page


A stand-up comedian and actor, Harvey is a West Virginia native with earlier careers as a boxer and mailman. Famously intolerant of atheism, he has written books of advice to the lovelorn, and is the current host of the game show Family Feud.

Greg Bover

Cape Ann Profiles Rich Sagall Interviews Maxi Levi

On the next Cape Ann Profiles show host Rich Sagall interviews Maxi Levi, a Rockport resident. They discuss his experiences as an adolescent in Nazi Germany and his escape to this country

Cape Ann Profiles can be seen on Cape Ann TV Channel 12 on Friday, July 22 at 10:30AM and 7:00PM and on Sunday, July 24 at 2:00PM. It repeats on Friday, July 29 at 10:30AM and 7:00PM and on Sunday, July 31 at 2:00PM.

Upcoming guests include Joey Ciaramitaro of the blog Good Morning Gloucester and other Cape Ann personalities who have a story to tell.

Ms. Michelle Wilson, “Evil Gal” herself to our stage at the Rhumb Line’s Blues Party Tonight.

Dave says,

  Sorry about the misfire of communication last week, but I was detained by the authorities for failure to adhere to the itmosphere. Never you mind. This week is really, really big, as we welcome Ms. Michelle Wilson, “Evil Gal” herself to our stage. The sublime Miss M has been a stalwart and fixture in the New England blooz scene for a long, long time and I’m personally thrilled that  she’s coming here to town to rattle your brainstem and get those endorphins sizzling. She’s truly an amazing singer and bandliter. she’ll thrill you, too.
  In keeping with our policy of presenting musicians who acually show up on time, we are thrilled to have Keith Lockhart’s favorite drummbler, Mr. Jim Gwin, Fred’s brother, who’s on hiatus from his grueling Boston Pops schedule. Also, Mr. John Cameron, whiz-bang keyboard millipede, will be studying every Dinah Washington recording ever made in preparation for this golden evening. Of course, Greg T. and myself will be there, too. You snooze, you lose.

Allen Estes Features -Julie Dougherty and T Max

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Coming soon on Cape Ann TV “Allen Estes Music Scene”


Be sure to watch the show on Cape Ann TV “Allen Estes Music Scene”

Link to T Max’s NOISE publication online.    

Link to Julie Dougherty  GIGS.

Other Links:

Cape Ann TV



The News From Rocky Neck via Judy Robinson Cox


Kathy Soles

Did you take a photo on Rocky Neck this week that you’d like to share?
Starting next week, we’ll publish our favorite Rocky Neck photos
in this newsletter. Don’t worry, you’ll get credit. Any type of photo is OK (iPhone, Nikon, Blackberry, Canon, etc.) as long as it’s digital or scanned. Send your photo with PHOTO in the subject line.

Goetemann Artist in Residence

July 6 – August 6 : Kathy Minhsin Liao

Open Studio Hours this week
saturday 4-8 and sunday 4-8 this weekend

Kathy Minhsin Liao
Quiet is the night, 72″x96″, oil on canvas, 2011

Duality is a theme that repeatedly makes its way into my work. Having spent my childhood in Taiwan, I am strongly influenced by my dual Chinese and Japanese heritage. Coming to America, I found my deeply held beliefs being constantly re-evaluated, challenged, and sometimes compromised. My work is a medium for me to revisit and gain new understanding from my immigration experience. My creativity is fueled by direct observation. My work is driven by the fascination with perceptual and visual experience of light and space. I am constantly seeking new ways to create an illusionistic space through an exploration of of lines, shapes, color and through the visceral act of painting, scraping and collaging materials. I draw upon images of the people, objects, and places that I observe and identify with on a personal level. These images and ideas are given substance and transformed through my painting and printmaking practices. I’ve received a BFA in Painting from University of Washington and MFA Painting degree from Boston University.

Summer Artist Series

SATURDAY, July 23, 5-8pm: Reception for Zyg’s Expression

oil and watercolor paintings by Zygmund Jankowski

Zyg Jankowski
Still Life, Watercolor by Zygmund Jankowski

The Rocky Neck Gallery’s Summer Artist Series continues with “Zyg’s Expression,”watercolors and oils by the late Zygmond Jankowski. The show opens Wednesday, July 20, with a reception from 5-8 p.m. on Saturday, July 23. The public is invited.

Jankowski opened a summer gallery on Rocky Neck in 1964 and moved to Gloucester permanently in the 1970s. He taught at various universities, art associations and at home in his studio. Ranging from abstract to more realist impressionistic and expressive oil paintings, water colors, and mixed media on paper, his works burst with color. Today his paintings are included in major corporate, museum, and private collections throughout the country and in Europe, including the Cape Ann Museum and the Charles Demuth Museum in Pennsylvania. He has won numerous prizes in juried shows and in 2007 had a one-man show at the Cape Ann Museum. The Rockport Art Association honored his memory with a solo show in 2010.

Born in South Bend, Indiana in 1925, he studied at the California College of Arts and Crafts where he was taught by Victor DeWilde, George Post and Otis Oldfield. Throughout his career Jankowski painted various interpretations of certain themes, each time emphasizing a different element, such as rhythm, space, shape, and color. “You stand as referee between the scene, your emotion and analysis. Your goal is to experience a feeling of excitement for the first stroke to the last.” He also said of his work, “These are paintings, NOT pictures. Cameras take pictures.”

The show continues through August 2

Guest Artist at Khan Studio

SATURDAY, July 23, 3-6pm: Reception for Ruth Curtis at
Khan Studio / Good Morning Gloucester Gallery

Ruth Curtis

Ruth Curtis will be the featured guest artist at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck, G3 from July 22, through August 4, 2011 with an Opening Reception on Saturday, July 23rd from 3:00-6:00pm.

Ruth’s passion is to share her love of the outdoors and nautical landscapes with others, and truly capture the beauty that surrounds us everyday. Lighthouses, small town scenery, sailing the ocean, and vivid moments are all captured in her work. Ruth brings to life the moments and images you want to treasure for life and pass on through the generations. Her work has been showcased throughout New England and has won over 150 photography awards. For more information see

Ellen Lefavour, Khan Studio | | 857-891-9054

Weiler Photo Gallery

What’s New in Jenna’s Garden? Week 5

Pleasant Street resident Jenna Howard has agreed to provide updates on the squash, peppers and other vegetables growing in her plot at the new Burnham’s Field Community Garden. The reports and photos will allow GoodMorningGloucester viewers to follow the garden’s progress with a weekly answer to the question, “What’s New in Jenna’s Garden?”

By Jenna Howard

Jenna Howard headshot

Week Five

After a week of high heat some of the veggie plants were looking a little wilted — especially the giant squash leaves. I made the unfortunate mistake of pruning some of its dry leaves. I learned a very important lesson when I later read that you should NEVER cut off squash leaves! There are three important reasons why you should not do this:  First, it opens the plant’s vascular system up to bacteria and viruses. Second, the squash leaves also act as a natural sunscreen for the fruit. Without the leaves they are susceptible to sun scald (like a plant sunburn). Lastly, the leaves not only shade the fruit, they also block the sun and make it hard for weeds to grow around the plant. So the moral of the story is: Don’t cut the leaves from your squash not matter how dry or wilted they look. I had to learn this lesson the hard way. I just hope it doesn’t affect my squash too badly!
On a positive note, we have an eggplant! Well, at least the very beginning stages of one.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5