Cape Ann Alphabet Soup From Adam Bolonsky

Adam writes-

Cape Ann is as full of abbreviations as its waters are full of lobster. Here’s a quiz. How well do you know Gloucester’s and Rockport’s many institutions?

First person to provide all the correct answers for what these abbreviaitions stand for gets to give Adam Bolonsky a Brazilian bikini wax: 


1. GDTimes

2. GHS

3. RHS

A little harder:

1. AGH

2. SPHS (hint: Fuller School and Fiesta patron saint)


1. f/v

2. m/v

3. s/v

Nautical bluebloods:


2. AYC


The arts:


2. RAA


4. GSC

5. CAM (hint: Homer (not Simpson) and Lane (not Lanesville))

6. CATC (hint: the former Blackburn Tavern, and once home of the GSC)

7. NSMT (hint: saved from bankruptcy)

mysterious skies from terry weber

hi joey

here is a video and a couple of pics i took on Saturday from aboard the Yankee Fleet fishing boat. we left shore right next door to your warehouse under threatening and mysterious skies! it was strange because it was so hot out, but at times the sky had a very ‘wintery’ look. 

no matter what the weather, the trip turned out well, my nephew Adam caught the largest fish of the trip, an 11 pound cod, and was thrilled to win $100 and a free trip. my thanks to the crew of the Yankee Fleet for making it a great and safe trip!

sun break 2winter clouds

fish day winning fish 1

Session 2 Registration for EPYC Junior Sailing Facebookized!


Morning Joey! Is there any way I can put this up for my Junior Sailing Director? Every time we have a managers meeting, we somehow tie GMG into it. Whether it be – “Holy shit did you see that picture of the shark by the breakwater!?” ..or… “Maybe Joey would be willing to slide our advertisement into the blog for the day”…..either way, we always think of you!! J -Dani

Hey Joey, We were hoping you could post about Session 2 registration for EPYC Junior Sailing– we recently started a Facebook page this summer and we’re really excited about getting the Gloucester community involved with our program.  We have some great photos up there from this past Session of our awesome sailors! We’d really love to spread the word about our program via our Facebook page so we can start connecting more with non-members, and really anyone interested in sailing– kids and adults alike!  We’ll be hosting "Race the Point" later in the summer, hoping to get all the local sailing programs involved, so we’ll be in touch about that as well.

Thanks a lot!

Fraser Watson, EPYC Junior Sailing Director

Here’s a link to our Facebook page (We need 8 more "likes" until we can get an easier URL!):

Registration is still open for Session 2 at EPYC Junior Sailing!  We had a blast during our first session with new Opti sailors, Opti racers and our 420 crews!  The Harbor Mice program was also a huge hit for our youngest (soon to be) sailors!  Check out our photos from Sesssion 1 on our Facebook Page- hope to see you in August!

Register online at or call 978-283-3520

Here’s a link to our registration page at the EPYC Sailing Facebook page:!/notes/epyc-junior-sailing/register-now-for-the-second-session-of-the-summer-2011-season/240163412670382

Karen Grenier, Sunday Morning Live, July31st @ The SEAWARD INN, Rockport MA

The SEAWARD INN, Rockport, will feature acoustic pop/folk singer-songwriter Karen Grenier, Sunday Morning Live, July31st. from 9:00 am to noon during a Breakfast Buffet by the Sea.
Voted the 2009 Boston Pride Idol her songs are also featured on the Dawson’s Creek DVD. Visit for more on the artist or call 978-546-3471.

This Evening ~ Henry Allen & the New Swingset ~ Captain Carlos

Henry Allen


We support The Brain Candy Project, a North Shore-based charitable foundation that provides a support system for parents living in hospitals with their critically ill children.

GHS CLASS OF 81 Weekend Reunion is one week away!


GHS CLASS OF 81 Weekend Reunion is one week away!   Visit for details.  Includes Itinerary, purchase tickets for Saturday Dinner, Sunday Memorial Breakfast or CD "Through the Years". 

Word of Advice from Class Prez Roz "nothin’ but the bones" Frontiera… "Bone up on your Ole School and Maritime Trivia" for a Special Island Expedition of S U R V I V O R: The Class Reunion, hosted by Mr. Fiesta, Joey Palmisano.   Back from the loooong Morrocan Race,  Capt. Gus will make be in attendance.  Go Gus, Go Glosta!

Joey, take care my good man and hope your having a prosperous summer!   Your site is awesome, and one of Gloucester’s Tresures to connect people 🙂

Roz "nothin’ but the bones" Frontiera

Sista Felicia Iced Tea (with directions this time)

Ice Tea


10 cups cold water

3 ½ cups sugar

5 mint leaves (optional)

36 tea bags

10 cups ice

Juice of 1 lemon (optional)

Yields 6 quarts

Perfect for these hot summer days and nights. This Ice Tea is a delicious refreshing beverage, sure to complement any summer time meal.

Step 1:Combine water, sugar and mint in a large pot


Step 2:Place pot over a high heat


Step3: Bring to a rolling boil


Step4: Select a flavor/verity of tea. I like to use tea pods simply to cut down on prep time, avoiding having to remove the paper


Step 5: Collect 36 tea pods or bags with paper tabs removed and set aside

Step6: Carefully remove pot from heat and add 36 tea pods to hot mint infused sugar water


.Step7: Steep tea for 20 minutes.

Step 8: Using your hand or 2 large slotted spoons squeeze pods to extract tea


Step9: Dispose used pods

Step10: Place 10 cups ice into a drink dispenser


Step11: Cut 1 lemon in half

Step12: Squeeze the lemon into the drink dispenser directly over the ice and remove any seeds


Step13: Carefully pour tea into dispenser and stir


Step14: Fill a tall tumbler glass with ice and fill with yummy tea garnish with a sprig of mint or lemon or both!


All photos Felicia and BJ Mohan