Benefit for Hank Chick Friday May 20th

Benefit for Hank Chick

Hank has suffered a heart attack and is in need of a quintuple by-pass. During pre-op testing for his heart condition they found a mass in his lung that has been diagnosed as Mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer that develops from the protective lining that covers many of the body’s internal organs, the mesothelium. It is usually caused by exposure to asbestos. Hank has been undergoing treatment for the past several months. He’s doing well, his spirits are high, and he’s determined to win this battle.
Hank is a lifelong Gloucester resident. He has a loving family, wife Marcia, 4 children, and 6 grandchildren. Hank is well known in Gloucester, he’s been a carpenter working for Bill Elwell for the past ten years, and he spent many years working on the waterfront as a carpenter before that.
Please come to the Crow’s Nest on Friday, May 20, 2011 @ 7:00 to join Hank and friends in an outpouring of love and support for him and his family as he battles his way through this formidable opponent.
There will be food, raffles, an auction, and music by
DJ Scottie Mac
Donations are greatly appreciated. Please call Susie Byrd @ 978-879-3889.
Auction items may be viewed on Facebook @ Fantasia Glass Art.

  1. Laura & Co. Hair Salon  $35.00 Gift Card
  2. Gloucester House Restaurant $25.00 Gift Card
  3. Blue Gate Gardens $25.00 Gift Card
  4. 6 lobsters from Mark Ring
  5. 6 lobsters from Anne Goodwin
  6. Jalapenos Gift Card $40.00
  7. Topside Grill & Pub $30.00 Gift Card
  8. Fisherman’s Outfitter T-Shirt  white1X
  9. Fisherman’s Outfitter T-Shirt black XL
  10. Mystery Train Record $25.00 Gift Card
  11. The Bookstore “DOGTOWN”
  12. Yankee Candle from Paula Decaro
  13. Yankee Candle from Paula Decaro
  14. Mark Adrian Shoes $25.00 Gift Card
  15. Leonardo’s Pizzeria $20.00 Gift Card
  16. Liquor Locker $20.00 Gift Card
  17. Alexandra’s Bread  $20.00 Gift Card
  18. Supremes Roast Beef $10.00 Gift Card
  19. Captain Bills Whale Watch 2 passes
  20. Papa Gino’s 4 large cheese pizza’s
  21. Gloucester Music $15.00 Gift Card
  22. Passports $20.00 Gift Card
  23. Alchemy Café & Bistro $30.00 Gift Card
  24. Palazolas  a blue and silver Football
  25. House of Mitch Gift Card
  26. Captain Carlos $25.00 Gift Card
  27. Delaneys pizza $25.00 Gift Card
  28. Delaneys Pizza $25.00 Gift Card


  1. Old Fashioned Wooden Lobster Pot ..Donated by Pete & Joe Mondelo
  2. Blowfish Handmade Glass Art Wind Chimes donated by Susie Byrd
  3. 10 Cases Frozen Bait (Herring) Donated by Dave Spence
  4. Handmade Fused Glass Art Pendant & Earrings donated by Susie Byrd
  5. Pingree School One Hour Ice Time donated by Dean Decoste
  6. Weber Q Portable Gas Grill  donated by Fosters
  7. Stained Glass Fairy Donated by Susie Byrd
  8. Country Garden Inn & Spa $75.00 towards a stay or spa services


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