Did You Know? (Brave Plumbers at Madfish Wharf)


That Louie McGrath and Peder Wonson of McGrath Plumbing in Gloucester are great plumbers and very brave?  The stove that you see Peder working on (that Louie also worked on before turning his attention to the hot water heater), is a circa 1950’s relic that always smelled of gas and wouldn’t light.  In no time at all, these brave men (I applaud anyone who will mess around behind or on a gas stove, especially one of this vintage) had the baby working with no smell of gas.  There is also now hot water.  If you need plumbing work done, these guys are professional, very friendly and nice, and quick (something you really want a plumber to be).

I don’t have photos, but also want to big up electrician, James Kenley.  Jim has been so good about making recommendations and ensuring that everything electrical was working in good order, and even climbed up a 10’ ladder to take down the ceiling fan blades (which were so nasty I wouldn’t have dared turn the thing on for fear of scattering ages old dust and black gunk all over the gallery), so I could clean them. 

Lastly, I have to send out big kudos to Niki Ahearn, owner of Madfish Grill and the galleries at Madfish Wharf.  This woman calls herself disorganized; however, she is a widowed mom of two boys; has a restaurant to get ready to open next weekend (with a surprise new addition – to be announced), as well as all the gallery spaces to get rented (and they all are) and needed repairs made, and she is opening a shop of her own.  She has been just great to deal with and get to know, is very responsive and just a sweetheart.  I also want to mention Corey (who has a brand new one month old baby, Dahlia) and is working his butt off getting repairs done under a tight deadline; also Lindsey and Chef Jeff who I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday in the restaurant.

 I apologize to Joey and everyone that my posts have been so sketchy lately, but I’ve been really busy getting Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester gallery ready for opening on May 18.  Hope you all have Rocky Neck, on your radar for some amazing happenings, art, food and fun this summer.  And did you know that by summer’s end, you will know more about every nook and cranny of Rocky Neck than you would have thought possible?

E.J. Lefavour


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