A Tour of a Cape Ann House

Last Saturday, along with about 400 other people, I went on the Rockport Cottages & Castles house tour, a benefit for Rockport Music. It was a great event and a reminder of all the incredible homes we have here on Cape Ann.

House tours are kinda like tattoos — you either get the appeal or you don’t. My husband, for instance, cannot begin to understand why I want to pay money to go shuffle around the homes of a bunch of strangers. I can’t explain it to him, and I don’t even try. Of course there is the practical side of things, you can get ideas for your own home by seeing what other people have done to their living spaces. But even more than that, seeing a historic house gives you a glimpse into another time in a way that is a lot more connected to reality than visiting a house museum (of course I love house museums as well). On my blog I occasionally feature a local house, usually historic, and its interior. A few weeks ago I posted about this 1760 Rockport house, which highlighted how to honor the past without being locked into historical accuracy. An inspiring place.

Know of any amazing Cape Ann homes waiting to be discovered? I’d love to hear about their stories. Feel free to email me: therovinghome@gmail.com

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