Giuseppe’s Music

Hey Joey,

We realize alot of folks don’t know, but aside from our weekend Piano 
Bar with my Joe, we have acoustic music every Sunday from 7pm-10pm 
with a great lineup of musicians.  Our entire music schedule is posted 
on under "Giuseppe’s Ristorante and Piano Bar", 
which includes first Wednesdays of every month at 8pm, Brian King and 
Joe Thomas as "True Vintage Duo" ( (Brian 
sings, Joe plays piano, it’s been a ton of fun).

This coming Sunday, September 26th, we have a great musician and 
singer, Quill (Jesse Ciarmataro) coming to play a solo. He is usually 
with a band when he has played around Gloucester.

I was wondering of you would mind posting these two posters if you get 
a chance before the weekend?

Best, Memory

Celebrating the Guitar: A Masters Showcase ~ Save the date

Larry Coryell is one of the world’s acknowledged guitar masters. He has recorded more than 75 albums over the past 40 years as a bandleader, soloist and ‘featured accompanist’. Hailed by his legion of fans as one of “the guitar gods” in the late 1970s and as a “truly Renaissance musician who excels at all styles of playing”, he has also been christened as “a true pioneer of rock-jazz fusion” by the New York Times, and dubbed “the Godfather of Fusion” by Dan Ouellette of Down Beat Magazine.  Ken Bonfield ha s toured nationally since 1994, has released 5 solo albums and 2 duo albums with violinist Joe Ebel, Steve Davison released his national debut “White River Suite” in 2010.   Together, Bonfield and Davison are touring with Artistry of the Guitar.

Tough! Richie Cassola Keeps Right On Hauling Lobster Gear With A Fish Hook Stuck In His Finger

It’s one thing to get a fish hook embedded into your finger and stop working to take the thing out but retired Beverly Policeman Richie Cassola strapped on a Band-Aid and kept on working ‘til the last pot was hauled.

That’s Toughness Folks!  He says he kept hauling because he knew we needed the lobsters.  I say it’s because he just loves being out on the water.

Click the picture for the full sized version.



Here’s the Video-

Atta Boy Richie!

Gloucester Hospitality- Ron Gilson Welcomes Eurodam Cruisers At Cruiseport Gloucester MA

Gloucester Hospitality- Ron Gilson Welcomes Eurodam Cruisers At Cruiseport Gloucester MA

Great Job To All The Volunteers!

More Videos From Cruiseport To Come

GMG’s Newest Homie

I wanted to introduce myself and say thanks to Joey C for asking me to join the GMG crew. The bad part for the reader is that I am not a former greasy pole champion, just a 3 time attendee, and everything I know about Gloucester I learned from this blog.  The truth is I moved to the North Shore 3 years ago from Brooklyn and am just starting to scratch the surface for everything Gloucester. I love to get the family out to all sorts of events in Gloucester and beyond. I am really looking forward to covering all sorts of random things around the area and posting here.

This past weekend, I was excited to check out the Soap box derby, but got outvoted by my wife and 2 girls for a local Farm day. That’s my life and it also means I don’t have anything for you yet. I’ll keep trying -Stay tuned.

Thanks – Patrick R.