GMG tech Talk- The Brilliant Abbie Lundberg Has A Question About Video Editing Software

Abbie Writes-

Joey, your tech posts are great. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if ZD was watching you!
Question: What do you use to edit your video? I’m looking for something relatively simple with basic functionality (and free if possible). Any suggestions?

That’s a great question Abbie. The editing program that I finally found was a godsend.

I’ll share the story of how I arrived at the video solution that worked for me.  Keep in mind however that I am not trying to say that the editing solution I use is perfect for everyone.  I will say that it is super fast, super easy, can edit today’s HD technology (which is what most new cameras ship with nowadays) and gives you a variety of preset formats for you to save your project in.  You can save it as a dvd, you can save your video as a standard definition smaller file size, you can save it in HD, and there’s even a upload direct to YouTube preset which I use 90% of the time.

I’ll start in the beginning of my quest for the right video editing software.  In the early stages of the blog I was using the Sony H3 camera which shot standard definition video.  It was a bit grainy in low light, it was more square 4×3 in dimension and didn’t have the polished look of widescreen HD video. The newer cameras that were coming out shot in HD, 16:9 widescreen and I wanted the blog to be the best it could be.  The desire to shoot interviews and the Gloucester Zen scenes in HD was consuming me so I read every single forum and magazine article I could about HD cameras.

I realized that the new Sony model that had replaced my H3 shot in HD and was pocketable (an absolute must for my blogging needs)  The camera needs to be on my person to capture things as they happen and not disrupt work running to the office to set up a dslr or separate video camera.

So I bought the new Sony, the DSC H20, my current camera, which shoots 720p HD and went to edit my shoot first movie and my Vista PC could not push the movie around to edit it.  It was a format called AVCHD and most video cameras today shoot in this format.  I was horrified.   My baby, the H3 that had been with me from the start of the blog and recorded hundreds of great scenes had been sold to a good FOB Brenda Malloy and here I had a new camera that made better qualoity movies but didn’t have the tools to edit them.  To say I was frustrated would be a major understatement.

So back to the forums for answers.  Vimeo, a video hosting site has a fantastic user community forum with some professional video editors and camera folks that can answer just about anything. A good majority of the people suggested Apple Final Cut Pro or iMovie but I had a PC and switching to a mac was not something I was even considering.

Most of the people on the Vimeo forums that owned PC’s suggested Sony Vegas video editing software.  It was $80.  I bought it because I desperately wanted to edit HD video and I desperately wanted to create more content for the blog. 

Sony Vegas is a bit complicated.  It was a good program for someone that needs a ton of different options as far as different transitions and color schemes and trickery and special effects.  I consider myself more advanced than the average computer user but I had a very hard time figuring out the right export options and if you didn’t do things just right you would have ugly black bars on the top or sides of the video.  It also used a ton of system resources on the Vista machine and many times the video would render without sound.  I was ready to tear my hair out (and if you know me you know that the little hair I have left is a rare commodity).

So then someone did something very mean to me.  Another Blogger and tech geek like myself Kenny McCarthy from The Cut Bridge Blog let me borrow his macbook for a couple days.  It was just a basic one, a couple years old but I fell in love with it.  I became obsessed with getting a mac- any mac because you can make a pretty professional looking movie with the editing software that comes with them.

Research began.  Going into the Apple store every time I was at the mall, logging onto the Apple online store and configuring just the right model but the prices were going to be over $1000. 

Cut to the house.  My wife’s laptop shit the bed and it needed replacing.  I did some research and because her computing needs consist of A) browsing the internet and B) logging onto the internet to check out her Facebook account I decided that for her needs a 4GB of RAM 500gb of storage computer with the newly released Windows 7 would fit the bill.  We spent $550 for a Toshiba Satellite 17 inch laptop with a 12 cell battery that screams.

Not knowing a whole lot about Windows 7 beforehand I set out to set up the new laptop for her and discovered this new suite of programs that Windows 7 ships with.

Microsoft even had a blog explaining each new program.  While I used Windows Movie Maker with my first camera on the Vista machine the new Windows 7 shipped with a completely redesigned movie editing program that had a very similar name- Windows Live Movie Maker.   I checked out these easy to follow videos on the Windows Live Movie Maker Blog which showed how ridiculously simple it was to make movies with transitions and titles and end credits in mere minutes.  The video demo was easy to understand and genius in is simplicity.

Now for MY NEEDS, with such little time to bang out videos and the amount of content I create I didn’t need the complexity of Sony Vegas’ video editing software.  I also saved a considerable amount of time with Windows Live Movie Maker’s Auto Movie function over the Apple iMovie.

I can edit a 9 minute HD movie with 20 different slideshow pictures and 3 different movie clips with titles, end credits and transitions in literally less than 90 seconds with Windows Live Movie Maker.  I challenge any other movie editing software to be able to do the same in that little time.

Here is a video demo of just how easy Windows Live Movie Maker Works-

So instead of buying an Apple for $1300, I got myself a new gateway desktop with 6GB RAM, 1 Terabyte of Hard Drive Space and Windows 7 operating system for $579.

It does everything I want it to do really well and for blogging I’m convinced I can edit my blog in at least half the time with Windows Live Writer (another free program that ships with windows 7) than I could on any other machine.  I also love the snipping tool where I can copy anything on the screen of any web page even if it is a flash movie slideshow or a YouTube Video and paste it into Windows Live Writer and BANG, it’s there!  That’s how Abbie’s avatar got into this post up at the top of the page,the snipping tool I captured it from her comment and pasted it in the edit box on Live Writer. No dealing with any url address of where the picture of her avatar was located or code- just a simple capture and paste.

This is coming from a guy who had major Mac lust not even a year ago.  I’m just lucky my wife’s old laptop died and needed replacing or I might never have found out how great Microsoft’s new suite of software is.  I’ll say it again, I’m shocked that Microsoft isn’t beating it’s own drum more loudly with the clear winner they have in Windows 7.

Chickity Check It- tugster: a waterblog

Deeply saddened By My New Yawk Blogging Buddies Who Bailed On What I Thought Was A Perfect Plan For Them To Come Up For Schooner Festival.

But Alas I can still Check Out Their Awesome Blogs-


Will tells me that The Homie In The last picture of this post got lost on his way from G-Town

Pathways For Children Annual Coat Drive

Pathways For Children

The Pathways for Children Social Services Department is beginning the annual coat drive. If you have very gently used or new winter coats, please think of the children of Pathways; ages range from birth to 12 years. Coats can be dropped off in Gloucester at our 29 Emerson Avenue location or at Kid’s Closet located at 205 Main Street. For more information, please contact Diana at 978.281.2400 x320.

Sad Shuttering of Community Cardiac Rehab Clinic at AGH

A community of health-conscious cardiac survivors here on Cape Ann was deeply saddened by Northeast Health Systems’ decision to shutter the Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic at Addison Gilbert Hospital. We have all benefited from this program and it is a further degradation of our community hospital that it is being closed. We are writing to put a public face on its impact, as it comes upon us like a death in our collective family.

We have been grateful patients at this Clinic for months and years, based on referral from a primary care physician or cardiologist. Some members of the Clinic have been regularly attending for ten, twelve and more years, forming lasting bonds with medical staff and other patients. The resource that the clinic at AGH has provided, with a qualified exercise physiologist overlooking our exercise regimens, checking blood pressure and heart rates, is a safe, structured environment for us to recover under supervision from heart procedures and other challenging medical issues, rebuilding strength and health. Ages at the Clinic group range from Forties right through Nineties, some needing oxygen while exercising, and others having blood sugar monitored due to diabetes.

Most of us at the Cardiac Rehab Clinic come at the same time of day, with a group of eight to ten others, three times a week for an hour or more of safe, structured, healthy workout. Good diet, reduction of stress, and weight control are all regular goals and topics. Sometime the supervising exercise physiologist will send one of us back home, to the doctor, or right downstairs to the Emergency Room because we haven’t taken our prescribed medications, or our blood pressure, heart rate, or blood sugar level is not on par. Occasionally one in the group has suffered a cardiac event while on the exercise bike or treadmill – Code Red ! – and fortunately the AGH hospital ER staff was close at hand, in the exercise room within minutes.

This clinic truly has been a health community, especially for those living alone or struggling with fading health and aging bodies. It occupies one small room at the hospital, with a dozen pieces of equipment, placed so that we face each other so we can talk as we exercise. An important, life-supporting element of the Clinic has been the friendships, lively conversation about art, music, travel and current events, social activities and performances in the local community, and the personal support, sharing home garden produce and fresh eggs, favorite recipes, and family news, as well as concerns about health care, doctors, flu and coumadin clinics. Such conversations make the treadmill miles fly by more quickly than any TV station.

Why is this beneficial health maintenance program in our community hospital being closed? If only it was because we were all so healthy as we age that we did not need it any longer – but no, it is because of needed "financial efficiencies", and because the doctors and medical professionals don’t have incentives to actively refer candidate patients to the Rehab program, keeping the enrollment up. The hospital consequentially doesn’t make enough money with it, like they do with medical procedures such as coronary bypass surgeries, angioplasty and defibrillator implants. Paradoxically, we live in an isolated cape community where the Cape Ann Medical Center physicians are employees of one health care provider, Partners Community Healthcare, that financially competes against Addison Gilbert Hospital’s parent Northeast Health Systems corporation, undermining financial incentives to promote and maintain our local Cardiac Rehab program.

There was an article in the Boston Globe in January, "The Beat Goes On" by reporter Kay Lazar, documenting how programs like our Cardiac Rehab at AGH really work, significantly increasing patients’ health and survival rates, but are being closed down nonetheless. We posted this article on the wall in our clinic, and discussed it as we exercised. Our staying healthy with this program is an investment in preventative medicine that saves the "system" money in the big picture, but the hospital, health insurance companies, and politics of state and federal government subsidies don’t, apparently, see enough profits to keep us and such health programs alive. It’s a shame to lose it.


Scott Memhard, 9 Graystone Road, Gloucester

Angela Libro, 16 Commonweath Avenue, Gloucester

Adele Q Ervin, Manchester, MA

Stanley Feener, 16 Macomber Road, Gloucester

Seraphina Cranston, 9 Brightside Avenue, Gloucester

Norman Hersey, Normand Ave, Manchester

Nancy Rossi, Thatcher Road, Rockport

Lucy Russo, Gloucester

Charlotte U. Smith, Rockport

Oliver Balf, Cove Hill Lane, Rockport

Adam Pool, 16 Story Street, Rockport

Robert A. Walters, Jr, Rockport

Frederick H. Brigham, Essex

Clif Hayes, Rockport

Muriel A Lovasco, 8 High Popplies, Gloucester

Catherine Talty, Gloucester

Bill Chapin, Gloucester

follow up contact:
Scott Memhard, President
Cape Pond Ice Company
aka Bresnahan Ice Company, Lawrence & Peabody Icehouse
104 Commercial Street, PO Box 440, Gloucester MA 01930

Weekend Picks From Your Boy Joey

Here’s my top picks for the weekend (weekends started on Thursdays when I was in college)-

Thursday Afternoon-

Cape Ann Farmer’s Market



The Last Weekend Of Trails and Sails

Historic Ice House Tours

Event Image

Chill with the coolest guys in town! Enjoy a cool visit to Cape Pond Ice Company, icing Gloucester’s fleet since 1848. We were featured in Sebastian Junger’s account of The Perfect Storm. Tours highlight the history of the ice industry, with vintage film of natural ice harvests. See first hand 300-pound block ice being made – up to 350 tons per day, fishing vessels taking on ice and ice sculptures being carved in our historic icehouse on Gloucester’s working waterfront.

parking restrooms family friendly scenic byway

Fri 09-17 2:00-3:00pm
Sat 09-18 11:00-12:00pm  1:00-2:00pm
Sun 09-19 11:00-12:00pm
Fri 09-24 2:00-3:00pm
Sat 09-25 11:00-12:00pm  1:00-2:00pm
Sun 09-26 11:00-12:00pm

Location: 104 Commercial Street Gloucester 01930. 978 283 0174 I-95 to 128N towards Gloucester/Rockport. At 1st traffic circle (Grant Circle Rotary), take 1st right onto Washington St. Turn right onto Middle St, left onto Angle St, right onto Rt. 127/Rogers St, and right onto Commercial St. Cape Pond Ice Company is at end on left. MAP IT


On Saturday, September 25 from noon to 3p.m. Cape Ann TV is having a unique fundraiser event at the Gloucester home of Virginia Lee Burton, a Folly Cove artist and beloved children’s book author. The events will include a sing-a-long with the Plum Cove School children; Jojo from the children’s television show “Jojo’s DreamCart” will lead children in interactive drama games based on “Katy and the Big Snow”; arts activities with Art Haven and Valerie McCaffrey; storytelling with Lucille LePage; scavenger hunts; picture taking with wooden cut outs of Burton’s storybook characters; and a chance to bid on a rare original Virginia Lee Burton linoblock print, printed by the Sarah Elizabeth Shop. No on site parking, parking is available at the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at 1123 Washington Street, Gloucester where a CATA trolley will pick you up and bring you to the event.

Chickity Check it!

Schooner Sail

First come First Served so get there early!

Event Image

Welcome aboard the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon for a 1.5 hour sail about historic Gloucester Harbor. Help Captain Tom Ellis and his crew raise the sails or just relax and enjoy the views of castles, lighthouses, and the working waterfront. Let your imagination take you back 100 years when Gloucester’s harbor was full of working Schooners. LIMITED AVAILABILITY. First come, First Served. No advance reservations will be accepted. Come to the Schooner Sails shed to get tickets before lining up to board the boat.  Event capacity: 45.

parking restrooms wheelchair accesible family friendly scenic byway

Sat 09-25 9:00-10:30am
Sun 09-26 9:00-10:30am

Location: 63 Rogers Street Gloucester 01930. 978 281-6634 I-95 to 128N to Exit 11 (1st right at rotary), go .8 of a mi to Legion Building and bear right. Take a quick left onto Angle St. and proceed to stop sign. Down hill and turn left onto Rt. 127 (Rogers St.). Schooner Sails office is one of three sheds to right of Gloucester House Restaurant.Parking in the adjacent municipal (metered) lot is $.50/hr. Note: Parking in the adjacent municipal (metered) lot is $.50/hr. MAP IT

Fitz Henry Lane’s Gloucester

Event Image

Join the Cape Ann Museum for a walking tour of Fitz Henry Lane’s Gloucester. Stroll through this nineteenth century maritime artist’s Gloucester neighborhood. Walk past some of the views captured in his landscape paintings and learn about Lane’s active participation in the community. Finish at the Cape Ann Museum which is home to the preeminent collection of paintings and drawings by Fitz Henry Lane.  Event capacity: 20.

restrooms wheelchair accesible family friendly scenic byway

Sat 09-25 11:00-12:30pm  2:00-3:30pm

Location: 27 Pleasant Street Gloucester 01930. 978-283-0455 I-95 to Rte 128N towards Gloucester/Rockport. At 1st traffic circle (Grant Circle Rotary), take 1st right onto Washington St. Pass over railroad tracks, and take 4th left onto Prospect St. Take 4th right onto Pleasant St. Museum is on left across from municipal parking lot. MAP IT

Gloucester’s Working Waterfront

Event Image

Join Schooner Adventure for a walking tour of Gloucester’s working waterfront during its fishing heydays. Using maps from the 1880s and historic photographs, we will go back in time to visit the former buildings and businesses that once occupied our harbor. Tour will start at the Fisherman’s Statue; walk from the Boulevard, down Rogers St., ending at the Fitz Henry Lane House. Tour will be about 90 minutes.  Event capacity: 30.

restrooms family friendly scenic byway

Sat 09-18 10:00-11:30am
Sat 09-25 10:00-11:30am

Location: 57 Western Avenue Gloucester 01930. 978-281-8079 I-95 to Rte 128N to Exit 14 and take Rte 133 W towards Essex-Ipswich. Turn left at Rt.127/ Western Ave. Metered lots on Rogers St. and near City Hall off Pleasant St. Metered street parking along Main and Rogers St. Limited free parking at St. Peters Square. Public restrooms are at the ending point. MAP IT


Talking Walls of Gloucester

Event Image

The Gloucester Committee for the Arts will be conducting tours of Gloucester City Hall’s renowned and extensive wall murals, created by the Works Projects Administration (WPA) in the 1930s. Don’t miss the chance to spend time with these stunningly vibrant paintings that add yet another unique flavor and richness to Gloucester’s artistic history.

parking restrooms wheelchair accesible scenic byway

Sat 09-25 1:00-2:30pm
Sun 09-26 1:00-2:30pm

Location: 9 Dale Avenue Gloucester 01930. I-95 to 128N to Gloucester. At first traffic circle (Grant Circle Rotary) take first right onto Washington St. Turn left on Railroad Ave. Turn left at buoy marker onto Prospect St. Turn right on Dale Ave. Gloucester City Hall is on the left. MAP IT

Til Next week…

Wednesdays at the Rhumb Line

Dinner with Fly Amero – 7 to 10pm!!!

Hello everyone!  

Wednesday, September 22nd
Special Guest: Daniel Scott King

Dan King was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, a fishing town
on the northern rocky shoreline with a strange mix of working
class laborers, immigrants and old money brahmins from a bygone
era.  A great escape destination for poets, artists, musicians and
tourists looking for a glimpse at a forgotten America.  Dan grew up
in a mostly Portugese neighborhood and attended Gloucester public
schools.  His parents were working class, his father was a Navy man
and later became a butcher and his mother was a bookkeeper.
His first memories of music were his father’s Chet Atkins and Glen
Campbell records.  ***Read more…
Dinner with Fly Amero: 7 – 10pm
*I host and perform as always
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
*Comfort food dinner specials from Dave Trooper’s kitchen
*Sponsored by Shipyard Ale
Great fun!
With “Troop” in the kitchen, the food is never anything but good!
Fred features special discounted entrees with half-off
on a Shipyard every week!
Next week, 9/29 – Bradley Royds will host while I travel with
the Orleans Trio.  Bradley’s planning on having multiple surprise
guests that evening!
As always…

!  🙂 ~ Fly


Dave Sags Blues Party to Host Greg Lutrell

This Thursday night.

Well, folx, I got a new one for you , and I’m really excited: May I indroduce to you Mr. Greg Lutrell? This is the cat behind the great band Michigan Black Snake. This guy is a great glitarist, vogelizer, and songwriter, to boot. It’s his first time, of course, and I’d love to see you-all out there ruminatin’ and catenatin’ to the bloogie beet. Clothing optional. And, as usual, Greg T. and myself will be there strokin’ and smokin’ too. You should go.

Greg Lutrell

Click photo to go to Greg Lutrell’s website

Cape Ann Healing Center Fall Winter Workshops‏

Sat, September 25, 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Jin Shin Jyutsu & Multidimensional Healing with AlLandr

Sat, September 25, 1:30pm – 3:30pm Jin Shin Jyutsu & Multidimensional Healing with AlLandra Jin Shin Jyutsu is a healing art from ancient tradition, focusing on several differnt locks in the body. An expansion of JSJ takes us into different dimensions and times. You will see how to access and heal yourself from all the times and dimensions and experience the joy of the oneness time. Where? Treetop Yoga Studio (map) Para Research Building 85 Eastern Ave, Gloucester Mass Pre-registration is required, Please call to reserve your space now (978) 282-1191 x1 Check out our website for more details

Nellie – Good Morning Gloucester Adopt A Pet of the Week


Nellie – Pet of the Week
Good morning Gloucester, my name is Nellie and I am an independent lady.  I am a Jack Russell Terrier who is
smart, loyal, happy,  determined and yes, okay…… I ‘am stubborn.  Although I am
energetic, I do like my nap time.  I am looking for a forever home that is cat free. 
I truly like the quiet side of life – I am not into the hecticness of young children and
teens; I would prefer an adult home.  I would be a great pet for retirees who are
looking for a dog to spoil.  I would make a perfect apartment pet
and would love to tag along when you run errands and take walks.
I am at the Cape Ann Animal Aid located a non-profit shelter
located at 260 Main Street in Gloucester.
I am accepting interviews of my new potential owner(s) on all days except
Mondays and Tuesday; as the shelter is closed!  I want to let you in on a
little secret – a visitor arriving with toys might win me over very quickly – very quickly!

Sista Felicia’s Rosa Rugosa Video On The Gloucester Times Website

Here is the video on the Gloucester Times Taste Of The Times on demand video recipes featuring Sista Felicia making the Rosa Rugosa Rose Hip Jelly and Rose Petal Jelly.

Click here for the Article From The Gloucester Daily Times-

Take time to eat the roses

Rosa Rugosa is a carefree rose which will grow in salty conditions, shade, full sun, and poor soil so long as it’s well-drained. Its fruits and flower petals can be used to make jelly.

Click The Video Below For The Video


Chickity Check It! Kim Smith Updates With The Great Spangled Fritillary

Dear Gardening Friends,

Events and projects have kept me from writing these past few weeks. Design work and the start of the new school year have played a part, however, what has really kept me away is that I am working like mad to complete the Monarch book illustrations. The glorious weather and warmth, light and air have exhilarated and inspired (along with the caterpillars and butterflies that have taken over our kitchen!). With writing and photographing, I can work around design projects and my family’s schedule, but with painting I need long stretches of time. As soon as the illustrations are completed i will turn my full attention to the tv show. I take breaks from painting at around the peak time of day when the pollinators are on the wing and have been gathering tons and tons of footage.

Renovating our little apartment has kept me away as well. Our wonderful tenant of ten years purchased her own home and moved out this past month. Ten years is a long time and we miss her terribly. My husband and i have been scouring and scrubbing and painting, and with several fresh coats, the place is sparkling. The apartment is charming and sunny, with hardwood floors, private entrance through the garden, and would make a great artist’s or writer’s studio, office space, pied-à-terre, or modest home. It is within walking distance of Good Harbor Beach, Niles Beach, Rocky Neck, Gloucester Stage Company, and several fabulous restaurants (Duckworth’s Bistro!). Please pass along this information if you know of an interested person.

Great Spangleds are on the wing at this time of year. They adore fresh blossoms of butterfly bushes. With this year’s drought I realize it has been particularly difficult, but try to keep your butterfly bushes well-hydrated so that they will continue to produce new blossoms during the remaining weeks of late summer, while there are still myriad species of pollinators needing fortification. Additional photos of Great Spangled Fritillaries and Monarchs are on the blog at

Warmest wishes,


Welcome Oh Great Spangled Fritillary!


Singularly beautiful—large and rounded with tawny orange wings checkered with black dots and dashes—when observed from above. When wings are folded, this fritillary shows a striking underwing pattern of spangled spots, bordered by a wide yellow band and outlined in iridescent crescents. Perhaps the Great Spangled Fritillary has graced your garden. I had never encountered this creature of extraordinary beauty until the summer after we planted violets dug from a wildly unkempt cemetery. They were common violets (Viola sororia). I don’t recommend the common violet for a small garden, unless you desire a garden composed entirely of common violets. Please don’t misunderstand; I do not regret planting V. sororia because otherwise I may never have encountered the Great Spangled Fritillary (Speyeria cybele). No, I am glad to have welcomed this beauty to our garden. There are, however, far better behaved violets that are of equal importance to the fritillary caterpillars and they would be a far better choice for the garden. Both native wildflowers Labrador violet (Viola labradorica) and Canada violet (Viola canadensis) naturalize readily, making rulier groundcovers than common violets, and are lovely when in bloom and when not in flower.

For the Rest Of Kim’s Post Including Her Fantastic Butterfly Photos Click Here!