You read my thoughts on the iPad two days ago

Now read this article from ZDNet that came out today by clicking the link below-

The truth about iPad: It’s only good for two things


I’m by no means inferring that these guys plagiarized me but it seems they think about the device similarly in the way I do.

Here’s a link to my post a couple of days ago-

Thoughts On The iPad

A couple of upgrades to the storage and ability to edit video would make me a buyer.

It was interesting that they found that watching video not ideal on the iPad.  In my admittedly short experience handling one I found watching video t be one of it’s strengths.

Playground Twin Lights Restored

Kudos to Bruce Dexter the visitor center volunteer who called in repairs, the public works folks for fixing, Rotary Club people, and whoever else made and helps to upkeep these awesome old wooden play structures! Vandals took them down a few weeks ago and busted them up (for shame!), but they are restored and ready to rumble! They are so much fun and incredibly well loved by tones of happy kids everyday at Stage Fort Park. Just another unique and awesome tidbit in Gloucester!

International Dory Race Report From Celia Robertson

Good morning!

I am the mother of L.J. Robertson and we recently returned from a wonderful trip in Lunenburg for the International Dory Races between USA vs Canada.  Four teams from Gloucester made the trip there, along with some family and friends, including my son and his rowing partner, Randy Parisi.  I have attached some pictures from the event.  The first one is L.J. (left) and Randy (right) crossing the finish line and taking first place in the Junior Men’s Division race.  The other is a picture of competing rowers that were in attendance at the award ceremony from both countries.

I hope to see these rowers recognized for their wonderful job representing the US!

Celia Robertson



This Is What A Female Lobster Bearing Eggs Looks Like

Since it is Illegal To land an egg bearing female most of you probably haven’t seen what one looks like. 

Ashley Pickett who went out for a day aboard the Trapper John sends us this picture from her day at sea-

click photo for larger version


Pop Gallery Gives Thanks For Successful Grand Opening

Joey – We wanted to thank everyone for coming out to the Grand Opening of Pop Gallery on Saturday. So many people came in to wish us luck, we felt very welcomed into the ‘hood. It was a great time and people really took our pink theme to heart and showed their own personal pinkness.
Peg, Linda, Joyce, Sonja & Betsy


Learn, ig Pay atin Lay oday Tay!

This Instructional Langue Video is brought to you by; SOB FOB Frank Ciolino.

Frank is a complete freak when it comes to the Three Stooges. Believe me, I know personally when he doesn’t get something for Christmas that isn’t Three Stooge related he throws a Hissy Fit. So if any of you have any Three Stooge related items your trying to pawn off, let Frankie Know. You can email me.


This will come in handy someday when we have an influx of Pig Latin speaking People.


Scenes From The Lone Gull 10K Video Part I

Scenes From The Lone Gull 10K Video Part I

If you can believe it we still have more to come tomorrow….

If you are interested in getting involved in one of the running programs at the Y with Jennifer Fernandes and Chrissy Merritt click here for the sign up page

For more information about Teen or Adult Specialty Classes,
please contact Courtney Milligan, Health and Wellness Director at The Cape Ann YMCA at 978-283-0470.

Cruiseships Arriving in Gloucester Harbor Dates From Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce


Cruiseships Arriving in Gloucester Harbor
(confirmed with Cruiseport 9/22/2010)

Eurodam September 24, 7am arrival
Eurodam September 28, 9am arrival
Eurodam October 13, 7am arrival
Clelia II October 14, early am

Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce
33 Commercial Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Here is what I would do if I owned a shop on Main Street-

I’d put a sign out welcoming the Cruisers and saying that they get some type of discount if they show their ID from the ship or whatever it is they use to board/de-board the cruise ship OR I’d put out a sign saying free candy or token gift for all cruise people for coming in the shop.

I’d make sure to engage each customer and tell all of them “Welcome to Gloucester” and “Hope To See You Again”, that sort of stuff.  If the cruisers walk down Main street and get barraged with “Welcome to Gloucester” over and over and over it starts to sink in and what they take away is how friendly of a place this is.

If I was a restaurant I’d put little folded placards that said “Welcome Cruisers To Beautiful Downtown Gloucester” as well and offer cruiser specials.

Is it possible to have the City Paint a Line on the pavement for the Cruisers to follow that would lead them from Cruiseport on the sidewalk over Union Hill and up Main street then down to Saint Peter’s Square and back up Rogers Street back to Cruiseport?  This way the Cruisers can find Main Street and not assume that Rogers Street is our Main Street and turn around and walk back to the ship at Cruiseport?