Block Party is canceled


With 90% chance of rain (and it sounds like 100% chance of wind), we are canceling the Friday, Sept. 3rd Block Party.

We are particularly disappointed because the Docksiders were scheduled to play, but we felt this was the responsible thing to do in order to give restaurants a chance to cancel food orders, change staffing patterns, etc.

Thanks for being a perennial cheerleader for the block parties, and here’s hoping Gloucester still has a terrific weekend, Earl notwithstanding,

Erika Hansen
Linn Parisi
Downtown Block Party Committee

Amazing Race Season Taping Kicks Off Here In Gloucester- Previously Unreleased Insider Pics From May 26th Plus Slide-Show

Here are some previously unreleased pictures from the kick off of the Amazing Race Season 17 which I captured in pictures and video. The Season kicks off in Gloucester Ma. and generally folks don’t get to see the very beginning of the show until it airs  but we got you some insider footage to check out before the season begins on TV.  According to the Amazing Race 17 Wikipedia Page “The season premieres on September 26, 2010 with a special 90-minute episode before returning to its regular hour-long format the following week.” The Amazing Race has won an Emmy every year since its creation in 2003 but got knocked off this year by Top Chef.



Click pics for full sized versions

image image

image image

image image

Here are some sneak previews of what was going on the day they started filming written and the encounter my wife had when one of the teams asked her for directions in Gloucester

GMG Exclusive- CBS Amazing Race Gloucester Kickoff Preview Video On Good Morning Gloucester
Good Morning Gloucester Exclusive- Gloucester Fishing Boats Transport CBS Amazing Race Contestants To Race Kick Off
CBS Amazing Race Kicks Off Video In Gloucester Exclusive On Good Morning Gloucester
CBS Amazing Race Orange and Pink Team Aboard Gloucester’s Lady J Lobster Boat
CBS Amazing Race 17 More Insider Scoop and Pics

CBS Amazing Race 17 Pictures From The Start- The Jennie C With Purple and Yellow Teams Aboard

CBS Amazing Race 17 Start Gloucester Ma Drop off Bus With Blacked Out Windows And Staging Area
Allen Sloan Pictures From The Amazing Race 17 Start
CBS Amazing Race 17 Teams Identified
CBS Amazing Race 17 Team Aboard the Karen Lynn In Gloucester

Slide Show Of Entire Amazing Race 17 Launch From Gloucester Ma

Thursday Night Blues Jam @ The Rhumb Line to feature Bad Moon Rising

From Mr. Dave Sags,

I’m shuffling off to Baltimore this week to see the Redsox, so i’m turning it over to Greg, who’s bringing in his awesome band, BAD MOON RISING.  sort of a Credence cover band with a fruity taste and a slight oak finish. All your faves will be there: Dave brown on gootar, Dave Synchromattacks, on skins, and Johnny P. on bass and vocals. Have fun! See you next week with LISA MARIE!

click photo for band website

Myspace page ~ About Bad Moon Rising
Bad Moon Rising is New England’s premier Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute act, honoring one of the greatest American Rock bands in history.

This band is comprised of all veteran musicians with the collective experience of tens of thousands of live performances spanning over three decades, locally, nationally and internationally.

This is not just another sound alike act. The original recordings are not just copied here. The Swamp rock sound is emulated with great respect to historical mood and feel. CCR reached their pinnacle of success during the Vietnam era. This was a tumultuous time in American history and CCR’s raw, soulful power contributed prominently to the soundtrack in American life.

These well loved classics are performed with stellar execution. The recordings on this site were made without any of the high-tech digital editing we’ve all become accustom to; no pitch correction, nudging of tracks or machines were used, just live musicians playing live music. The same way the original recordings were made.

Close your eyes and be transcended to an age when America was in flux, Rock ‘N’ Roll was young and all the world was rocking out to Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Read more:

Chelsea Berry ~ The Noise ~ The Big Shot

Photo by Louise

Click here >

Walk With Me

10-song CD

Ms. Berry’s voice is heard to evincing effect on numbers such as the lovely “Walk With Me” and the mesmeric “The One I’ve Waited For,” and fans of Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks will find a great deal to like in these particular compositions. Otherwise, overall this seems a largely anodyne collection of sometimes overly solipsistic confessional songs and character pieces, though never less than competently executed. Her compositions are often jazzy and melodic in a restrained fashion, which is seldom the cause of any undue offense, yet also all too seldom evocative of any particular sense of wonder. (Francis DiMenno)

From the very first time I heard Chelsea Berry’s song  ” The One I’ve Waited For”  I said this should be number one on the charts. It is number one in my mind along with ” Walk With Me”.  Being a romantic I can easily get caught up in her music. Chelsea’s songs hit home in many ways and I am sure once you have listened to them you  will certainly agree. Check out the links to get a taste of Chelsea’s music.

Rip Currents: What to Know

We have had some very sad tragedies lately and I thought it would be good for everyone to have a little knowledge on rip currents.  As we all already know the ocean is an unpredictable and incredible force.  I hope everyone has a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.

Rip Current information taken from NOAA:

Look for differences in the water-color, water motion, incoming wave shape or breaking point compared to adjacent conditions. Look for these clues as one, all or none may be visible:

  • Channel of churning, choppy water
  • Line of foam, seaweed, or debris moving steadily seaward
  • Area having a notable difference in water-color
  • Break in the incoming wave pattern

They have a lot of images on their site and more detailed information here

How to Escape a Rip Current:

If caught in a rip current…

  • Remain calm. You will not be pulled under the surface of the water.
  • Only swim parallel to the shore to escape the current. As soon as you are out of the current, only then swim toward the beach.
  • Another option is to just float. Eventually you will reach the end of the current. Then …
    • Swim parallel to the shore to get out of the path of the rip current and once you do so, only then swim toward the beach

If you see someone in trouble…

  • Throw the rip current victim something that floats–a lifevest, a cooler, an inflatable ball.
  • Get help from a lifeguard. If a lifeguard is not available, call 9-1-1.
  • Yell instructions on how to escape the rip current. Tell them which way to swim.

Boston Massacre Calendar Shoot- Photos David Cox

It should be pointed out that the pictures David took are not the photos that will be used for the calendar.  these are pictures of the shoot taking place.  We will be sure to let y’all know when the calendar becomes available and link to it when it goes on sale. 








Click Below For The Entire Slide-Show



Schooner Festival- A Photographer’s Wet Dream

There is going to be a bunch of Schooners in town for Schooner Festival and believe me each one presents an endless amount of photographing possibilities.  You do not want to miss it.

Here are just a few shots I took of The Westward yesterday-


Click for slideshow of The Schooner Westward-


For Schooner Festival Information Visit The Chamber of Commerce Schedule Of Events Page