Gathering Epidermal Tissue Samples of Sperm Whales Aboard Ocean Alliance’s Odyssey

This video was taken 10 miles from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill


Ian Kerr writes in-

Hi Joey,

Sorry for not being in better touch but we have been keeping busy.

As I hope you are aware we are posting daily updates from the Gulf on our ocean alliance websites – do you want me to forward these to you I will – and you can pick an choose if you want to put them up.  Also we had Alexander Cousteau on the Odyssey and have some good blogs from her also, the links are following:

Thanks to the donation (& installation) of a V SAT aboard Odyssey we have posted daily voyage logs on the both the Ocean Alliance & USM websites, and we have developed a large audience on our face book pages ‘A race to Save our oceans’ and ‘Ocean Alliance’.

We had a great interaction with Alexandra Cousteau’s group Blue Legacy.

There is a guest blog from Dr. John Wise on the blue legacy website with a really neat picture looking down on Alexandra and John from the midlevel platform:

The Blue Legacy cameraman (Ian) also wrote a blog about his time aboard Odyssey with us:

There are some photos and articles of us with Alexandra on the National Geographic website including a great one of Cathy Wise and Alexandra Cousteau at the microscope in the boat lab:

Anne Casselman, the expedition Writer, for Expedition Blue Planet, the project that is being lead by Alexandra Cousteau also wrote a nice story which is up on the USM site:

This expedition, and the network of partners we have, combined with the value of the Gulf research analysis we plan to independently release, can have a significant, long-term effect on how the Gulf ecosystem is restored and how policy decisions relating to drilling and the use of oil dispersants are made.

Here is the interview I did with Ian the day they left Gloucester to begin their incredible expedition on July 8,2010-

Keep up the good work.

Local Family Hosts Juvenile Diabetes Fundraiser at Jalapenos Restaurant in Gloucester

Local Family Hosts Juvenile Diabetes Fundraiser at Jalapenos Restaurant in Gloucester

The Wylinn’s Wish/Juvenile Diabetes Foundation fundraiser at Jalapenos Restaurant is on Wednesday, September 29 between 4:30-9pm. Please join us for an evening of music, food and a 50/50 raffle in order to raise money for Diabetes research. 10% of all dinner receipts for that night have been generously donated by Jalapenos to the Wylinn’s Wish Walk-for-the-Cure Team (the team that will walk to save lives, sponsored by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the JDRF. Local musicians An

All you have to do is eat yummy burritos to help save lives!

Local musician Ann Marie Shimanoski (The Bandit Kings, SAFETY) has a niece. Her name is Wylinn Rose. Wylinn was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at 4 years old and has been living with the disease for two years. Recently, she was equipped with an insulin pump that is set to automatically disperse insulin as she needs it. The pump is surgically inserted and is stuck in her at all times.

Wylinn’s grandmother, Theresa Palmisano, Ann Marie, and the rest of her family has decided that although this is a temporary solution, it is not a cure and that merely surviving is no way for a child (or anyone) to live. The family has deep roots in Gloucester and the North Shore area and Wylinn’s parents own Goodies Ice Cream Shop in Danvers, MA. Palmisano has been organizing fundraisers for the past two years and has raised well over $12,000 for the JDRF. She sells printed bags and necklaces with all proceeds to support her cause. She works tirelessly at gathering sponsors, setting up booths at local fairs, and organizing teams for the JDRF Walk-a-Thons. Early this year she was highlighted in the JDRF national newsletter for her hard work and determination.

Palmisano was born and raised in Gloucester. She has been involved in the community and church for most of her life and hopes now that the Cape Ann community will rally behind her niece and her tremendous efforts for the JDRF. She says, “I truly believe that with our help, research will find a cure. Millions of children and adults are currently in different stages of Diabetes. Unfortunately, some outcomes for others will not only be devastating but also life threatening. I cannot sit back and watch this to happen to Wylinn. Funding is the only way to fuel research and I believe, that with your help, we can make a difference. When you support Wylinn’s Wish for a Cure (for JDRF) eighty-five percent of every dollar raised goes directly to education and research. As a ‘determined grandmother,’ there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t try to convey awareness of the seriousness of Type1Diabetes, and why we need to support funding for research and education for the cure. This is my mission.”

If you can’t come but would like to give, please email

Wylinn’s Wish for the Cure • Wednesday • September 29 • 4:30pm-9pm • Reservations recommended • Jalapenos Restaurant • 86 Main St • Gloucester, MA • 978.283.8228

* 2010 UPCOMING IMPORTANT EVENTS for WYLINN’S WISH *Wednesday, September 29: Fundraiser at Jalapenos Restaurant in Gloucester; 10% of all dinner receipts

go to Wylinn’s Wish; with great food, live music, and 50/50 raffle (4 -9pm • 86 Main Street). Saturday, October 2: JDRF Boston Walk for the Cure.

Please support the Wylinns Wish for a Cure Walk Team October 2 (checks payable to JDRF). Saturday & Sunday, October 9 & 10: Topsfield Fair (Christmas Tree Corner); we’ll be selling Wylinn’s Wish

tote bags, stars, and educational literature about JDRF and Type 1 Diabetes. December 2010 (exact dates TBA): Gift wrapping for donations at the North Shore Shopping Mall.

SAVE THE DATE March 12, 2011: Look for more info on “THE WISH BALL” at the Danversport Yacht Club. Sponsored by the Friends of Wylinn’s Wish for a cure

Stay up-to-date on events by checking out



play music.

chickity check it! an ocean alliance/john atkinson blog note from argentina

John is on his way to Argentina to particpate in his 19th annual aerial survey of the endangered southern right whales that gather each year in the waters near Peninsula Valdes to mate and give birth to their calves

Click the picture to check it out-



October 2, 2010

10am – 4pm

Gloucester High School Field House





Medical, Eye Evaluation, Education, VA Benefits, Counseling, VA Claims And Disability Applications, Veterans Bonuses, Veterans Education, College Admissions, Legal Assistance, VA & MA Mortgage Information Voter Registration, Family Support, Employment Assistance .



Mark L. Nestor

Phone: 978-283-7117

Fax: 978-283-5118


North Shore Bloggers Consortium Weekend Picks

A group of  North Shore bloggers are joining forces to form the North Shore Blogger Consortium.  We will be bringing you the best of Boston’s North Shore each Thursday morning in a series of posts titled North Shore Blogger Consortium Weekend Picks.  These picks will feature each blogger’s very top cultural picks of things to do whether it be a museum exhibit, restaurant opening, sporting event, festival or anything that the individual blogger feels would be a great experience in their own opinion.

Here goes something-

Greater Newburyport Today is your online guide to the wide range of activities and events occurring within the Greater Newburyport region of coastal Massachusetts, including the surrounding New Hampshire seacoast and the Ipswich/Essex and Cape Ann regions of the North Shore.

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At its core, is a place to find out what’s happening in Lynn. It features an events calendar, local weather, arts and events coverage, photo galleries, complete City Council videos, letters to the editor and more.

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North Shore Dish is your guide to restaurants and all things food related on the North Shore. Whether it’s gourmet dining or a hole-in-the-wall, if these gals have tasted it, they’ll dish up the inside scoop.

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Good Morning Gloucester brings you the best of Gloucester MA and surrounding communities. From the docks to the restaurants, the sporting fields to the art scene and anything in between, if it’s happening in Gloucester it’s generally covered on GMG.

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Next week we will have entries from The Two Palaverers, Heather Atwood, Abby Cahill O’Brien , Author Jane Ward and Orchid Grey

Damn Mainers Can’t Even Get Lobster Poo Right

From the Consumerist-

Recall Issued For Lobster Poo Because It Might Be PeanutyBy Chris Morran on September 24, 2010 12:15 PM

Why anyone would buy candy called “Lobster Poo” is beyond our understanding. But we do know why the novelty food product is being recalled — there might be peanuts in that poo.

Read here for the rest of the story at The Consumerist

Thanks for sending the story along Rocko McNeill

Cruiseport Security MARSEC Level 1

It reads “Boarding the vessel or entering this facility is deemed valid consent to screening or inspection”

Does this include cavity searches?  Because I figure I can save $20 on my co-pay for my colon screening.  Sweet!


Seriously though- Colon cancer is no joke.  Don’t be shy and get your butt checked before it’s too late.

Click the link below for a time Magazine Colon Check Up article,9171,992149,00.html

Welcome to Gloucester Eurodam.  Now bend over.  This won’t hurt a bit.