Chickity Check It! – Ocean Alliance Bowcam

Bowcam footage of dolphins swimming alongside Ocean Alliance’s research vessel Odyssey, as it heads south from Georgia toward West Palm Beach, FL.-

The Ocean Alliance which has purchased The Paint Factory In Gloucester has updated their blog with many videos and a great ships log of their journey down south.

Chickity Check It Out-

Ocean Alliance Blog

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SeniorCare Annual Fundraiser Breakfast Thursday Oct 21st

Anne Springer Writes-


Would you mind running this “save the date” PSA for us on your site?

Save the Date: SeniorCare, Inc. will hold its Annual Fundraiser Breakfast, sponsored by Lobsta Land , on Thursday, October 21.

Tickets $8 per person.  For more information, call SeniorCar at (978) 281-1750.



Joseph Flack Weiler Photo From His Schooner Exhibit Running This September


Hi Joey, Could you please post this photo which is being exhibited in  
the Weiler Photo Gallery Schooner Exhibit this September.
Joseph Flack Weiler
77 Rocky Neck Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930

Jane Gibbs Labor Day Gloucester Pics

Hi Joey!

Just wanted to send a pic or two along to you for your scrapbook!

What a fabulous day for the Schooner Festival and Celebrate Gloucester concert!!!

You were great as the MC J   !!! The pics of you on the stage were taken by my S.O. Bill Heckenkamp (whose photo was on the front page of the Times on Tuesday, a photo taken by Desi of Bill clapping his hands overhead!!!)…  (Incidentally, it was his sister Linda Colman who was with me when we visited your office for stickers on a pouring rainy day a while back. She said that the visit to meet Capt. Joey was the the “most favorite” thing of her two week visit from Michigan). J

So, here are a few photos we took on Sunday. Will send you a link to additional photos if you would like to see more of the concert and schooner festival.  Hope you have a wonderful day!!!









I sat next to this guy at the concert, Sheridan. Don’t know his first name,

but I believe you do J