Max Schenk- The Art Of Decay

This sounds awfully similar to my Beautiful Industry Series.


The Art of Decay

A Photographic Exhibit of the Cape Ann Tool Factory

By Max Schenk

September 3rd – 30th, 2010

Sawyer Free Library

2 Dale Ave

Gloucester, MA

Opening Reception

Tuesday, September 7th

7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

About the artist


Fine · Art · Photography

Photographing in the light of the Japanese esthetic of Wabi Sabi (recognition of beauty in things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete), photographer Max Schenk has produced images that reflect the fine art discovered in the everyday objects of our lives and environment.

His exploration of photography began at the age of 14 with his first camera, a 35mm Yashika GSN, and while he has now fully embraced the digital age, Max also maintains his connections to traditional photography equipment and techniques.

Nationally recognized for his work in environmental conservation, education and advocacy, Max’s worldview and photography is imbued with an appreciation of nature’s cyclical resonance in all things. His work includes environmental and industrial abstracts that have been chosen in juried art shows across the North Shore region of Massachusetts.

A broader sampling of Max’s work can be viewed on the JPG Magazine website:

“One of Max’s great talents as a photographer is finding order in chaos. He captures unique patterns in natural and metropolitan locations that reflect the environment and his own style simultaneously.”

JPG Magazine, November 2009

“Max is a wonderful photographer and I am inspired by his images and writing.”

Cara Weston ~ Photographer and Granddaughter of Edward Weston

Info forwarded by Judy Robinson-Cox

Celebrate Gloucester ~ My Eye’s View


Click poster for slide show  

My good friend Sharon has offered her spare camera for me to go out and shoot some photos many times.  September 5th was the day I took her up on it. We went over to Stage Fort just beyond the cannons and sat on the rocks waiting for the boat parade in the harbor. What a beautiful day it was. Then back home for a while and shortly there after, off to Celebrate Gloucester. I hit the grounds at 3:00 o’clock and started shooting.  It’s nice to have a camera in your hands that does not have a time delay on it. The music was excellent and there were so many friends around. Friends that I happen to call kindred spirits, lovers of the art. You could look around all over and see happy smiling faces. Susan Tedeschi sings a song with the lyrics I’m gonna be thankful for the feeling music brings. 

So yes, I am thankful for the feeling music brings. Thank you Celebrate Gloucester. What a wonderful event it was! 



Classic- Sen Kerry’s Website Shows A Salmon As The State Fish


Steve Garfield points out this serious gaffe on The Senator’s Website-

In the place where it shows the State Fish –The Codfish, they show a picture of a Salmon-

Click On Steve’s Picture Above For The Story

To be fair there are a million people that make mistakes like this on local menus and in local decor in Seafood Restaurants where they serve local fresh caught fish and adorn the places with pictures of tropical fish.  Anyone who knows me knows that this drives me nuts!

Here is one of my rantings on the subject from last year-

I should point out that I found out about the gaffe from Adam Gaffin- The Man Behind Universal Hub.  Boston’s Greatest Blog

Schooner Festival Weekend 2010

Here’s a slideshow of a Few Photos I took during the Schooner Festival Weekend.

Click on Photo Below for the Slideshow

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Is there more than one??

Steve Borichevsky brought up that possibility. Maybe we can find out the history of this little symbol. The first person who identified the location of this one was an anonymous reader who can reveal their identity him/herself to receive their t-shirt.

The response: “sidewalk in front of the Tavern?”

By: Anonymous on September 6, 2010 at 10:41 am

See you next week! Thanks for playing WhereZat?!! and a big thank you to Hedge and Cape Ann Painter!

Holland America’s Eurodam To Hit Gloucester Wednesday September 8th

Linn Parisi Alerts Us To The Latest Cruise Ship To Come To Port-

Hi Joey,
Good to chat with you this morning as always!
Thought readers would like to know that Holland America’s Eurodam will be in port
this Wednesday, September 8.
It will anchor in the outer harbor.
Passengers will be tendered to Cruise Port between 9AM and 6PM.
Carrying up to 2104 passengers and 929 crew, the Eurodam will be hard not to notice in the harbor.
Area retailers, restaurants and attractions will notice an uptick as passengers come ashore for shopping, sightseeing and seafood.
The Eurodam will also make port of call in Gloucester on September 24, September 28 and October 13.
I hope you take Labor Day off, Joey- you deserve it!

For a Visual Tour Of the Eurodam click on the picture below-


Here is an interesting video showing the Eurodam being built-

Should be quite a boost to our local merchants.
If any of our retailers or restaurant folks that read GMG notices a big impact could you send in a report?

Linn and Lia Parisi “Run the Goose” 7k and the “Around the Cape” 25k photos

Linn and Lia Parisi submit photos from the "Run the Goose" 7k and the "Around the Cape" 25k

Linn writes-

Combined, over 800 people participated.

Click The Picture To View The Slide Show