Gloucester Fishermen’s Hats A Big Hit with Cruise Passengers – Video

The Holland America Line ms Eurodam visited Gloucester today:

 Bob Ryan, makes a hit with Fishermen’s Hats with the Cruise Passengers, another great ambassador to our small town.  Watch Video.

 Next Cruise ship schedule – everyone be an ambassador.

Eurodam October 13, 7am  Arrival
Clelia II October 14, early am


Thanks for watching

GMG Tech Talk- Geeky Sites I Visit

For a blog to be somewhat successful one component of it’s success will be it’s owner’s ability to apply technology to tweak the settings, to figure out what new technology is being used to create, lay out, and distribute content.

The technology side is not the most important aspect to having a well read blog.  The most important factor being that a blogger provides the reader with interesting content.  There are probably blogs out there that do well despite the owner’s lack of knowledge of how to leverage existing technology (much of which is free to use).  These bloggers may write for publications that have tech staff who handle the way their content gets distributed so all they need to do is write and email in their piece. GMG and all it’s techy features were all figured out one at a time though.  we didn’t have a computer engineer to walk us through the steps, but hopefully i can help you by directing you all straight to the best of the web that I’ve found through extensive research over the years.


When I started GMG I had no idea how to code things to look a certain way.  I had no idea about distribution, video editing, video or photo hosting, what widgets were or how they relate to a blog, what a blogroll was, ect, ect, ect.  Never took a class, but I just got started.  Didn’t let much intimidate me and when I had a problem that I couldn’t figure out I used the wordpress or google search box and typed in the question.  It might have taken a while to figure out the right way to enter the search query properly but eventually I would get the answer.  This is especially true if I thought there was a way to make the blog better or how to increase the readership.  I’d just keep researching til I found the right answers.


So during my quest to make the blog the best it could be and to reach the most people it could I figured out that there is an incredible number of free resources out there to help you.  There are free video hosting sites.  There are free photo hosting sites.  There is twitter.  There is Feedburner.  There are statistics sites.  The number of resources that you can use to help in your blogging journey is mind boggling but you need to know where to look to find them.  You also need to know what the right tools you should consider for your content creation whether it be software or cameras, tripods, video editing software, photo editing software, computers, smartphones and any other stuff that you use in the creative process.

So here is a list of geeky tech sites I visit and have in my rss feeder to keep track of the latest and greatest technology.



lifeHacker tackles a ton of do it yourself tech ideas, and is a site I believe anyone could enjoy, even someone that doesn’t care about computers.  It has great travel tips.  It has a weekly Dealhacker post in which they scour the interwebs to find insanely good tech deals and list them for you.




Gizmodo Is a gadget guide.  If you are a techy gadget freak like me you can’t get enough of sites like Gizmodo and fierce competitor Engadget listed below.





DPReview is THE source for camera reviews and news.  You can find out the latest cameras and you can also do camera comparisons by selecting certain specs that might be important to you.  There are also photo examples taken by each camera and user reviews.

Steve’s Digicams


Steve’s Digicams is similar to DPReview but like it’s little brother.  It’s good to get a second opinion on cameras though.

Vimeo Community Forums Camera and Editing Software


The Vimeo camera and editing software forum is the best of it’s kind that I’ve found.  The users there are knowledgeable and

offer great advise when you are pulling your hair out trying to edit your videos.



Newegg offers daily deals and is the place I feel MOST comfortable buying my external hard drives, flash drives, computer monitors, cameras- basically anything.  The prices are great and the shipping is insanely fast.  I’ve gotten things overnight without paying for overnight shipping.  They also have a great return policy.  I Highly Highly recommend Newegg for technology purchases. I subscribe to their daily deals newsletter in which they always have prices that make me scratch my head.  More times than not you’ll find it cheaper on Newegg than you will at best Buy.

Bidding For Travel


Bidding For Travel is a forum where users list their winning Priceline Hotel Bids and Rental Car Bids.  I can confidently say that we’ve probably saved $5-10,000 on travel over the past decade using the information gleaned from this forum to drill down and offer ridiculously low prices for 4 and 5 star hotel rooms and gotten great rates on rental cars.  Read the FAQ to get a better understanding of how it works and you too can routinely get 4 or 5* hotel rooms in Boston, Las Vegas and other big cities for over half of what the prices they list on their own websites by using the winning bids of others to get a great deal on a room using priceline.

Better Bidding


Better Bidding does same thing that Bidding For Travel Does.  the only reason I listed Bidding For Travel first was because I discovered that site first a long time ago.  Both sites are worth visiting before you plan a stay someplace.  You are wasting money if you don’t use these free tools to drill down on incredible travel savings.



Aviary is a suite of online cloud based computing tools like photo editors, video editors, color editor, image markups and the like.  You don’t have to install anything to use Aviary.  It’s all up there in the sky, and Free.  Did I mention it’s free?



Flickr is a website where you can upload and categorize your photos.  The reason it is a great idea to upload your photos to a web hosting site like Flickr is because Computers crash and you can lose all your shit but if you take the time to upload your photos to a site like Flickr and put identifying tags you can always have access to your photos  no matter where you are.  At Flickr you can also use their photo editing software to edit your photos online. Some people are partial to Picassa which is another great place to store and edit your photos.



YouTube is THE place to host your videos for a variety of reasons.  I used to pay for hosting on because they would convert the video and put them in podcast form for iTunes, but discovered that the way YouTube will automatically make a bunch of different quality movies for you so that people with slower computer connections can view the lower resolution videos you create without having to stop and let them load to view them.  They aslo have the best distribution and sharing options.  You can upload your video to YouTube for free and share them in emails or on websites with ease.

Those are the biggies for me.

You could waste days looking through all of those but I would suggest you bookmark each one because they are all the best I’ve found over the years.

Hope I’ve provided some decent info for you guys.


Judy Kleiner Has Some Nice Things To Say


If ever you take Gloucester for granted come back to some of the comments from fans of GMG from around the country that write in about how much they love it here.

Judy Kleiner Writes-

Hi Joe,

About two months ago Bob Cullen introduced me to your website. I receive your daily Good Morning Gloucester. I have to tell you how much I enjoy seeing it every day. Bob Cullen sent me your link the time you posted the picture he took of Linda Greenlaw. By the way, Linda partnered with Hannaford Grocery store and I have twice enjoyed her swordfish. It is the best swordfish I have ever had. Melts in your mouth. I hope she continues her partnership with Hannaford because now I am spoiled. Those Gloucester swordfish are amazing.

I live in Nashua, NH but love the ocean and lighthouses. The pictures you post on your page are amazing. Gloucester has so much going on. I spent my summers in Kennebunkport, ME visiting my aunt and uncle. Gloucester so reminds me of it only every weekend you have an event. It is a close community. You are very fortunate to be a part of this community. Please keep up the great job on your website.

Thank you for taking me into paradise.

Judy Kleiner

Robyn – Pet of the Week



Robyn – Pet of the Week
Good morning Gloucester, my name is Robyn, a sweet six month-old poodle mix. I am at the Cape Ann
Animal Aid located in Gloucester; a non-profit shelter caring for homeless
cats and dogs. We are closed Monday and Tuesdays, but
open all the other days.   Check our website at:
The Blessing of the Animals in honor of the Feast of St. Francis
of Assisi will take place on Sunday, October 3 at 2 p.m. at Millbrook Meadow in
Rockport (next to Nate’s Restaurant).  The Rev. Karin E. Wade, of St. Mary’s
Episcopal Church in Rockport has invited all Cape Ann pets to this special
service with their families and friends.   Dogs should be leashed and cats in carriers;
stuffed animals are welcome or bring a photo of your pet if they don’t like
crowd!  My dream is to be adopted and  be able to attending the Blessing with
my new family.  I understand that Rev. Wade bring treats for all the animals!!!

thanks to Tina Ketchopolos for sending in the Pet of the week submission

Free Concert At The Shalin Liu Performance Center Tomorrow

Hi Joey:

Rockport Music presents a free concert of Latin American music tomorrow at the Shalin Liu Performance Center.
Might be possible to mention this in tomorrow’s blog. Many thanks, Gregg

Shalin Liu Performance Center, 37 Main Street, Rockport


Instruments, Songs, and Rhythms of Latin America
Experience the sounds, instruments and rhythms of Latin America from the beat of the samba, played on a Brazilian Tambourine with a goatskin head, to the cha cha cha, played on a Cuban Guiro, a vine grown gourd played with a wooden striker. (This concert is part of a three day residency taking place in the Rockport and Gloucester public schools.)

Free and open to the public; no tickets or advanced reservations required. Seating is general admission on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ten Tumbao Photo 1 (2)

Chelsea Berry goes to the House of Blues Foundation Room

Hey, music lovers!
On the 29th of October (the Friday night before Halloween), the Chelsea Berry Band will be playing
the House of Blues Foundation Room on Lansdowne Street in Boston.
Thanks to those of you who have ventured out and supported me in Boston these last few months..
we have been rebooked because of the great crowds we brought in this summer (that’s you!!!).
The band: Pete Koeplin on drums. David Brown on guitar. Joe Cardoza on bass.
Also, a soon-to-be-announced guest violinist.. and two guest singers!
We are working on a new sound… stripped-down, more acoustic, a little more jazz influence and a ton of groove. 
This show will be the unveiling of that new sound, some new originals, and a VERY exciting night for us.
As I have discussed the idea of this show with Gloucester folks, they are CHOMPING at the bit for a fun night out in Boston.. great tunes, great food.. and no worries on driving. Yes, that means THE BUS.
Dawn Caraway came up with the bus idea for our June show (and I personally think it’s the best idea she’s ever had except maybe for the Crazy Rum Drink she dreamed up and created at the Dog Bar.. WOW. Check it out. And tell her I sent you. And watch out because you’ll be needing a taxi afterwards.)
This House of Blues show will be an earlier one.. it starts at 7:30 and ends just before 10….. FUN! That means the bus leaves Gloucester at 6:30 and returns home by eleven.
Send a reply email to if you are interested.. bus tix are $15 and tix at the HOB are $10, so $25 gets you a night on the town, worry-free. There is food and a full bar, so come hungry and thirsty and ready to rock.
Please reply ASAP….. there has been enough interest in this show that we may need to charter 2 buses. Fan-tastic.
If you are coming from somewhere other than Gloucester, disregard the bus part of this email and just
show up at 7:15 at the HOUSE OF BLUES FOUNDATION ROOM on October 29th!!! We can’t wait to see you!!!
Hope this email finds you all well.. thanks again and happy fall!

CAPE ANN RESTAURANT WEEK October 17-22, 2010

October 17-22, 2010

You won’t want to miss the tastiest week this fall! For six delicious days, participating Cape Ann restaurants will entice you with delicious three-course dinners, all for one low price of $25(not including beverage, tax or gratuity)! With no passes to buy or cards to punch, this mouth-watering event is designed to put a smile on your face! You’ll want to eat out every night of the week!

Click here for a list of the restaurants participating in Cape Ann Restaurant Week.

Restaurants! It’s not too late to join! Contact the Chamber immediately if you would like to participate.

Thanks to the Cape Ann Beacon and North Shore 104.9 for their sponsorship of this promotional campaign.

the price of a meal is $25