Earl Rocks! Special Edition

Tonights Art Rock!

To Whom it may concern;

Looks like it will be a “LOOPY” Night on the Gloucester Waterfront tonight due to the Massive storm heading away from us. Thank God Ed Collard will be on Storm Watch Duty Tonight for GMG.

There are only Photos for Clues for this “Special Edition Hurricane Earl” Art Rock.

Believe it or not some people don't know where this place is. They do a great job for the Gloucester Waterfront!
A great place to sit and have Lunch or Draw.

One Day Only- Saturday Sept 4th Stevens Brosnihan – White-Ellery Illuminated

Saturday. September 4 – 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. – Cape Ann Museum

White-Ellery House


Cape Ann Museum – White-Ellery House

Grant Circle, Gloucester, MA

Stevens Brosnihan – White-Ellery Illuminated

One Day Only, Saturday, September 4th, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Firend Room at the Library


Black and white photographs processed with coffee.  Abstract imagery that reveals the history of marks,

constructions, and destructions within the White-Ellery house.

Stevens Brosnihan web site: http://stevens-brosnihan.com/

Crow To Go!

The Common Crow to Go offers mouth-watering unfailingly delicious lunches. Local meats, local cheeses, local everything – even sodas! Here’s the menu and some photos of the remnants of my lunch – veggie muffaletta hot-pressed sandwich complete with neat little fruit cup. More than several visits, and I still can’t keep from gobbling it up before I get a good photo. Video of the Crow To Go coming soon!

Furniture Annex Now Open at Second Glance


Second Glance Team 018

Furniture Annex Now Open at Second Glance

Looking for used furniture? Check out the new 1,800 square foot Furniture Annex at Second Glance Thrift Store. Freshly primed and painted by a volunteer crew (pictured) from Gorton’s, the Furniture Annex is open for shopping Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Need to get rid of something? Clean furniture donations are welcome Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pick up is available by appointment.

Second Glance, a program of The Open Door, is located at 2 Pond Road in Gloucester. Call 978-283-4298 or visit www.foodpantry.org for more information.

Yep, I’m still alive and doing lots of fun cooking stuff…….

And it rained and it rained….for the Beringer Wines Great Steak Challenge in Newport, RI on Sunday, August 19th. But we didn’t let a little rain dampen our fun or competitive spirit–it was great! The cook off was held during the Newport Wine Festival down town and it was so much fun–those Beringer Wine people know how to throw a great cook off, even in the rain.

The event began with a lovely waterside “meet & greet” the night before at the hotel that they arranged for us with copious amounts of wine and lovely snacks. As it was a regional cook off (the winner goes to Napa to compete against the other regional winners) so it was fun to meet other cooking friends from New England, one who lives as close as Sturbridge.

Anyway, the day of the cook off, it rained, and it rained and then it rained some more but when it’s go time, you have to go, rain or shine. There is a law in RI that grills cannot be under any covering such as a tent or awning so we were grilling in the rain whether we liked it or not. There were 10 contestants divided in to two heats and I was grilling in the second heat. Bless my first heat friends–they grilled in the pouring rain. However, the true spirit of sportsmanship was displayed with my friend and fellow competitor Lisa held the umbrella for my other new friend Veronica while she grilled:

Here I am, observing my competition before my heat:

And then it is my turn to cook. Thankfully, the rain had let up a little. I got my ingredients ready to go and then it was time to cook!

The steak is seasoned and on the grill with beautiful sliced tomatoes that had been brushed with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper:

and then I put the ingredients together to build a panini and used the panini press to grill it on both sides:

While the sandwich was grilling, I made a nice garnish from rosemary, fresh tomatoes and olives and voila, a Grilled Mediterranean Steak Panini–YUM!

So the judges loved my sandwich–I scored 5 out of 5 for my food but unfortunately, my wine pairing was a little off. I paired the sandwich with Beringer Merlot and only got 3 out of 5 points for the pairing. I am very very proud of my efforts and came in third–not too shabby for a girl who usually cooks seafood! And congratulations to my friend Lisa Keys from CT that came in first and will be traveling to Napa in a few weeks to represent New England and compete for $15,000 in the finals!

The Hurricanes Here! Already?

I’m Bumming!    That jerk, EARL is going to F up the weekend! But it’s “almost” hard to complain because of the great Summer we’ve had.

Here are some night shots I took at my favorite Hangout last night before the real Hurricane hits.

I can’t wait till Saturday Morning to get some shots of Joeys PORTA POTTY Heading to Nova Scotia.

The Hurricane Arrives 09/02/2010 8:45pm
The Grace Marie with the Schooner Alabama in the background
The Schooner Alabama docked at the Cruise Port 09/02/2010 8:45pm


James Montgomery Rocks Harbor Loop

What a great night for a concert!

These kids volunteered to pass around the contribution buckets.

If anyone knows these kids and the ones above, please show them these photos. They all asked where they could see their pictures!

Celebrate Gloucester Is On Baby!

If you live in the eastern US, you’re likely watching Hurricane Earl, which has already canceled many events this Labor Day weekend. But Earl will be far away from Gloucester, MA by Sunday and the Celebrate Gloucester Benefit Concert will go ahead as planned. GET TICKETS HERE. 7 hours of music starts at 3pm  featuring Charles Neville of the Neville Brothers, Roomful of Blues and some of the best local talent in New England — all for $15.
Over 20 local charities have been nominated to receive funds raised by Celebrate Gloucester. Click here to vote for your favorite. Check out the Concert Lineup and details below:

Celebrate Gloucester Sponsored by National Grid

Schooner Spirit Of Massachusetts Arrives For Schooner Festival 2010 Video

Schooner Spirit Of Massachusetts Arrives For Schooner Festival 2010 Video

By Saturday Afternoon We Will Have Sunny Skies Mark My Words.

You won’t want to miss Schooner Festival

Rosa Rugosa- Still Blooming Into September

IMO there in no more beautiful plant/tree/shrub.  It thrives in horrible condition, provides sweet fragrance and flowers all summer long.  Where can you find it?  All along our coast

Sept 1,2010-




 DSC09732 Here is a resurrection of one of my favorite posts from the early days of the blog-

I grew up one street from the Back Shore.

Although my mother might disagree, I’d say I was a bratty teen who didn’t appreciate the natural beauty that was steps from my doorfront. Part of that beauty was driving every single day along the Back Shore to get wherever we were going. If we left the house it was inevitable that we would be driving along the beautiful coastline that is the Back Shore.

It wasn’t until I went to college that I began to understand how blessed I was and how beautiful a place Gloucester is. Sure it is flawed in many ways but there is no place I’d rather be in the late spring, summer and early fall. Looking back it seems so crazy that I could have taken it all for granted but once you move away for a little stint and come home then you understand how lucky you were to call Gloucester your home.

Getting back to the Tribute To Rosa Rugosa-

First read this plant profile from Hort.net

"There is nothing more beautiful than the perfection of a rose in mid-summer. The glorious fragrance wafting up from perfectly formed petals make it clear why this is the flower of choice for many people. Unfortunately, to obtain the perfect rose one must often have the perfect soil, a perfect watering regimen, and a lot of time. To those of you who don’t fall into this category, I offer you Rosa rugosa.

It may sprawl a little more than the hybrid teas that we see nowadays, and the flower petals tend to flop this way and that. All in all, it often has a kind of shaggy, unkempt air about it but that’s what gives this plant its character. Named for the wrinkled (rugose) surface of its glossy green leaves, this rose is a charmer that can soften and naturalize any area.

It’s a carefree rose, picky only about drainage. It will grow in salty conditions, shade, full sun, and poor soil, so long as it’s well-drained. Along the East Coast it even grows right in the sandy beaches!

There’s other reasons to grow this beauty besides the low maintenance. Large blooms cover this plant in early summer, giving way to sporadic blossoms up to the first frost. And Oh! The fragrance is sweet and pleasant, carrying for yards at a time. The blooms later give way to lucious brick-red rose hips so large that they look like cherry tomatoes. And if that weren’t enough, sometimes the yellow to orange to red fall color can be excellent!

If you have the space, this is the rose for you. There are many select cultivars available that will heighten the plant’s natural beauty. Choose one and you will never regret it."

Can there be any debate about how poetic it is that we have Rosa Rugosa all along our shorelines and around town? This beautiful plant gives us so much beauty and fragrance amid the worst possible conditions. It thrives despite the cold winters, hot summers and even grows in the sand.

This line from the Hort.net’s profile really drives it home-

"All in all, it often has a kind of shaggy, unkempt air about it but that’s what gives this plant its character. "

Isn’t that just perfectly fitting for Gloucester?

Click the Image Below For A project I did back in ‘08 chronicling the Rosa Rugosa Life Cycle throughout the year

in a slideshow