Boston Massacre Come Down To Our Dock To Shoot Their 2011 Calendar Pics

If you haven’t been to watch a Roller Derby Bout featuring our own Boston Derby Dames then you have missed out on watching the number one dollar for dollar entertainment value in the State of Massachusetts.  Roller derby is fast paced, action packed, semi violent, the skaters are friendly and you don’t need to be a rocket science to enjoy the sport.  For more info about the Boston Derby Dames click here

We’ve covered The Boston Derby Dames for the past two years first finding out about it through Krush Puppy, a local who kills it on the flat track!  Once I went to my first bout I was hooked.  So when Krush asked if they could shoot the 2011 calendar down at the dock I told her I think it would be a perfect fit.  The team’s image is tough and blue collar and the mascot is Pinchy McMasshole a giant foam lobster- what place would be better than right here at Captain Joe and Sons!


Group Photo Aboard The Allison Carol


The Massacre Arrive


Harlot Fevah Primping


Prepping The Set



















2 thoughts on “Boston Massacre Come Down To Our Dock To Shoot Their 2011 Calendar Pics

  1. Of course I don’t have to tell you which one picture I love. The one with the blow up lobster just in case you didn’t know…lol… Actually they are all good pictures.


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