Story Land 2010

Well I had one day off in June and two in July- the Fourth and yesterday, a family day up at Story Land.  As soon as I got home from work on Saturday night we packed up the girls and told them we were going on a “mystery ride”.  They had no idea where we were going as the plan was to get them to sleep in the car on the ride up (so much for plans).

We got on the road around 6:30PM and as tired as the girls were they were chatterboxes the whole ride up to New Hampshire.  Eloise finally fell asleep about an hour and a half into the ride but Madeline (the stubborn one) kept chattering away much to the chagrin of the Mrs who can only handle so many “Mommy-Mommy-Mommys” in her ear.  As is usual when we plan to have the girls nap on a long ride somewhere they did what they normally do and finally fall asleep minutes away from our destination.

Anyway we got to the School House Motel. $125 a night for a Saturday night-two beds- very clean-nothing fancy-great location.  I’d stay here again if it were only to sleep like we planned.

Madeline (the stubborn one) woke up at 4AM which of course meant we all woke up at 4AM.  There was a fridge and we had a stocked cooler so we ate some apple slices and fiddled around reading cheap magazines and the girls watched a few cartoons.

Got the girls ready and headed out for a nice breakfast right up the street from the motel at a breakfast joint called Peaches- again nothing fancy but good friendly service and decent food.

I hadn’t been to North Conway outside of Mt Washington for a day since I was a kid.  It struck me how well they have managed the growth there.  Everything is well maintained and clean, service everywhere is very friendly.  They have a beautiful little old school downtown area and outlet shopping.  My preconceived notion was that we were heading up to the sticks but the whole area is a fantastic destination.

We got to the park 10 minutes before it opened and were second in our line to enter the park.

Clean, friendly and just right.  I never felt like it was a Disney-like operation where they are trying to squeeze every last penny out of you at every turn, and I never felt like it was overly commercialized.  Fantastic.  IF you have the means and don’t bring your kids there between the ages of 3-11 that you are really missing out on a great time with your children.






7 thoughts on “Story Land 2010

  1. Don’t let your girls anywhere near Hollywood, Joey. They’ll be scooped up into the movie world in a matter of minutes.


  2. Your so right Joey. We would go up every year or so with the little ones and have a blast. There are some great campgrounds also which helps keep the cost down.


  3. I’m so happy you have had at least a couple of days this summer to spend with your lovely family. Everyone (including YOU) looked like they were having the time of their life.


  4. Storylnad – Great Place I just took my 4 grandchildren (6,4,3 and2) there a couple of weeks ago. Great time.
    Joey Great photos of the kids.
    Storyland highly recommended.


  5. I knew you would have a great time……I see you found the “Polar Coaster”…LOL…..I’m glad to see you found a nice place to stay.Some places look great on the Internet but when you get there…..well…… not so much.


  6. I too was at Story Land yesterday. WHat a wonderful day it was. I had not been since my own childhood and expected to be quite underwhelmed since I would now be seeing the park through the perception of a “big kid.”. The opposite turned out to be the case. What an adventure Story Land turned out to be. My family will likely be investing in season passes in 2011.


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