Last Night’s Wicked Tuna Season Finale/100th Episode Party

When the season finale and the 100th episode of Wicked Tuna happen to fall on the same day, National Geographic throws a party!  Possibly they planned it that way.  Who could blame them.

We were super excited to be invited down to Bass Pro Shops at Patriot Place last night to attend National Geographic’s viewing party of the 100th episode and to be in attendance to see who was named winner of this past season.  Congratulations, by the way, to Tyler McLaughlin and his crew on the Pinwheel.


GloucesterCast 08/03/14 With Guest Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro


GloucesterCast 08/03/14 With Guest Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro


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August 1st 2014 At Mile Marker One

Today’s Schedule-

WZLX Listener Cruise and the 2nd Annual Bluefin Blowout Brewfest!
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM: WZLX Listener Cruise with the Morning Show Guys – Karlson and McKenzie! Join them on the Lady Sea ( as they host a fun-filled cruise around Gloucester’s inner harbor. Don’t miss this crazy voyage…
2:00 PM – 6:00 PM: Enjoy an amazing afternoon riverside tasting some of the best craft brews in the area! Live music and the chance to see Giant Tuna weighed at the official Bluefin Blowout stage makes this brewfest a MUST!

Check out some of your favorite craft beers…Kona and Red Hook, Woodstock, Beer Works, Downeast Cider, Cape Ann Brewing, Yuengling, Tuckerman’s, Allagash, Founders, Southern Tier, Wachusett, Lagunitas, and more!

Bluefin Blowout, Baby!

As always, this is a legitimate tuna tournament, with action not to be missed.

In fact, it is “New England’s Premier Giant Bluefin Tuna Tournament” and it does not disappoint.

Great work done by the organizers, the sponsors, the boat crews, and everyone else involved.

A great chance to peak inside what this side of the fishing industry can be like!

The crowd was excited, the competition was on…yet friendly, the Orion was up to their usual antics all “Funky Red Barn” style, and the fish were…well, BIG.

A heartfelt moment of silence for past “Weigh Master”, Mark Godfried (whom I worked for and loved), was a really nice touch.

To kick-off this year’s tournament, Day #1 ended with The Miss Fern bringing in a fish that weighed 805 pounds.  It was immediately followed by’s 913 pounder.  Yikes!

Congratulations to all!    Check out tournament info here






A Wicked Dinner at the Seaport Grill

Frd Bodin writes-

Hey Joey,

This all happened last night:

Wicked Dinner at the Seaport Grill


Last night, Janet and I were just served dinner at the Seaport Grill, and next to me at the bar, this guy Steve said: "There’s (F/V), and they have a fish…a big fish." The bartender, Jessica, added that the National Geographic Wicked Tuna film crew was apparently there. Okay, I have a HUMONGOUS Haddock Fish Taco ($11.95) in front of me, I run out to the Jeep, grab my camera, and go down to the water to take this shot across the water to the State Fish Pier. The NG cameraman is on the left side of the truck, and the new greenhorn crew member is in the center, shoveling ice into the boat. The man way on the right looks to be the film’s crew boss.


This is the large tuna they hoisted up — the "Money Fish." The fat boy weighed in, dressed out, in the mid-700 pounds. The film crew is cranking the cameras for this one, and so is Gloucester’s Tina Greel, second from the left in green. It’s very ironic: Last time we went out for seafood, it was for Annisquam’s "Dinner on the Bridge" over Lobster Cove last summer. As soon as we sat down to our lobster dinner, a fisherman on the float right in front of us hooked up and pulled up a sizable striper, assisted by none other than Tina Greel, who we see here. Only, only in Gloucester!

Wicked Tuna Promo Spot Production Setup Live!

Hey Joey,
Evolve Productions is setting up to shoot a Wicked Tuna commercial tonight at the Railways!

photo (33)

Photo From Bill O’Connor

Follow up-

Check out this camera they’re using. for the Wicked Tuna shoot. It’s based on a platform similar to an SLR. They use this one for shooting regular speed and another that shoots high speed at 1000 frames per second!

photo (34)

Don’t Forget To Watch CBS Amazing Race Kick Off From Gloucester Sunday Night here’s My Pics and Video From The Taping

Here are some previously unreleased pictures from the kick off of the Amazing Race Season 17 which I captured in pictures and video. The Season kicks off in Gloucester Ma. and generally folks don’t get to see the very beginning of the show until it airs but we got you some insider footage to check out before the season begins on TV. According to the Amazing Race 17 Wikipedia Page “The season premieres on September 26, 2010 with a special 90-minute episode before returning to its regular hour-long format the following week.” The Amazing Race has won an Emmy every year since its creation in 2003 but got knocked off this year by Top Chef.



Click pics for full sized versions

image image

image image

image image

Here are some sneak previews of what was going on the day they started filming written and the encounter my wife had when one of the teams asked her for directions in Gloucester

GMG Exclusive- CBS Amazing Race Gloucester Kickoff Preview Video On Good Morning Gloucester
Good Morning Gloucester Exclusive- Gloucester Fishing Boats Transport CBS Amazing Race Contestants To Race Kick Off
CBS Amazing Race Kicks Off Video In Gloucester Exclusive On Good Morning Gloucester
CBS Amazing Race Orange and Pink Team Aboard Gloucester’s Lady J Lobster Boat
CBS Amazing Race 17 More Insider Scoop and Pics

CBS Amazing Race 17 Pictures From The Start- The Jennie C With Purple and Yellow Teams Aboard

CBS Amazing Race 17 Start Gloucester Ma Drop off Bus With Blacked Out Windows And Staging Area
Allen Sloan Pictures From The Amazing Race 17 Start
CBS Amazing Race 17 Teams Identified
CBS Amazing Race 17 Team Aboard the Karen Lynn In Gloucester

Slide Show Of Entire Amazing Race 17 Launch From Gloucester Ma

Here is the preview from Gloucester.

G-Town once again,bout to go national!

CBS Amazing Race 17 Team Aboard the Karen Lynn In Gloucester

CBS Amazing Race 17 Team Aboard the Karen Lynn In Gloucester As They Get Ready To Start The Race.  At This Point they had been off teh bus for roughly 10 minutes and are waiting to head down Gloucester’s Inner Harbor toward the Outer Harbor and the Eastern Point Yacht Club

Click here for links to the video I took at the start of the race and the rest of the Amazing Race 17 coverage

click the pics for the larger versions



CBS Amazing Race 17 Teams Identified

Click here for links to the video I took at the start of the race and the rest of the Amazing Race 17 coverage

Thanks to the Reality Fan Forum we can identify the contestants that I captured as they embarked on the first leg of The Amazing Race 17 on our lobster boats right across from the dock here in East Gloucester.  This may help fans identify which boats their favorite teams are on as we learn more about who is who.
When you click on the first pic it will give you the super enlarged version so you can zoom in on each team

click this pic for super enlarged version

When the first episode starts you can look for your favorite teams by which are on the boats as follows- Purple and Yellow Team on The Jennie C (Dark Green Lobster Boat skippered by Tom Lupo).

The Lime Green Team who are on the (a black tuna boat) and were in the lead according to my wife as they left Eastern Point and headed down East Main Street Gloucester within the first hour of the race  they were the drop dead gorgeous all female team according to first hand accounts.

The Dark Green Team of Connor Lawrence Diemand-Yauman and   Jonathan Schwartz .  Both Princeton Class of ’10, could they be Team Nassoons? (A Princeton a capella singing group). Credit to David Walter of The Ink for the COMPLETE REVEAL via Reality Fan Forum also the Blue team aboard the Karyn D (a Rockport based lobster boat) skippered by Ryan Drohan.

Team Turquoise and Team Grey(with hints of Maroon) aboard the Karen Lynn (a light gray tuna boat) Team Turquoise- Stephanie Smith (22) and Chad Waltrip (25)—Newly Dating. Both are currently in Jacksonville, Fl. She is the former MISS SOUTH CAROLINA USA 2009. Credit to Macaroons for the Complete REVEAL here. via Reality fan Forum

Team Pink and Team Orange aboard The Lady J (a white lobster boat with blue trim skippered by Dave Jewell) Team Orange- two black guys who may or many not be a little effeminate (not that there’s anything wrong with that) 🙂 and Team Pink an all female team.

Click here for the browser friendly picture-

click for browser friendly sized picture

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