Shhhhhh! Joey’s Sleeping!

When Joey sleeps, it’s time to play!

I have to admit it, Joey’s a hard working guy. With his Lobster company and this Blog he loves to promote this Beautiful Town we live in. He Tireless! and He’s a pain in the Ass!


I warned him! This could happen. After a cheap Box Of Wine, who knows what Crap will hit the Fan when you have Keys to the GMG Kingdom. (insert Dr. Evils Laugh here)

Just check out my first Post for Proof.

But, Even when the Man Sleeps GMG Keeps You Updated!

With; Local Positive News, Food (mmmm), Events, Fundraisers, Photography, Arts, Music, Local Sports,Local Business,  Even Rockport Stuff, etc., etc., etc.


Joey in the old days heading off to one of his college classes


Events, Great Photography, Interviews, Arts, Fundraising, Community Involvement, Food, Local Sports, Local News, etc., etc., etc.


6 thoughts on “Shhhhhh! Joey’s Sleeping!

  1. Oh now come on Joey. It’s acceptable. Hey Joey you know I could be adding my x-rated comments. So what I’m saying here is tame…lol..See, I promised I’d be proper on here and I am. It’s killikg me though…lol…


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