Pablocito Fishing

Pablo just loves to fish.  Even when he doesn’t catch anything he just loves to hang out at the dock and toss his hand line in the water.  He doesn’t take his time to hide the hook inside the bait to try to fool the stripers, he just sticks it right through the meat of the bait and tosses it over and waits, and waits and waits.

God bless him.

Pablocito Fishing, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Pablo- Striper Assasin!

It’s been much slower on the striper front this year compared to last but every once in a while Pablo manages to land one.

God only knows how. He doesn’t hide the hook inside the chunk of herring, he just hooks it right through the side of the herring with the rest of the hook exposed. Most stripers are too smart to fall for that. They are generally very suspicious of anything that does not look natural floating through the water and to land a big fish more times than not you have to carefully plant that hook inside the bait so none of that hook is visible outside of the chunk of bait.

But every once in a while you get that suicidal striper that tosses inhibition to the side and dive bombs at Pablo’s hook.


Pablocito- Striper Assasin!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.