Holiday Gift Ideas -Felicia’s Holiday Bows At The Cormorant Shop

When I was at the Cormorant Shop during men’s night a couple bought one of my sister Felicia’s festive holiday bows.  Sweet!

Felicia's Holiday Bows At The Cormorant Shop

Holiday Gift Ideas -Felicia’s Holiday Bows At The Cormorant Shop

The Bean and Snoop Maddie Mad alays have a bow in their hair.  After searching local stores over and over the Mrs couldn’t find any.  So my sister Felicia is making these beautiful bows and Janice at The Cormorant shop is selloing them.

Cormorant Shop Carrying Felicia’s Holiday Bows

People comment how they love how The Bean and Snoop Maddie Mad always have a bow in their hair.  Well it’s difficult to find bows around here.

We usually buy a ton of them down in Naples because there are a couple of shops that have them.  Well my sister Felicia being the ridiculously creative person that she is can produce just about anything in the kitchen or anything to do with sewing.  She doesn’t use recipes and she doesn’t follow paterns- she just is gifted that way.  I know she got it from our grandmother Felicia and partly from my mother..

Well Janice Lufkin Shea will be carrying Felicia’s bows at The Cormorant Shop.  So stop on down and pick some up for the little girls in your life.  they make perfect stocking stuffers.

Pram Dinghy To Be Raffled Off To Benefit The Schooner Adventure At Cormorant Shop For Your Viewing

Janice says the George Clooney manequin does not go with the pram.  Raffle tickets can be purchased at The Cormorant Shop -one for $6 and six for $25

Janice Lufkin Shea Braces For Weekend Storm With Raingear Available At The Cormorant Shop

Janice Lufkin Shea Braces For Weekend Storm With Raingear Available At The Cormorant Shop, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Cormorant Shop Carries Very Affordable SouWesters and Rain Gear
Cormorant Shop Carries Very Affordable Sou'Westers and Rain Gear

Senator Tarr Auctions Off Georgie Hansen’s Buoy

Forgive the terrible picture quality.   I did a horrible job shooting the pictures as I was distracted all night trying to figure out how I was going to steal away the lobster buoy with the lobster on it (more on that later).

But this was the scene with each child holding up their hand painted buoy and Senator Tarr auctioning them off.  I don’t know how he held his voice up for that long but he did a remarkable job.    Georgie is the daughter of good eggs Dave and Erika Hansen.  Erika was sitting in front of Janice Lufkin Shea and I and facing the stage.  When the bidding started she had no idea that she was bidding against Janice and I who were standing right behind her while she was facing the stage.  The bidding quickly escalated and when all was said and done Janice won out with an $85 bid.

The whole night was a huge success and I have to believe that they didn’t anticipate how many people showed up and actively bid.  When there is a great cause our community steps up and this was certainly a great cause.

Classy broad that Janice is she gave the buoy that she had just won back to Erika.

The Cormorant Shop Men’s & Ladies Night Sale 25% Off Any One Item

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Cormorant Shop Snuggler

Note To The Mrs- Turn Away From The Screen and Do Not Even Consider This.

For everyone else though I thought I would share this unique gift idea which can be found at the Cormorant Shop.  Its a one piece body suit made out of fleece that zips up the front.  In these times of keeping the heat settings on low at the homestead it just might make sense as a gift (for everyone except the Mrs that is).

Cormorant Shop Snuggler, originally uploaded by captjoe06.