Savour To Curbside! Ordering Curbside Pickup: efficient, easy… further maintaining safety.


Savour To Curbside!

Ordering Curbside Pickup: efficient, easy… further maintaining safety.

In concert with the latest healthcare mandates, we are temporarily suspending in-store shopping, transitioning immediately and exclusively to Curbside Pickup. With our curbside pickup program, everything is left to us to fulfill your order.
Free delivery on Cape Ann requires a minimum order of $50., focused first to customers unable to pickup / should not venture from home. Delivery is Tuesday – Saturday, same or next day.

Here’s what you need to know.
>Curbside pickup takes place in our ample private parking space directly behind Savour.

>Begin by emailing your order to:, you can mention a spending level…consider red, white, rose, sparkling selections from our $9.99 bins for the “taste” quality, & the $14.99 & 19.99 bins “expressing complexity”… ask for a callback, or call us to order @ 978.282.1455 during business hours, Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm.

>For most all customers we have your wine & cheese purchase history in our database for review, & welcome making recommendations, including wine pairings.

>With your order assembled and ready, we will call to arrange a convenient time for your pickup. During all order confirmation calls we will ask for your credit card information.

>Arriving at Savour, just pop the trunk & we’ll place your order inside!

>What to order? everything Savour … wine, beer, cheese, charcuterie, breads, our own fortified chicken bone broth, chocolate & more.  Our website homepage will feature a rotating selection of current and new in-stock wines to consider –

We trust this service provides further assurances of a safer shopping experience, further minimizing risk, enhancing “our” collective well-being. We welcome your vote for Northshore magazine’s BONS award, for “Best Wine Selection”. Enter  From the Drink category page scroll to Wine Selection, scroll to Savour & click to vote.  Thank You!

be well, be safe, be thoughtful…
-Kathleen Morgan & the Savour team

savour wine and cheese  l   76 prospect street  l  gloucester, ma  l   978. 282. 1455



Prior to dawn Monday morning, two Eastern Coyotes were spotted perusing Saratoga Creek and Good Harbor Beach. They appeared to be a pair; the huskier of the two was definitely the ‘alpha’ Coyote, with the smaller trotting after the larger. Before crossing the Creek, they both stopped to go pooh and pee in a pile of seaweed.

The larger (am assuming a male, but not entirely sure) has a more mottled snout with a black tail tip, while the smaller of the two has a very black snout and no black on its tail tip.

Annisquam Village Church

Annisquam Village Church

Connecting a
Spiritually Diverse Community
to God and to the World

We are an interdenominational community.
We welcome you wherever you are on the spiritual journey.


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Sunday Worship Service Each Sunday Go to, click on Join a Meeting, Copy and paste the meeting ID, click …

All are Welcome to join the Annisquam Village Church Online Services
Rev. Sue Koehler-Arsenault, Pastor

Three ways to join the Service:

1) To connect on Zoom –
MEETING ID: 870 167 6165
NEW Password: 171731

2) To phone in (without video): +1 646 876 9923
MEETING ID: 870 167 6165
(If required) PARTICIPANT ID: Press #
Password: 171731

Chat room opens at 30 minutes before

3) Watch on Facebook Live Video on this Page
LIKE the Page and you will be able to get right to the LIVE Service

Zoom works best with Chrome browser.
You will find that your internet signal improves if you turn off your WiFi on devices you are not using.

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Upcoming & Noteworthy

Kathleen Adams, Music Director

Annisquam Village Church

Holy Week & Easter Services Online

Maundy Thursday – 7:00 p.m.
Good Friday – 7:00 p.m.
Easter Sunday – 10:00 a.m.

Wear your “Easter best” or florals
Place flowers where they can be seen by others on screen

Phone (audio only): 646-876-9923

Meeting ID: 870 167 6165

Password: 171731

Note: There will be no Spiritual Connection Circle


The Universalist Church and Freedom of Worship

By Jude Seminara

Freedom of worship was not commonplace in the early history of Massachusetts. While the first colonists at Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay left England because their right to worship was restricted by the Church of England, they created what was in essence a theocracy in the New World. The government of the colony was wed to the church.  Religious dissenters such as Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were disarmed and banished from the colony. Quakers were whipped and banished, or in the case of the so-called Boston Martyrs Mary Dyer, Marmaduke Stephenson, Willam Robinson, and William Leddra, publicly hanged for their adherence to their faith. 

Gloucester is the home of the first established Universalist Church in America.  Adherents of Universalism, led by Reverend John Murray, adopted on New Years Day 1779 a covenant declaring themselves independent of the established Congregational Church in Gloucester’s First Parish.  On Christmas Day 1780, the first Universalist public worship was conducted in their recently built meeting house on the corner of Spring and Water Streets (about where Walgreens and the Veterans Administration clinic is today).

Universalist doctrine was at odds with the established Congregationalist church, in that Universalists believed in the universal salvation of mankind through Jesus’ death. The established church was concerned that if people believed that God would not judge sinners then morality would decay, and morality was the underpinning of a civil and orderly society. The church’s responsibility was to maintain “the good order of civil government” and to that end, ministers should “thunder out the doctrine of everlasting punishment.”  Universalists countered that this was not the role of religion; only when the church was “illegally wedded to state-policy, that men in power dared to hurl the Thunders of the Most High at offenders against government” did Christianity’s role become to keep the populace in good order. 

In a twist of irony, as American men were dying in the fight against unfair British  taxation and the Second Continental Congress was debating independence from the Crown, followers of Reverend Murray stopped worshiping at the First Parish Church.  Discord brewed in the community, and Murray’s followers were subject to insults and abuse.  In 1777, the selectmen voted that Murray should leave town, but he refused. In 1778, Winthrop Sargent, Judith Stevens, Epes Sargent, David Pearce, and eleven others were suspended from the First Parish.  The following year, they organized themselves into the Independent Church of Christ and erected the Water Street meeting house.

Taxation in Gloucester at the time included providing for the established church, in this case the First Parish Church.  As the Universalists did not attend this church, believing themselves an independent and established sect, they refused to pay taxes that supported a church that was not their own. They believed that they were protected under the bill of rights appended to the Massachusetts Constitution that was adopted in 1779.  The town of Gloucester was not of the same opinion, believing that the Universalists were not a legitimate sect, were led by an unordained minister, and thus outside of the protections of the bill of rights.  The town’s argument was undoubtedly bolstered by the discord between the First Parish and Universalist churches. 

Because the Universalist congregants did not pay the taxes levied upon them to support the First Parish Church, the town seized their property.  This seized property, including silver plate belonging to Epes Sargent, linens from Winthrop Sargent, and the anchor from a vessel owned by David Pearce, was sold at auction, a move that resulted in the Universalists filing a suit in the name of Mr. Murray to recover the property.  William Pearce, a prominent member of Gloucester’s elite merchant class and formerly an opponent of Reverend Murray before converting to Universalism, was jailed for his refusal to pay the tax.

The Massachusetts Constitution expressly stated that all taxes paid for the support of public worship could be paid to support one’s “own religious sect or denomination.”  This was fundamental to the Universalists’ case. The dispute lasted for three years, through a series of litigious trials and appeals.  Trial after trial ended in favor of the First Parish, but the Universalists were dogged in their opposition.

In June 1786, the Supreme Judicial Court heard the case. Despite the judge’s instructions to the jurors to rule on the basis of the constitutional question, the jury returned in disagreement.  The judge sent them back to continue deliberations. Historian Babson states that the foreman of the jury made an impassioned plea in favor of the Universalists and their right to worship as they saw fit, and exhorted his fellow jurors to decide with compassion and tolerance and an adherence to the natural right of all individuals to worship as they chose. He then went to bed with instructions to wake him when they had agreed.  Agree they did, and the following morning they presented their verdict to the court.

This case did not signal an easy road ahead for Universalism in Gloucester; Reverend Murray had his detractors and even the Supreme Judicial Court did not view his as an ordained minister.  His struggles continued in Gloucester until he was induced in 1793 to become the minister for the Universalist Church in Boston.  The case did however affirm the fundamental precedent of the separation of church and state and the right to the free exercise of the religion of one’s choosing.


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Gloucester – Filippo Zappa 85, passed away April 5, 2020 at Beverly Hospital. He was the husband of Francesca Bologna Zappa, born in Terrasini, Sicily, to the late Antonino and Rosa (Scola) Zappa.
He was a fisherman for many years in Viareggio, Italy, then later in Gloucester for the remainder of his life. Filippo enjoyed being a fisherman on the Mother of Grace, Andromeda and Carol Ann, spending time with his family, tending to his garden, and walking the boulevard with his beloved wife Francesca. He was always happy and had a smile on his face that would light up the room. Filippo will forever be missed and will always be in our hearts.
He enjoyed spending his retired years helping out his son Peter at the Causeway Restaurant. He was always that smiling face greeting the customers. We will greatly miss his smile.
We love you dad till we meet again.
Filippo leaves behind his beloved wife, Francesca, and their four children, Rosa and her husband, Gino Mortillaro, Antonino and his wife Marianti, Salvatore and his wife Jackie, and Peter and his wife, Enza. He also leaves behind many beloved grandchildren, Michael Mortillaro and his fiancée Luara DeSilva, Filippo Mortillaro, Alias Mortillaro, Jacob Mortillaro, Francesca McLaughlin and her husband James, Lia Militello and her husband Santo, Rachael Daigle and her husband Matt, Rosa Khoury and her husband, Matt, Filippo Zappa, Antonino Zappa, Lisa Blanco and her husband, David, Dakota Zappa and his partner, Kayla Harris, Matthew Zappa, Filippo Zappa and his partner, Calvin Calhoun, Salvatore Zappa, Zachary Zappa, Leonardo Zappa and his fiance, Devon Harmon, Sonya Zappa, Filippo Zappa, Monique Zappa and Peter Zappa. Filippo was predeceased by a daughter, Rosa Zappa; and his siblings, Pietro, Stephine and Vittoria.
His funeral services will be held privately, Arrangements by the Campbell Funeral Home, 61 Middle Street, Gloucester. Information, directions, condolences at
To plant a tree in memory of Filippo Zappa, please visit HERE
Graveside Services to be held priavtely. A Funeral Service will be announced at a later date.


Drive-Thru “Pop-Up” Event – Friday 4/10/20

Scallops and Haddock landed at Fishermans Wharf

When: April 10th, 2020
Starting at 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
37 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA

Haddock Fillets in 2 lb. Bags
$15.00 / Bag (Only $7.50 / lb.)

Scallops in 1 lb. Containers
$15.00 / lb. (limited supply)

*Please do not walk up to the truck, we will not be selling to walk-ups while we have a line of cars to ensure safe social distancing and to be fair to those in line.

Cash Only

Please try and bring exact change to cut down on the transfer of money.
This will be set up as a “drive-thru” style pick up only. No need to get out of your vehicles. Please follow the signs and stay inside your vehicles to ensure social distancing.

Fisherman’s Wharf Drive Thru Scheduled for Good Friday

From Fisherman’s Wharf Facebook page:

Drive-Thru “Pop-Up” Event – Friday 4/10/20

Scallops and Haddock landed at Fishermans Wharf
When: April 10th, 2020
Starting at 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
37 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA

Haddock Fillets in 2 lb. Bags
$15.00 / Bag (Only $7.50 / lb.)

Scallops in 1 lb. Containers
$15.00 / lb. (limited supply)

*Please do not walk up to the truck, we will not be selling to walk-ups while we have a line of cars to ensure safe social distancing and to be fair to those in line.

Cash Only

Please try and bring exact change to cut down on the transfer of money.
This will be set up as a “drive-thru” style pick up only. No need to get out of your vehicles. Please follow the signs and stay inside your vehicles to ensure social distancing.

Also from their Facebook page:


Goodnight, Friends

It is impossible to not watch the day close and feel the sadness in the air.  So much fear and loss and heartache.  What was simply a beautiful sunset a month ago, is now the exclamation mark at the day’s end for a higher death toll and far more positive test results. My heart breaks for all of those who have lost a loved one, or who have to see the horror happening all around them. It is scary… and surreal…and overwhelming.  This type of thing doesn’t happen here. Right? Wrong.  We see it on the news in far away lands ….but, yet, now…here it is on our doorsteps.   People are afraid, and lonely, and desperate….and sick..and I so badly want brighter days for us all.   Be well, friends.


“Simple Way To Reduce Toenail Fungus“. Is this really an article that needs to be written?

I mean if you’re 7 years old and fight your parents about taking a shower when you stink like BO maybe.

But really, you got bad toe fungus?

How bout showering more frequently, changing out your socks and shoes more frequently, using soap and a facecloth to get rid of that toe cheese?

Is this an article that needed to be written? What are we 7 year olds?

Pick up and Delivery options

Cape Ann Wellness

As we are not deemed an “essential business” we have unfortunately been forced to close down the shop front. That being said, we are trying our very best so set up pick up or in some cases delivery options. Please contact us via our facebook account, or call 978-985-4592 to inquire about these options. Additionally, stay tuned for our line of hand sanitizer and face masks! Be well!

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